Village In Confusion

Village In Confusion – episode 9

Episode 9
Still at the palace, before the new recruited vigilante group, the king became speechless at Dike’s long confusing grammar. Though, they were having a serious issue but the elders couldn’t help it but to giggle at the grammar especially Mr Adaka who hail Dike saying, “Odegwu! Supu! Dike the grammarian. The only one who’s grammar can send one to his early grave. I hail u”
The king glared at Dike. “Dike” he called hopelessly.
“Your highness” Dike replied.
“I have warned u times without number to reduce the way u use big and unfamiliar words when we are discussing a serious issue here in the palace. It does more harm than good to us”
“But Your highness..”
“No but, Dike” the King interrupted. “I think we are clear now” he concluded and began to walk into the inner palace followed by the elders after discharging the vigilante group.
At Mr Kelechi’s living room. Mr Kelechi sat before a plate of food ready to send it to ‘Tommy Town’ He wore a white singlet over a wrapper having a local bead on his wrist. When he opened the plate of food, Mr Adaka walked in hitting his staff three times on the door.
“Unbelievable!” Mr Kelechi exclaimed. “I can’t remember the last time u visited my house. Or did u see me in your dream last night?”
“I didn’t only see u in my dream, i even saw the food u are about to eat too” Mr Adaka replied and they laughed.
“Take a seat”
“Would u only tell me to take a seat?” Adaka sat down while Kelechi became confuse.
“What else should i tell u?”
“Heeii! Kelechi, so u have not changed. Never for once till now have u ever called me to eat food with u whenever u are eating” Mr Adaka replied while Kelechi smiled.
“You’re talking about me, what of all the bush meat u wasted your time hunting instead of going to school? Did u call me to eat any of them with u?” he fired back then Mr Adaka frowned.
“Kelechi, don’t bring the issue of education here again. I know i fail by not going to school but i must make sure i send all my children to school, if not for anything, for them to learn grammar just like Dike the grmmarian”
“Thank God you’ve discovered the value of education” Mr Kelechi leaned his back on the seat smiling.
“You talk as if u went to school” Mr Adaka said.
“But at least i finished elementary 1. I’m better than u who didn’t even see the four walls of a classroom” Mr Kelechi began eating.
“So, u still don’t want to call me to eat with u?”
“Come and eat. Since u said u dreamt about it, it’s enough evidence that u are hungry” Mr Kelechi jokingly replied.
“You think so? Anyways, that’s not why I’m here” Adaka lowered his voice. “Can u remember when we started having this story of arm robbers in this village?” he asked then Mr Kelechi thought surprisingly.
“That was a week after Dike returned from town where he was working as an English lecturer”
“That is my point!” Mr Adaka exclaimed quietly. Unknowingly to them, Ngozi was at the door of her room listening to their conversation. “I’m suspecting Dike to be the very green snake in the green grass” Mr Adaka added.
“I don’t understand”
“I suspect Dike to be the one behind what we are experiencing in this village” Hearing that, Ngozi held her mouth surprisingly while Mr Adaka continued. “The arm robbery attack started when he returned to this village. Have u thought of why he’s not working like a lecturer anymore? The rumor is because he was so greedy and also confusing the young female students with his grammar in order to sleep with them”
“You’ve made a very good point. But wait oh, remember that the criminals are with guns” Mr Kelechi said.
“That’s the more reason why i said somebody powerful is behind this, and it’s no other person than Dike who is capable of equipping those boys with weapons. If not, from where would any of our youth get such powerful weapons? It’s obvious that this man has been confusing us with his grammar just the way he was deceiving the young female students with it”
“Cheeii! Who knows the meaning of what he has been saying in the palace?”
“You see?” Mr Adaka spread his hands. “But u were hailing and clapping for him because of his grammar u don’t even know their meanings” he added.
“Didn’t u praise him too?” Mr Kelechi began. “In fact, i was the one who was bold enough to ask him the meaning of paragon, but u accepted whatever thing that came out from his mouth and made him ur second God because you’ve never heard a grammar before. Go back to school, Adaka!”
“I take that as an insult” Mr Adaka became angry.
“If u like take it as an assault. Anyways, we have no evidence to approach Dike. Let’s see the outcome of the vigilante group first. One day the wind will blow and the buttocks of a fowl will open for everybody to see what lies in it” Mr Kelechi concluded.
“Yes, that’s true. I shall be on my way now” Mr Adaka stood up.
“What about the food?”
“Eat alone and die alone” Adaka walked out…

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