Village In Confusion

Village In Confusion – episode 19

episode 19

Ubiji raised his head up to see Chioma’s eyes glaring with absolute seriousness. He couldn’t believe she would utter such a thing knowing very well the condition he was into. But was Chioma really stupid of her actions and utterance? She knew who Adaku was, and her intentions but Ubiji was too blind to see it. As both stared at each other, Chioma repeated saying, “Are you still interested in me or not? And if yes, return the cheque to Adaku”
“Chioma, you know i love you” Ubiji began. “But your actions sometimes convince me that you are behind what’s happening to me. You and i know i need this money..”
“Yes, but not from Adaku!” Chioma interrupted. “She’s gradually taking you away from me! She’s possessing you, can’t you see that?! Taking that money from her means giving her your body, love and concern at any time she needs it. So you need to return that money or let me be!”
“I’m letting be”
“If not returning the cheque will make you leave this relationsh¡p, then I’m sorry, i won’t return it” Ubiji said calmly and Chioma became heartbroken feeling her eyes w-t with tears. Her l-ips trembled and a shock of surprise rushed down her wh0le body. “Okay.” That was the only thing she could say and turned to leave. Ubiji watched her walked out until she vanished from his sight. That was a serious breakup!
in,side Chioma’s room, Chioma cried bitterly with Ngozi sitting next to her and trying to calm her down. On the other part of the bed was her android phone having a brown thick cover.
“Stop cry my dear, such is life. I told you i don’t trust that girl called Adaku coz i saw it in her eyes the very first day i met them on the road. She has succeeded in snatching your fiance from you..” just as Ngozi was lamenting, Chioma’s phone bling, she reached it to see a letter concerning her youth service; that is, where she had been posted to. After reading it, she dried her tears and stood up to a chest of drawer where she brought out her dairy and tore out the last content concerning the loan, Ubiji and herself. She threw it in a trash can to Ngozi’s amazement then returned to the bed.
“Baby girl, what was that?” Ngozi queried.
“I’ve been posted to Lagos where i will be serving” Chioma replied.
“You mean your youth service?”
“That’s a good news!” Ngozi rejoiced but Chioma didn’t smile.
The clock began to tick in the land of Umuye, the more it ticked, the more confuse everybody became.
Chioma told her father about the letter and in the next five days, she left the village to Lagos without Ubiji or anybody’s notice except her father and Ngozi.
Meanwhile, Adaku had been visiting Ubiji making sure they became more familiar with themselves. But it remained few days for her to leave to Enugu for her service too. A day before she would leave, she went straight to Ubiji’s residence wearing a short skirt and long transparent black robe without buttons. She had a handless top that just held her br-asts leaving her stomach open. When she got there, Ubiji offered her a seat admiring her body through her dressing: the fresh thighs, fair hairy stomach and the mind blowing br-asts, though weren’t exposed. When he noticed she wasn’t smiling like she use to, he asked, “What troubles you?” Adaku didn’t respond but looked away from him making Ubiji to go closer and sat next to her. “What’s the matter?”
“I’m leaving for my service tomorrow”
“That’s a good news! You shouldn’t be sad. Or do u need your money now? I said i will pay you when..”
“No!” Adaku interrupted turning swiftly to face him and car-ssing his beards. “I told you the cheque is free. Just that I’m gonna miss you”
Ubiji became dumb coz her words and touches sounded and felt as if they were lovers. Though he didn’t know who they were; whether friends or lovers. Nevertheless, he allowed his body to feel the soft palms of Adaku on his chin. “I’ll miss you too but you need to focus. I’ll be calling you time to time” he replied.
“Are u sure?”
“Of course”
“Thanks” Adaku hugged and looked into his eyes rom-ntically. She brought her head closer to k-ss him as both felt the increase of their heartbeats stimulated by sympathetic nervous system. But she finally k-ssed him. “I’m sorry i did that”
“Is okay” Ubiji replied.
“But.. what about Chioma?”
“She brokeup”
Ubiji didn’t respond rather stood up to get a glass of what. It’s obvious his love for Chioma hadn’t died but at the same time he couldn’t resist Adaku’s temptation. After drinking the water, he turned to see Adaku standing before him.
“I’ll give u all the love and care, and bring out the best in you..” Adaku gradually k-ssed him again, and it lasted longer than initial. Her tongue located his mouth and both s€×ual urge arose. Ubiji slid her hair backward then gradually pulled off the robe. He also loosen her br.easts and stimulated the er-cted n.ipples then Adaku mo-ned in his mouth..

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