Village In Confusion

Village In Confusion – episode 23 (Finale)

Final Episode (Episode 23)
Chioma sat hopelessly alone at the backyard of their house lost in thought. Trace of sadness could be noticed all over her body ranging from her eyes to her legs. Just as she sat quietly, Ngozi arrived looking at her piteously without noticing her presence.
“Baby girl, how are you doing?” she broke the silence then Chioma turned slowly with red eyes.
“I know you’ve come to mock me”
“No!” Ngozi moved closer. “Why are you talking as if we aren’t friends anymore? I’ve only come to know how you’re doing”
“Well, I’m not fine” Chioma averted her eyes from her.
“I understand. What are the elders saying about the issue?”
“The igwe said..” Chioma was interrupted by footsteps coming from the passage. As both watched to see who the person was, Ubiji come through and stood at the door then Chioma stood up instantly, while Ngozi disdained him.
“What are you doing here?” Chioma glared. “Just leave here!” she ordered stretching her hand.
“Chioma, I’m sorry for..”
“Sorry for what?” Ngozi inferred by interrupting Ubiji. “You’re a very big disgrace. So you’ve come to amend the heart you’ve already broken, sorry coz it’s too late. Just carry your wahala and go back to Adaku” she concluded.
None of the girls allowed Ubiji to explain himself telling him to leave but he hesitated.
“So you no won go, abi?” Ngozi reached a bucket of water which she flung to pour him.
“No!” Chioma shouted trying to prevent her but was already too late; part of the water w-t Ubiji’s body then all remained calmed.
“I deserve more than that” Ubiji broke the silence to the girls amazement.
“Oh, really?” Ngozi reached another water but Chioma prevented her this time around and glared at Ubiji.
“Go na! You’re adding more problem to my problem! I don’t want to hear you’re apology. Just go!” she shouted. Her voice wanted to break down in cry but she held it boldly winking her eyes. After she went back to her initial position, Ubiji turned and left shamefully.
The king charged Dike two million, five hundred thousand naira for the money he stole through the young men and he provided the money. He was also released from the police cell and was made to apologize before the king and the elders. So he sat among them in the palace saying, “I regret my actions which were appalling and made some of you insecure in your own sanctum. It was caused by the aggressiveness and anger of me being fired from my occupation not for any other reason but for the same reason i was put into a cell. Please, accept my innermost apology”
The elders cleared their throats murmuring among themselves and nodding their heads like Agama lizards. Obviously, they had accepted his apology.
“Dike” the king began. “You’re an educated man who should inflict as a positive impart in the society but you turned out to be the opposit due to anger as you said. Nevertheless, we have forgiven you..”
“What about my boys?” Dike interrupted.
“They will be released too” the king assured.
Ubiji’s money was given back to him likewise others but the last issue was how to win Chioma’s heart again. That must be very complicated! He gathered another mind going back to Chioma’s residence. Though, Dike, the father was around sitting in front of his house but he didn’t mind. When he arrived, Dike lowered his pair of eyeglasses looking at him.
“Good day, sir”
“Good day. She’s in”
“Excuse me sir?”
“Chioma is in,side, or isn’t she the one you’re looking for?”
“Oh, she is, sir” Ubiji smiled.
“Then go see her” Dike also smiled shaking his head after Ubiji entered.
in,side the house, Ubiji met Chioma in the sitting room who became surprise to see him once again. She also wondered how her father allowed him in by looking through the window.
“What again?”
“Just allow me to explain” Ubiji moved forward while Chioma became quiet with her ears open. “Remember i chose the cheque not Adaku due to the condition i found myself. It was a hærd decision for me, but i know better now. I’m ready to return the cheque back to her. Just hold on..” he brought out his phone and called Adaku in Chioma’s presence with the phone on speaker.
“Hello, Ubiji” Adaku sound from the other side of the phone.
“Hi, please, we need to talk”
“About what? That reminds me, have you transferred the money into your account?”
“No, I’m sorry, i don’t need the money anymore. I think that’s the only think between us. Thanks for your generosity” the line went off.
Nobody had to tell Adaku that anything between them was over. So, Ubiji looked at Chioma and tore the cheque before her.
“You’re the one i love, please give me a second chance”
Chioma gradually moved forward and hugged him. “I miss you and i love you too” she said on his shoulder..

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Ubiji invested the loan as he planned and made much profit. He married Chioma after her service but wasn’t able to pay back the complete loan, so he sold one of the lands and completed it.
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