Village In Confusion

Village In Confusion – episode 11

episode 11

The interior part of the local house Of Ubiji had three rooms excluding the parlour where Adaku sat comfortably on a chair with her legs crossed. Opposite her were furniture of different designs. At the base of the wall were also old picture of Ubiji’s parents which Adaku took a glance on and concentrated. However, Ubiji had been woozy without knowing why he owe such an unexpected visit. Therefore, he wasn’t able to sit rather stood before the very young black beautiful girl hoping she would say her reason of coming there.
“You look surprise” Adaku began.
“Yes, actually coz u came unexpectedly” Ubiji replied. “What can i offer you?” he asked putting his hand in,side his pockets and bringing it out empty. Adaku smiled.
“Don’t worry yourself. But do you have water?” she requested.
“Sure” Ubiji provided a cup of water which she zipped in a minor quantity and placed the cup on a table before her. “Can u now tell me the personal issue?” she asked looking at Ubiji who stood before her surprisingly.
“Wait, you came all the way from your house to know my personal issue. Why are u so interested..”
“I’m only trying to be a philanthropist” Adaku interrupted unabashedly then stood up. “A problem shared is a problem half solved. I might be of help” she added.
“No, u can’t help me” Ubiji objected.
“Then my father can”
“What do u mean?”
“I’ll convince my father to help u”
“But why?” Ubiji queried.
Adaku remained silent for a while staring at him without knowing the actual reason she was so determined to help him. But obviously, she was lust after Ubiji’s physical personality. She had been in few relationsh¡p which ended up drastically because many of them were based on her father’s wealth. All her ex loved her because of her father’s wealth. So she thought she might find a real love there in the village, and it’s no other person than the very young and humble farmer before her. So she drew closer to Ubiji, held his hand and looked into his eyes saying. “Because i don’t like the way u were troubled on the road and..” she paused.
Just then, Chioma arrived in a long, tight and elastic black gown that was demarcated in two parts at the base. Immediately she knocked at the door, Adaku left Ubiji’s hands and drew backward before Chioma entered to see both of them standing quietly.
“Chim..” Ubiji rushed her and held her hand.
“Good evening my love, but what’s happening here?” Chioma asked looking at Adaku who smiled.
“She came to see me as a philanthropist” Ubiji stammered.
“Hi, Chioma” Adaku interfered.
“Hi, so u still know me” Chioma said.
“Why wouldn’t i?” Adaku stepped forward. “I met Ubiji on the way looking worried, so i decided to come and know why and to see if i could be of help” she added.
“Really? Thank u” Chioma forced out a smile. “But i believe he doesn’t need a help” she added.
“I see.. though, he hasn’t told me anything. Anyways, I’ll be on my way now” Adaku walked out gently then Chioma withdrew herself from Ubiji angrily.
“I want nothing but the truth; what was Adaku doing here, in,side the house which i hærdly enter?”
“She just told you the truth” Ubiji replied.
“And you want me to believe that?!” Chioma’s voice became high. “When did Adaku become a Philanthropist? Yes, we know Chief Ebube, her father is a benevolent man, but i don’t see anything Adaku can offer you!”
“Calm down, Chioma” Ubiji drew closer. “Don’t over react. Anybody can be a philanthropist but..”
“Oh, is that what u are saying?” Chioma interrupted and began to walk out angrily, but Ubiji rushed and held her back.
“Please, don’t misunderstand me. Adaku just told u the truth. Moreover, she’s aware that u are my fiancee”
“How?” Chioma turned.
“I told her” Ubiji replied then both became quiet. “You’re the one i love, no one else. Nothing will separate us, okay?” he added.
“But there is a way Adaku looks at u that i don’t li..”
“It’s nothing to worry about” Ubiji interrupted her, brought her head closer to his chest and began to slide her hair gently.
Adaku went home and met her father in the living room watching a football match. The mother had gone out for womens’ meeting about the upcoming August Meeting. She greeted her father and began to walk into her room.
“Adaku” the father called her.
“Daddy” Adaku turned.
“Where are u from? And u aren’t looking happy”
“It’s nothing, Daddy. I just went to see a friend”
“Okay, have u received alert?”
“Alert?” Adaku walked closer to her father enthusiastically.
“Yes, I’ve made a call for a million naria to be transferred into ur account. Remember, it’s for your youth service” chief Ebube replied.
Adaku shouted, jumped up and hugged her father happily. She ran into her room, checked her phone to see the alert, and no other person came into her mind to give that money but Ubiji..

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