Village In Confusion

Village In Confusion – episode 12

episode 12

Though Ubiji didn’t mention to Adaku that his problem was money but she had an idea.
After two days, Adaku reached her cheque-book, open a drawer beside her bed and took a pen. She was on a brown bomshort and a white top that ended just after her chest in a way her stomach was fully visible. A line of hair from her p-nties to her navel increased the sed-ctive outfit of her body. After writing on the chequebook, she tore it out smiling at the amount written on it.
Sooner did Adaku find her way to Ubiji’s residence but was disappointed; the door of the house was locked without any resemblance of a homosapian, rather the noise of aborel animals from the mango tree in front of the compound quenched the tranquility a bit. “Ubiji” Adaku called searching all over the compound, yet no response. She became more disappointed and sat down on a bench sheltered by the tree. She was on a white short jean skirt and a black handless top. The n—–s of her b—-t could be seen and imagined how delicious they would be if er-cted and s—-d because she wasn’t wearing a b-ra. Just as she waited patiently, she sighted Ubiji coming with Chioma. Oh, not again! What explanation was she gonna give to Chioma now? Nevertheless, she sat boldly forcing out a smile when the two lovers drew closer surprisingly especially Chioma.
“Hi, Ubiji” Adaku stood up. “I have been waiting for u?”
“Why?” Chioma interfered harshly.
“Chioma, calm down, i was talking to Ubiji not you”
“Meaning what?”
“Meaning you shouldn’t interfere”
“Do you realize that you are talking to my fiance?” Chioma began to burn in anger, while Adaku remained quiet thereby making the arena to go back to it’s partial initial tranquility.
Ubiji held Chioma closely in a way that shows: TAKE IT EASY. “Adaku, why are u here?” he asked calmly.
“To see you” Adaku replied.
“Okay?” all listened attentively while Adaku reached the small back-pocket of her jean skirt and brought out the cheque.
“Though you’ve not told me why you’ve been worried but i think this is why; take this, it’s a cheque of eight hundred thousand naria. That’s a little i can help u with”
The two lovers surprisingly looked at each other, then Ubiji stretched his hand to confirm the cheque if it was real or not. But before he could get a texture of it, Chioma dragged the cheque from inbetween their hands and tored it into pieces.
“What was that for Chioma?” Adaku asked.
“I told you he doesn’t need any help from u!” Chioma replied. “Just say what you want from him and leave us alone!”
Ubiji tried to calm her down. “Chim…”
“Don’t Chim me!” Chioma interrupted and glared at him. “I can’t believed you wanted to take the cheque from her. You act as if u don’t know what this girl is up to and always take her side. If she’s the one you love then let me know and stop this pretentious attitude!”
“Chioma, stop!” Ubiji yelled.
“Oh, i should.. okay, suit yourself” Chioma walked out. Ubiji tried chasing her and shouting her name but she never stopped.
“I didn’t mean to ruin your day” Adaku began without smiling. “I’m only trying to help but somebody is taking it too far. Have a nice day” she walked out on Ubiji too. But was her intention to help him for real? No, obviously, she wanted Ubiji for herself. She had always been like that; taking things that belongs to Chioma even before she went to the city. That’s probably why Chioma stood on the ground that Adaku wanted nothing but to have Ubiji for herself.
Ngozi didn’t look surprise when Chioma told her all that happened coz she knew Adaku was up to something. However, Ubiji had not come in contact with Chioma again, even when he tried, Chioma would deny him the access. Adaku never bothered to see Ubiji rather, but she was totally not happy throughout the week finding herself in several occasions thinking about him.
However, Ubiji had been busy trying to get a loan from the bank with the help of his uncle to continue life as a man.
Dike, on the other hand went back to the four criminals who were quiet, smoking and staring at him in the room.
“I can’t believe the tranquility that overwhelms this sanctum” Dike began. “It’s up to a week after we shared a whooping nine hundred thousand naira which i know u got 60% of it. Ever since then, you’ve not asked whether there is another job or not. Anyways..” he threw an envelope to Obinna again. “That’s another job to do tonight”
Surprisingly, Chidi asked Dike, “Are you not aware of the vigilante group formulated by the villagers? You want us to be caught, right?”
Dike glared, “Is that why you are frightened, quivering and staring at me like some kind of animal that missed road? You are sophisticated with rigorous weapons and ammunitions compare to the so called vigilante group. So don’t pontificate on this matter rather omit the thoughtful anxiety from your subconscious..”

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