Village In Confusion

Village In Confusion – episode 21

episode 21

“Okokokooh!” Mr Kelechi shouted at Dike’s grammar thereby interrupting him. None of them understood what he said, therefore, Adaka whispered to Kelechi in Igbo language saying, “Osi ngini?”
“Amam ihe onasu?”
“This man is confusing us with too much grammar”
“And never will i succ-mb to this particular one. Let’s continue feeding our ears” Mr Kelechi concluded then Dike continued looking at the king.
“Your highness, you’re known to be scrupulous to cogent clunkers an-logous to this type made by these cadaverous looking men who are acquaintance to me or anything about me. Please, extricate and show no callousness to me because I’m a benevolent innocent man with high level of erudition acquired from the prestigious university of Cambridge in Eastern England..”
Mr Kelechi leaned sideways and whispered to Adaka again. “Did he just say that he went to England?”
“Didn’t you hear Eastern England?” Adaka threw back the question.
“That’s why i’m asking”
“Yes, that’s actually what he’s saying”
Mr Kelechi glared at Dike, he interrupted him loudly saying, “Dike, it’s a lie! We shouldn’t listen to all that he’s saying. He must be handed over to the police!”
“Yes!” the villagers shouted. Everybody became quiet after that waiting for the final judgement from the king. Some were carrying machetes, stone and other weapons. While the four criminal laid on the floor bleeding helplessly.
“Dike?” the king called.
“Your highness” Dike replied.
“Are you through with your supri-supri of a grammar?”
“I can’t comprehend what you’re voraciously trying to insinuate”
“This is what I’m saying!” the king spread his hands hopelessly. “Instead of you to say that you don’t understand, just listen to the grammar you replaced it with. From all indications you’re the one who has been sending these young men to terrorize us. Not only that, you armed them! You can’t say they accuse you wrongly coz they aren’t children who don’t know their left and right. He who blames others has a long way to go on his journey. A child who eats too much shouldn’t blame his buttocks. Before you begin to trade in blame, look in the mirror. Dike, you’re the cause of your own predicament and you must face the full Judgment. There is nothing that can be done! Our people say, ‘A bird that flies off the earth and lands on an anthill is still on the ground.’ He that beats the drum for a mad man to dance is no better than the mad man himself..” just as the king was saying, the policemen arrived with their vehicles carrying dangerous guns. Seeing them, the king ordered, “Officers, take these criminals away including the man standing before me” he pointed at Dike whom the policemen began to drag into their vehicle.
“This is dastardly unanimity to a prestigious man like me!!” Dike made his last statement.

After an hour Dike and his boys were arrested, Ubiji went to the king who told him that his money and other people whom Dike stole their money too must be recovered. That made him happy but at the same time sad coz he realized that he accused his uncle wrongly. He didn’t bother to think about Chioma rather concluded that she was working with his father.
Nevertheless, Adaku set to leave that morning. She visited Ubiji for the last time and met him in front of his compound. She wore a tight pair of jean trouser, a pair of white canvas and a shirt which she tied at the base showcasing her abdomen. She also wore a face-cap to match her dressing. Seeing her, Ubiji smiled.
“I guess you’re ready to leave”
“I wish you safe journey”
“Thanks” Adaku stepped forward. “You’ve heard what happened to Chioma’s father. Obviously, Chioma was the one that informed him about the loan” she sounded innocent.
“Yes, i guess so” Ubiji replied. Both hugged each other before Adaku left happily.
Chioma became heartbroken the more when Ngozi told her about her father. So she had to traveled all the way from Lagos back to Umuye village. She stood before the king and the elders in the palace wearing her NYC uniform and shedding tears too coz she couldn’t stand the shame and disgrace.
“Young lady, what can we do you for?” the king asked her.
“Please, your highness, i have come to plead on behalf of my father. Forgive him and bring him out of the police cell” Chioma replied.
“Impossible! Your father of a grammarian has caused this village a lot. He must suffer the consequences of his actions!”
“Yes!” all the elders supported.
Hearing the seriousness from their voices, Chioma went on her knees crying this time around. “Please, my elders, he’s the only one i have in this world. I will do anything u want me to do but don’t let him perish in the police cell or jail eventually” she pleaded but the elders weren’t smiling..

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