Village In Confusion – episode 18

episode 18

Ubiji hesitated without taking the cheque wondering the kind of person Adaku is. One million naira? How can somebody give out such amount of money easily and freely? That was the question Ubiji battled with as he stared at the cheque. However, Adaku’s hand never departed from his hair and her beauty glow as she waited for the cheque to to be taken from her. She wore a black top with a mini skirt that exposed her thighs.
“Adaku” Ubiji called. “What do you want from me?” he asked.
“Your happiness” Adaku replied sincerely.
“I don’t know” She shruggled her shoulder. “Listen, stop asking questions and take the cheque from me. I don’t see any big deal helping someone in need especially when I’m capable”
Ubiji became speechless and reluctantly took the cheque from her. “Thank you. I will pay you back when everything becomes okay” he said.
“You don’t need to. All i want now is for you to get well soon. Let me get you a breakfast” Adaku stood up.
Tension and confusion took over the land of Umuye. The king became devastated over what happened to the young educated farmer, Ubiji. Some believed that the criminals weren’t from the land rather from another land. Some also believed that their problem was from within.
Nevertheless, Dike met his boys in their room feeling disappointed. He stood at the door glaring at them but was careful enough not to use grammar this time around. “Who pulled the trigger?” he asked.
“Kachi did” Obinna replied then Dike glared at Kachi.
“You had the guts to pull the trigger when i didn’t order you to do so? How dare you exhibit such disobedient, inhumane and uncharacteristic character!” he yelled.
“Oga, Dike, the boy isn’t dead, he only broke a leg” Kachi voiced out. “All you should be talking about now is how to get your twenty percent of the money and leave” he added.
“But wait oh” Ebuka began and all eyes and ears were directed and given to him respectively. “I want to know how Oga Dike knew that Ubiji collected a loan”
“How’s that your cup of coffee?!” Dike rebuked.
“But we need to know” Obinna interfered calmly in a way to convince Dike to let the cat out of the bag. Hopefully, Dike began to tell them how he knew that Ubiji collected a loan. “Before nightfall yesterday” he began..
Chioma left Ubiji’s residence after Ubiji told her about him succeeding in getting the loan. She went home that evening and entered into her room. She was the type that put down serious issues on her dairy especially something she wants to come to past. So she opened a chest of drawer, brought out her dairy and sat in on the bed. She began to write on it. Unfortunately, after writing, she left the dairy open on the bed. And Dike, in the cause of searching for her, opened her room to see the dairy. He drew closer to read the last content thus:
*5th August. He has succeeded in taking a loan from the bank for my sake, and my love for him has increased the more. Truly he will be successful in no time and come back to pay my bride price…*
“..after reading the last content of the dairy, i had no other person in mind but Ubiji because he’s the one that wants to pay my daughter’s bride price” Dike concluded in the midst of the boys who weren’t much surprise. They shared the money and he left.
Chioma returned to the clinic with a food-flask hoping Ubiji accept the breakfast not knowing that Adaku was also bringing her own food. Nevertheless, she stood beside Ubiji’s bed with the food without uttering a word. Ubiji manage to sat up without saying anything too.
“I brought you a breakfast” Chioma began to open the food, yet, Ubiji didn’t say a word. When she finally opened it and placed it on a stool before him, Adaku came in with her own food-flask. Her eyes caught with Chioma’s but she smiled. “Hi, Chioma” she said dropping the food. Chioma didn’t reply her rather looked at Ubiji who showed no concern thereby giving her the notion that he was aware of Adaku’s presence. So she asked, “Ubim, what’s happening?”
Ubiji didn’t reply but glanced at Adaku who never stopped smiling. Seeing that, Chioma stood er-ct leaving the food on the stool.
“I’ll excuse both of you” she said and went out, yet, Adaku didn’t mind rather sat beside Ubiji.
“I guess I’m late, you can eat Chioma’s food. It’s no big deal” she said sincerely thereby winning Ubiji’s heart the more.
Ubiji returned home but was supporting his leg with crutches. He sat in front of his compound with Chioma standing before him. She had found out that he finally collect a million naira cheque from Adaku. So she said, “I decided to overlook what happened in the clinic after accusing me wrongly. As if that wasn’t enough, you collected a million naira cheque from Adaku. Now, i want to know my stand; Are you still interested in me or not? And if you are, you must return the cheque back to Adaku”
Hearing that, Ubiji raised his head..

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