Village In Confusion

Village In Confusion – episode 20

episode 20

The k-ss and rom-nce became so intense that Adaku had to start unbuttoning Ubiji’s shirt. She finally did and felt his muscular six packs and muscles, even the fairy hair on his chest. Both slowly headed into one of the rooms where Ubiji laid her down on the bed, took off her remaining skirt. Already, her p-nties had been w-t with her juices. She twisted her legs as Ubiji reached her soft l-ips again along side with her br-asts. He s—-d the hærd n—–s making her to mo-n and longs for more. Her c–t had become more sensitive begging to be touched. So Ubiji gradually reached her p-nt and took it off rom-ncing the w-t v—-a and throbbing c–t. His d–k nearly bursted out of his boxers demanding to be ej×c×lated in the w-t v—-a but he hesitated making sure Adaku beg for it first thereby fingering and stimulating her g-s₱0t which made her mo-ned and said, “Please, f–k me my love.” She dragged down Ubiji’s boxers who found his l-ips back to her n—–s and directed his d–k in,side her..
After the hot s€×, Ubiji laid along side with Adaku staring at the ceiling and feeling guilty. All he could think of was Chioma, even heaven could tell how much he missed her. When Adaku noticed his quietness, she said, “Are you okay?” she wrapped her hand around his unclad body.
“I’m fine”
“Have u catched the cheque?”
“Will do that tomorrow”
“Make sure you utilize it wisely so that in the next one year that i will be true with my service, u must have made enough profit” Adaku k-ssed him and stood up from the bed.
Same night, Dike went back to the boys and presented another envelope to them. They were to leave that same night to rob another set of people but unfortunately, their luck ran out. They were caught by the vigilante group!
The next morning, the criminals were taken to the palace after series of beating and hammering. They were all bleeding from several parts of the body. Their hands and legs were tied with their weapons beside them on the floor. Igwe Izumba, the king, stood before them with other elders except Dike.
“Your highness and the elders of our land” Ijele began quivering his chest. “Today, we bring to you the people that have been tormenting us. These are the criminals that have been stealing and causing damages in this village. We caught them last night at one of the houses along Isi Oma road”
Hearing that, the elders especially Mr Kelechi and Adaka began to soliloquize among themselves. The king was totally disappointed glaring at the young boys, so he gro-ned bitterly.
“Look at u, young men of Umuye land, who would have believed that as young as u are u can do this to your own people? You raped a sixteen year old girl, took away the mother’s money and robbed several other people thereby rendering them useless. You never for once thought that after rain comes sunshine. If the sun says or claims to have power over the moon let it shine at night. Only a knife can best tell a child when to leave it. You want quick money while your mates are hustling to make it legally. A cow that is in a hurry to go to America will soon return as corned Beef”
“Justice must be done!” Mr Kelechi shouted.
“Yes!” replied other elders.
“Let us hear from them if they have anything to say” Mr Adaka suggested and silence took over.
“Young men, is anyone behind your actions?” the king queried.
Chidi, being frightened said bleeding from the mouth, “Yes”
“Heeeyyy!” the elders shouted. Mr Adaka leaned forward and asked, “You mean Dike the grammarian?”
“Yes, he’s the one who had been sending us and also armed us too” Chidi replied. The elders shouted again and Mr Adaka looked at Kelechi in a way that shows: I TOLD YOU!
The king provoked instantly. “Ijele!” he called. “I want you to bring Dike the fool here immediately!” he ordered.
“Yes, your highness!” the group troop out and came back with Dike. Other villagers also followed them shouting and making all sort of noise. Already, the king had called the police. Adaku and Ubiji were yet to be there, while Ngozi began to call Chioma to do what she knows best: news broadcasting.
When Dike stood before the elders and the villagers, the king said, “Dike, these young men said u are the reason for what has been happening in this land”
“Of course not. How can i be..” Dike boldly wanted say but was interrupted by Chidi who said, “Lies!”
Dike provoked. “Listen to me you juvenile incubus let me accentuate to this blurry that you are trying to substantiate unabashedly” he looked at the king. “Your highness, this is pure calumny. I never actuated these pretentious pipsqueaks for the act of thuggery. They are only making contentious abstractions for come-uppance probably influenced and befuddled by narcotic quaffed in order for you to deviate from rigorous ac-men concerning this calamitous and contentious fauxpas..”
“Okokokokooh!” Mr Kelechi shouted at the grammar thereby interrupting him..

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