Village In Confusion

Village In Confusion – episode 5

Episode 5
Two days later, Ubiji and his uncle, Dinta, set for the marriage introduction at Dike’s residence. They met Dike in front of his compound sitting on a chair and reading a news papar. Another seat was provided for them. At the center between them are a gallon of palm wine and a bottle of hot drink. The compound had the quality of a rich educated man. At a corner was Dike’s car. He had all it takes to be comfortable but the reason why he indulged in the act of criminality and why he was in the village was something the villagers were yet to know. However, in,side the house were Ngozi and Chioma who waited anxiously for Chioma to be summoned. Nevertheless, Dinta, looking at Dike said after clearing his throat, “Umm.. our people say if a fruit is mature and riped, it should be harvested. My nephew here said that he has seen a riped and mature fruit in your house and would like to harvest it” he pointed at Ubiji.
Dike looked around his compound without smiling. He wore a only a singlet which exposed his budged stomach and having the same gray colour with his beards. A medicated eyeglasses never departed from his eyes. “Dinta” he called. “Obviously, i don’t have any tree in my compound not to talk of the one that has produced riped and mature fruit” he said while Dinta smiled.
“You know exactly what I’m saying: Ubiji my nephew wants to ask your daughter’s hand in marriage”
Hearing that, Dike called Chioma immediately yet without smiling. As they waited for her to come in the silence, he began to tap his feet on the ground and partially concentrating on the news paper. Just then, Chioma arrived in her best casual wears while Ngozi stood at a distance watching to see what would happen. Dike averted his eyes from the paper to his daughter and said, “Do you in any way have this unacquainted unanimity in your subconscious mind?”
Chioma became confused. “I don’t understand, Papa” she said twisting her fingers with a frowned face coz she noticed that her father wasn’t happy. Therefore Dike shouted, “Are you aware of this gathering?!”
“Yes, Papa”
“Oh, you are aware. Okay, they have come to marry you, what do you have to say?”
Chioma smiled at Ubiji who smiled back at him.”Yes, papa, I’ll marry him” she answered.
“That’s my daughter!” Dinta exclaimed happily.
“Who is your daughter?” Dike rebuked him angrily. “Don’t you ever say that again!” he turned to Chioma again saying, “I never knew that you are a catatonic somnambulist. The person you want to marry what does he do for a living?”
“Sir Dike….” Ubiji wanted to say but Dike interrupted him.
“Shut up! Did i ask you for an explanation?”
“Papa” Chioma called sadly.
“Mama, go on, I’m listening” Dike replied.
“Ubiji is a hærdworking farmer and moreover he’s a graduate”
“Which one is he, a graduate or a farmer?”
“He’s both” Chioma grumbled.
“So you have unabashedly accepted to marry this unambitious panhandler who will rapturously subdue you to absolute ululation in the peregrination of his miserable life. What did you take, kirsch or narcotic?”
“I didn’t take a anything Papa”
“No, you must have taken one of them because nobody in his or her rightful senses will be willing to juxtapose with this pipsqueak that calls his name Ubiji. I don’t blame you! You want to move into the family of people whom their lives revolve around bush. His name is Ubiji while his uncle’s name is Dinta, a common hunter. Get out of here!” Dike shouted then Chioma ran into the house crying.
“Dike, take it easy” Dinta said.
“Take what easy?” Dike retaliated. “You both should go and have a perspicacious narcissism in your non-residential sanctums before having the scenario of being with a groovy and voluptuous woman like my daughter to avoid revulsion, bankrupt, umbrage and vertigo”
“Cheei, this is too much!” Dinta shouted and stood up. “Ubiji, carry these things let’s go” he walked out followed by Ubiji who did as he said.
At the backyard, Ngozi tried to calm Chioma down. She held her trying to dry her tears. A GP-tank could be seen beside them where Chioma leaned on.
“My dear top crying. That is the kind of father you have. I can’t believe the way he reacted aggressively towards your suitors added to the grammar which nearly drove me mad”
“What should i do now?” Chioma asked.
“You have to go apologize to Ubiji first then you’ll know the next action to take” Ngozi replied.
“See who?” Dike entered immediately. Hearing his voice, Ngozi disengaged from Chioma staring at him fearfully. “I’m finished!” she thought and swallowed saliva..

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