Village In Confusion

Village In Confusion – episode 8

Episode 8
Nothing the boys could have done again coz, obviously, there was no other money left for the completion of the one million naira. Therefore, Obinna withdrew his gun from chief Ebube and gave the boys sign for them to leave the building but Kachi hesitated admiring Adaku’s butt the more while Chidi and Ebuka left with the money.
“Boy, let’s go” Obinna told Kachi.
“Nna, this girl is beautiful oh” he touched his long beards through the mask going closer to Adaku.
“Are you crazy? Let’s get out of here!”
“Nna, leave me make i do this girl something”
“Remember; hold your d–k”
“But this girl is too beautiful for that” Kachi concluded and got closer to Adaku who was already quivering on the floor with her legs closed tightly. Before Kachi could touch her, Obinna dragged him out of the room. After they left, Lolo stood up and said, “They have gone oh”
“Are you sure?” chief Ebube asked still lying facedown on the floor with his hands stretched forward.
“Yes, Daddy, they have gone” Adaku also stood up.
“Better tell me the truth coz i don’t want to die. My life is so precious to me”
“What is this man doing? Abeg stand up!” Lolo dragged her husband up, then he rubbed his hands on his face to make sure his eyes weren’t deceiving him.
“It’s true oh, they have gone” he shouted, locked the door instantly and placed hands on his wa-ist. “Chie! I never knew we have criminals in this village. They have made away with a whooping nine hundred thousand naira. Ewu atam igu na isi!” he exclaimed in igbo language.
“Isn’t it better the way they left without killing any of us?” Adaku suggested yet, wasn’t looking happy.
“Yes, it’s better because i love my life” the father supported while the wife sat angrily on the edge of a bed. “I don’t like this type of thing oh” she began. “The money i planned to spend during August Meeting has been stolen when i have not even bought any cloth to be used on that day” she angrily walked out in chief Ebube’s amazement. Just as he contemplated on the type of wife he had, his daughter said, “Daddy, you must give me back the money they collected from my bag oh” she also walked out.
“Why are women so enthusiastic about money and dressing?” chief Ebube became bemused. “Just look at what they are complaining of instead of rejoicing to be alive. Well, i thank God I’m alive because life is so precious and has no duplicate” he murmured bitterly and sat down.
In the palace, outside the house, Igwe Izumba, Dike, Mr Kelechi, Adaka and other elders stood before ten group of young men who had machetes and guns in their hands. They were the formulated vigilante group because the news of what happened the previous night raised alarm.
“Youth of Umuye land” the king began. “Something bigger than the cricket has entered the cricket’s h0le. A child who said his mother will not sleep, he too will not sleep. A fly that has no one to advice it follows the corpse to the grave. It’s a woman whose child has been eaten by a witch best knows the evil of witchcraft. We have seen enough! For how long are we going to watch some group of criminal destroy the image of this land? We must put an end to this!”
“Yes!” shouted the group.
“You are the new vigilante group that has been given the necessary rearmament to fish out those criminals and the person beside their actions coz as long as there are lice in the seams of a garment, there must be blood stain. Until lions have their own historians, tales of the hunt must always glorify the hunter. We believe that with you, our problems are over. Therefore we promise to pay u as much as u bring those criminals here for judgement and execution. An elephant tusks are never too heavy for it, so we know u are capable of doing this” he concluded.
Ijele, the group leader stepped forward. He was quite fat and tall. “We promise to do our job well your highness” he said shaking his chest.
“Okay, you may leave now” the king ordered but Dike interrupted saying, “Your highness, how can you discharge them when i have not corroborated to your ambiguous statement and proverbs?”
The king looked at him. “Dike, do u have anything to say?” he asked hoping he would say no.
“Yes” Dike replied then the king became disappointed and took a deep breath.
“Go on” he permitted reluctantly.
Dike looked at the vigilante group and said, “I wouldn’t want to cast aspersions on ur conspicuous mission which is an-logous to death. Be sensitized to the danger and implication of your mission as assailants otherwise become asparagus to the cat burglars who i have tortuously scrutinized to have no scruple for their scurrilous actions. I espouse the idea of the king for trying to vanquish thuggery and turbulent using a biddable consortium like u, so I will be umbraged if u don’t tussle to end the perturbation which each of everyone of here have by bringing the corpeses of those criminal to this arena”
Hearing that, the elders giggled…

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