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Waiting for her episode 10 – finale


Waiting For Her

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Final Episode.


You know in every higher institution, there is always this period when you have a long gap between the first exam and the next one, yeah, that period. We had a long gap before our next paper about a week gap. I expected Mitchell to keep in touch with me but she didn’t , she never bothered to even call to say hi, thus confirmed what Matt said, she was using me to get what she want. I would purposely stroll to the main gate every evening with the hope that I would mistakenly meet her on the road , no wonder they say ” The one that loves you is not the one you see everyday, but the one who comes out everyday looking for you” . Going to the main gate every evening became my hobby, I would always stroll to the main gate with my earpiece in my ear and filling myself with all sort of music except love music, I hate such, I rather prefer downloading wrestlers theme and listen to them, they are inspiring. ” Gabriel, where are you always going to every evening?” Matt once asked me, ” To cool my spirit, a little walk with music enlighten your soul” I would lie, which soul does wrestlers theme enlighten? I never saw her, even once, I decided to go to her house but courage was not on my side then at last I decided to let her be, I am at least happy I love her, maybe one day she will know about it.

I told Matt and Victedo what I have decided, they both laughed about it. ” Gabriel, let’s not lie to ourselves, you are letting her be because you don’t have the courage to ask her out” Victedo said and they busted into laughter, I also laughed but it was not true. I would have asked her out if not for what I saw on her phone, I never prayed to destroy her relationship. ” Yes oo, na fear they catch me” I concurred , they laughed the more. ” Look at all the muscle, look at the chest, look at the height, with all that, Gabriel you can’t ask a girl out, ordinary girl” Matt laughed, ” Matt, how many girls have you asked out in your life? ” I started, ” None, but I can” he tried defending himself, ” Will you keep quiet, you that left your crush because you saw her hugging another boy” I said, ” Don’t tell me” Victor laughed, “let’s forget about that girl jare” Matt said opening his physics textbook, ” Gabriel, get that girl” Victedo said and laid on the bed.

Mitchell came to my house again on the day of the paper, she wanted me to quickly put her through, it was our last paper. ” Ah, Gabi, I missed your face o” She told me touching my cheeks, Victedo and Matt started coughing stupidly. I smiled and opened my book to start the teaching process, as I taught her, we would pause at interval to talk. She would most time throw topics about relationship and in between, she would try to make me know that she doesn’t have any guy, Matt and Victedo would nod on hearing such things, signifying to me that she is mine. ” You didn’t even bother to call ” I told her, ” Gabriel I was busy and remember I use my cousin’s phone to call since I don’t have a phone again” She said, I nodded and packed my books into my bag, ” Its time, let’s go” I told her, “when are you going back home after today’s exam?” She asked, ” Sunday” I told her, ” Whoa , that’s a lot of time, we will see before then” She said and I nodded hoping so.

We wrote the exams and that was it, the end of the long talked about exam, I thank God I wrote well but after the exam I didn’t see or hear from Mitchell again. ” Matt, let’s go on Friday, let’s not wait till Sunday again ” I told him, ” I was thinking so too bro” He said, ” What about Mitchell?” He asked, ” She is fine ” I told him, ” Won’t you ask her out before you go?” he asked, ” I can’t see her again” I said , ” Ohh, what a pity ” He laughed, ” Wait!!” I suddenly sprang up to my reading table, there it was, her nylon file which she kept with me , ” I can write a note and keep it here for her, I will go to her hostel and give it to her sister to give her” I told Matt, by now, Victedo had gone home. ” Why can’t you give her herself?” He asked me, ” She isn’t staying in her hostel now, she told she was spending sometimes with her friend” I said. ” Hmm okay ” he laughed as I picked up my pen and constructed a well punctuated love letter, my first ever. I expressed my feelings to her and all that I had to say. I then packaged it into an envelope and place it in her nylon file. ” But I think this is childish ” Matt said, ” Yeah I know, but to me , this is the best way” I smiled. ” I will deliver it tomorrow” I told him lying on the bed, ” I think she doesn’t deserve you” Matt suddenly blurted out, but the kind of stare I gave him made him understand that he had to keep quiet, ” Did my first ugly girlfriend deserve me?” I asked myself as I hissed out.

Myself and Matt strolled to main gate the next day to charge our phones, we would be going back the following day and we can’t afford to go with switched off phones. Around 3pm I was set to go back to the hostel but Matt wasn’t ready, he needed to withdraw money from the ATM. I decided to wait for him outside the main gate, I had my bag on and in my bag was Mitchell’s file. I went out the main gate and sat on one of the numerous pillars staring at the pensioner who derives pleasure begging from student, I see him every evening when I come for my strolling. I sat staring at him , ” This man no go go work bah?” I asked no one as I turned my neck away from him, I immediately sighted Mitchell coming from the main gate, she was looking extraordinarily beautiful, she was about to pass by the pillar where I sat when I called her, she turned to me slowly and smiled. ” Gabi, what are you doing here?” She asked, ” Waiting for Matt”I told her, ” Oh ,I see” She said, ” Am going tomorrow ” I told her, ” Eyah, okay now , till next semester, hope you are with my file?” She asked, ” Yes, its with me, I planned returning it today, its even in my bag self” I said and handed over the file to her, ” Thanks” She made to walk away, ” wait, I kept an envelope in between your docvments ” I told her, she nodded and went off .

I was happy she would finally know how I felt for her, I went back home in joy the next day expecting her call. My brethren, this is the second week since I got home and I haven’t even seen her missed call. The issue is not from her not having a phone, she must have gotten a phone now because I do see her active on Whatsapp every now and then. I can’t just wait to go back to school, I need to kill Matt and Victedo for putting pressure on me. Okay that was how I disgraced myself in school o, but guys guess what? You won’t believe it, I STILL LOVE HER AND AM STILL WAITING  FOR HER.


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