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Victims of love episode 3


Victims of love 3

(Rose who have finished washing her plates and was seen climbing the stairs. She knocked on Junior’s door)

Junior: Who is it?

Rose: It’s me Rose, I want to talk to you, can I come in?

Junior: Feel free.

Rose: (Opened the door and entered junior room. She saw him lying on his king size bed with a thinking look. Sitting on the space in his bed.) What are you thinking Junior?

Junior: Nothing, why are you here?

Rose: I came here to discuss something with you.

Junior: I am listening.

Rose: Yesterday when you return back from school and you met me with my boyfriend and-

Junior: (interrupting her) Just hit the nail on the wall Rose.

Rose: Okay, I don’t like your attitude towards Peter yesterday.

Junior: Oh you even know his name.

Rose: Why won’t I know my boyfriend’s name anyway Junior, I don’t like the way you behaved in front of my boyfriend.

Junior: Do you know what Love is Rose?

Rose: And what has that got to do with what I am saying?

Junior: Do you know what Jealous is Rose?

Rose: You are getting me confused with these strange questions Junior.

Junior: You won’t understand me Rose.

Rose: I have come to tell you to behave nice towards my friends, especially my boyfriend Peter.

Junior: Goodnight Rose.

Rose: Goodnight Junior. (She stood up and walk out of the room.)


(Rose who came down from a bike, paid him and rushed Inside the house and saw Junior.)

Rose: (Waving a Paper at Junior) Have gotten an admission to study Literature and English Language.

Junior: (Smiling) Congratulations Rose.

Rose: (Hugging Junior out of happiness) Thank you Junior for all the encouragement you have been giving me. I can’t wait for aunty to return from work so that I can tell her the good news.


(The whole family of James including Rose were seen eating on the dining table.)

Rose: Aunty (getting Mrs Lillian attention to her.)

Mrs Lillian: Yes my dear, what is it?

Rose: I have gotten an admission at last.

Mrs Lillian: Wow, that’s good news.

Mr James: That is wonderful, have you made all the requirements of the admission list?

Rose: I will do that tomorrow uncle.

Mr James: Okay, once you do that, do let me know so that I can give you the money to pay for everything.

Rose: (In tears) Thank you uncle, thank you Aunty, God will continue to bless you all the days of your life.

Mr James: And bless you too.



(Rose was seen about to leave the campus, her phone rang and she brought it out and saw her mother’s name, sweet-mum.)

Rose: (Smiling) Hello mama.

Mrs Juliet: Rose, how you dey?

Rose: I dey fine mama.

Mrs Juliet: Okay, how everything?

Rose: Everything is fine mama, mama I have gotten an admission finally.

Mrs Juliet: May God be praised.

Rose: Indeed, uncle has even given me money to pay for my school fees and the other things I will be needing.

Mrs Juliet: Go and quickly pay so that thieves won’t collect the money from you.

Rose: (Laughing) Mama as I am speaking with you I’m in the school Campus, I just finished paying my fees and my hostel.

Mrs Juliet: Okay, let me quickly call my friend and thank her. She surprised me ooo.

Rose: Me too mama, I thought she would be like the wicked aunties I have been stories of, but she is totally different. I owe her my success today.

Mrs Juliet: Make I hurry call her, later we go talk.

Rose: Okay, bye bye mama.


The next day:

Rose: (Coming out of a class with a smile. Talking to herself not minding she saw in the presence of her fellow coursemate.) I am now an undergraduate. God you are too wonderful. I wouldn’t have believed if they told me years back that I will one day see the four walls of University. Truly God works in a mysterious way. Thank you God for sending Mrs Lillian as my helper. (She started walking towards a cafeteria.)


Somewhere in Akure:

(Mrs Juliet was washing and mama Chinoso was seen coming out of the house and went to meet her.)

Mama Chinoso: Have you been hearing of Rose since she left?

Mrs Juliet: (Stops her washing) Yes mama Chinoso, in fact we spoke yesterday.

Mama Chinoso: That is good, so is she now in school?

Mrs Juliet: Yes, she gained admission to study Literature and English Language in UI.

Mama Chinoso: Thank God oooo. So you will soon be a mother of a graduate.

Mrs Juliet: (Smiling) Na destiny ooo, now Chinoso?

Mama Chinoso: E don comot go play ball, e be like sey dem get match to play. Oya make I leave you to your washing. (She went back inside the house and Juliet continued her washing.)



(Rose was seen eating in the school cafeteria when her phone rang and it was Junior.)

Rose: (Picking it up) My husband how far na?

Junior: I am not fine Rose, I want to tell you something I have been hiding from you.

Rose: And what can it be?

Junior: I Love You Rose.

Rose: (Burst out laughing) Junior you are making me laugh.

Junior: I am serious Rose. I have developed deep feelings for you, I really love you from the depths of my heart.

Rose: Instead of you to focus on your forthcoming exam coming up soon you are here telling someone who is much older than you about love.

Junior: Rose I know you won’t take it seriously, I understand, but you should know I am very serious with what I just told you. I need you in life, I see myself spending the rest of my life with you.

Rose: I can see you are drunk, don’t ever call me again to talk about this rubbish you just utter. (She ended the call and pondered on what Junior told her) Junior of yesterday, telling me (pointing herself) that he loves me? I am sure he is drunk.

4 Years Later….

(Rose was seen wearing her Nysc Uniform. She was being stopped and greeted by her friends.)


James Duplex:

(Mrs Lillian was cooking when Rose entered.)

Rose: Good evening aunty.

Mrs Lillian: Evening dear, how are you?

Rose: I am fine aunty. (She went to her knees to the surprise of Mrs Lillian)

Mrs Lillian: What is this Rose?

Rose: I want to thank you for everything you’ve done for me. For making me who I am today. Thank you so much aunty.

Mrs Lillian: There is no need to thank me, thank God who kept us all alive and health. We did our part and you did yours, you made us proud. Now please get up to your feet.

Rose:(getting up to her feet) Thank you aunty. (Mrs Lillian smiled) aunty I will be bringing the guy that wants to marry me tomorrow.

Mrs Lillian: Wow, really?

Rose: Yes aunty, we agreed to wait until I finish my studies before we get married. Please I don’t if uncle will be-

Mrs Lillian: (Interrupting her) Don’t worry about my husband, we will be here for you and our in-law.

Rose: Thank you aunty.


The next Day:

(Rose was seen with a young man seated close to her. Mrs Lillian and Mr James were both facing them, seated. They were in the living room.)

Rose: Aunty, Uncle, this is the young man I told you wants to marry me. His name is Dave.

Mr James: Once again you are welcome to my humble home Dave.

Dave: Thank you sir.

Mrs Lillian: I am happy you’ve decided to marry Rose, she is like a daughter to us and you must always treat her like a queen she is.

Dave: That will be no problem ma’am, I am so much in love with Rose and will treat her like a Queen. I promise to take care of Rose until her old age.

Mr James: (he nodded his head.) Now you’re talking Dave.

Rose: Uncle where is Junior?

Mr James: Junior went out before you came in with your fiance.

Rose: Okay uncle.


(James as his family except Rose were seen seated. They were seen eating in the dining room)

Mrs Lillian: Guess what son?

Junior: What mom?

Mrs Lillian: Rose came here and introduced a young man to us today and they are getting married soon.

Junior: (Junior drops the spoon he was holding) What did you just say mom?

Mr James: Yes Junior, she was here today to give us the good news and have our blessings. (Junior stood up abruptly from his seat and left the dining room in anger.)

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