Village In Confusion

Village In Confusion – episode 14

episode 14

After Dike left the room, the boys became quiet for a while. Obinna picked up his gun and began to clean it gently. Being so negative, Chidi stood up and walked towards the door glaring at his friends. “I can’t believe you guys. Please, you should count me out of this job. I quit!” he walked out and banged the door.
“Did you see that?” Kachi looked at Obinna surprisingly.
“You guys should know that Chidi is only acting” Ebuka interfered. “Have you forgotten that no one, i mean none of us can quit what we’ve started already. We took an oath and that should be ringing in our minds”
Obinna kept smoking silently without saying a word. Though, the boys wanted him to say something but he sniffed in robbing his finger on his nose. He also quietly dropped the gun and looked at the envelope again. “We shall know who is who by nightfall. Get ready” he uttered and lit another weed. He was the only one that smoke weed while others preferred cigarette.
Kachi, on the other hand, stood up from the bed and looked through the window to see Chidi having a conversation with a girl. “Can you believe that Chidi led a girl to this compound?”
“What? Where?” Obinna jumped up.
“They are outside” Kachi replied.
“What is wrong with this boy for goodness sake!” Ebuka lamented bitterly as Obinna walked out. Within some seconds, he dragged Chidi forcefully back into the sanctum and pushed him on the bed.
“What was that for?” Chidi angrily queried. “Why must you embarrassed me before that girl?
“You must be very stupid” Obinna began. “Do you think we are playing here? Have you forgotten who u are? I think you’ve bitten more than u can chew. Let this be the very last time you f–k-up otherwise I’ll put a bullet in your head” Everywhere became silent for a while. “Who was the girl u were speaking with?” he queried.
“She’s Ngozi, Mr Kelechi’s daughter” Chidi grumbled under his voice.
“Pray she doesn’t blow our cover or knows anything about us otherwise she will go down with you” Obinna concluded and sat down in the sudden tranquility that took over the room.
Back to Ubiji’s compound, Dinta began to go out after showing Chioma to Ubiji. Of course he had given him an advice as his uncle and also as a father. He knew Ubiji wasn’t a child anymore, so he left him to count his teeth with his tongue. On his way out of the compound, he met Chioma who wore a skirt and a T-shirt. Though she dressed simple but looking amazingly beautiful.
“Good day, Sir Dinta” Chioma prostrated while Dinta frowned. “Sir, i know you are still upset about my father’s reaction for the past few days. Please, i apologize on his behalf. He can be so mean sometimes”
Dinta spaced out, thought for a while and looked at Chioma. “Your father did what no man has ever done in this village. Is he the only one who knows how to speak grammar or the only one who has a beautiful daughter like you? Well, what can i do? My nephew, Ubiji, has insisted in marrying you”
Hearing that, Chioma glanced at Ubiji from the far distance without believing what Dinta just told her. “Please, nna yi, just forgive my father. I know that one day he’ll have not choice but to accept Ubiji as his son in-law”
Dinta smiled. “My daughter, u reminds me of your late mother. She always had a way of calming people down which you’ve emulated from her. Alright, let it be done as u said” he kept walking supporting his steps with his staff.
“Thank u, sir” Chioma smiled. When she drew closer to Ubiji, her face changed and her locomotion reduced to a s₱0t where she stood staring at him.
“My love..” Ubiji went closer to her. He was afraid she would reject him but surprisingly, he held her two shoulders without her shaking. So he eventually hugged her which Chioma reciprocated smiling on his shoulder. “I’m sorry. I’ve missed u so much”
“I miss you too” Chioma replied.
“Guess what?”
“I have finally gotten the loan!”
Chioma shouted and hugged him again. “I’m so happy!”
“So i have to start farming as soon as possible so that I’ll be able to pay back the loan and also treat you like a queen you are” Ubiji smiled.
“I pray that your hærd-works and handwork will never be in vain. Your crops must produce in multiple folds and you will never lack customers”
“Amen!” they shouted at the same time and hugged again.
Few minutes later at Chioma’s residence, Ngozi met Chioma again at the backyard wearing a local cloth. She wasn’t as educated as Chioma. Moreover, Chioma had graduated from the University waiting for her youth service just like Adaku.
“Wonders shall never end oh!” Ngozi clapped her hands dramatically.
“What is it?” Chioma became curious.
“The roundabout movement of two lizards around a palm tree cannot be comprehended by human imagination” Ngozi stared at Chioma. “How i wish u were there to witness what happened on my way here” she added..

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