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Waiting for her episode 3


Waiting For Her

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Episode: Episode 3


Veronica is a well endowed medium height girl, when I mean well endowed, I mean she has all a guy will want in a woman. When I first met Veronica, I had only one room mate then, that was Matt, Victedo came about some weeks after I met her. On getting home that same day, the same day I gave her my physics assignment to copy, I narrated everything to Matt. ” Guy, you won’t believe it o, i met a girl today” I told Matt who was lying on the bed , he was staring at a physics textbook which to him he was reading. One thing about Matt, he hates girls. After his first girlfriend broke up with him, he developed a big hatred for all girls, he believes girls are all the same. ” You met a girl, is that why you are smiling like that?” He asked dropping the book, ” Guy, you need to see this girl, she is glorious” I told him, ” Gabi, are you the one telling me this?” He asked me, ” The last time I checked, you promised not to have anything to do with girls after your now ex broke your heart” He reminded me, ” I know, those were just mouth making now” I said, ” Hmmm, what is her name? Is she beautiful or ugly, how is she like to have captured you just in one day?” He asked , ” For her name, she is Veronica, she is of medium height and how she captured me in one day, I can’t explain” I told him, ” You haven’t still answered one of the questions, is she beautiful?” He asked again, ” What am I to do with her beauty? ” I asked him, ” Because I believe ugly girls have ugly hearts just like their faces” He said, ” Any proof for that?” I asked him, ” Of course, I don’t say things am not sure of, remember your ex has an ugly face, and from the way she dumped you, I can boldly come to a conclusion that she has an ugly heart also” He laughed, I laughed also. ” Guy, remember your ex happens to be very beautiful, but remember, she dated you alongside three other guys, am sure that not a typical of a beautiful heart ” I told him and his laughing subsided. ” Okay, let stop insult, is veronica beautiful? ” he asked again, ” Yeah, she is beautiful” I told him, ” So you already love her just in one day?” He asked me, ” Does it take two days to love? ” I asked him back, ” Hmm, your own love, I never see o” He said opening his physics textbook again.

I and Veronica became tight friends as time went by, I also got to know that she also did the same pre degree program like I did but we never met ourselves during those days. For the first few times I stayed with her, I thought she was a girl with absolutely good characters, though there was nothing between us but deep down in my mind, I had already signed her my girlfriend, I am the only one who knows she is my girlfriend, she herself doesn’t even know, funny isn’t it?

As time went by , I later got to discover that she was about a month older than I am, but as they say, age is just a number, I still wanted her.

Then on this particular day, about three weeks after we met, one of our lecturers decided to conduct a test, an impromptu test. That day, Veronica as usual was sitting just by me. Only few students were prepared for the test, I was among the lucky few. I literally taught Veronica everything, I allowed her copy my script. ” Gabriel, please, when you are going home, please call my phone, I want to go and eat” She told me after the test, ” No problem” I told her, I was happy I was privileged to teach her. We still had two more lectures for that day, the lectures were not important but I decided to stay behind for it, it takes nothing to wait behind. After the lectures, Veronica had not still come back, at this point, I was now wondering if to eat takes this long. ” I don’t even have card” I thought to myself as I made to call her, ” This is how I will just waste this hundred naira now ” I hissed as I walked towards basement complex where things were sold, it was a stone throw from our department but you still have to walk a bit. In basement complex, there are shops where food are being sold, there are shops where snacks are sold and we also have the cyber cafes. I stood in front of one of the numerous shops buying card, the woman selling the card was taking long and it was getting me impatient, I started to move my body in a way to show her that I was in a hurry, it was in course of doing this that my eyes caught Veronica in one of the cyber cafes, she was laughing and gisting happily with a guy, their sitting position alone was enough evidence that he was her boyfriend. ” Take your card” The woman told me, ” Thank you ma” I said as I took the card and sneaked out of the place, ” Hello veronica” I called her standing where I could see her clearly without her seeing me, ” Yeah Gabi, are you guys done with lectures?” She asked me , ” Yes oo, where are you now ?” I asked her, ” Dear, I decided to go read in the library , I can’t just waste my time on those useless courses” She said laughing, I also laughed. ” Okay now, am still at the department, come meet me there” I said, ” Okay dear” She answered and I put an end to the call. I saw her hug and pecked the guy before leaving the shop, ” Wow, this is wonderful” I laughed as I increased my pace towards our department where she came there to meet me, I pretended like nothing happened.

” Gabriel my man, that girl just want to use you to get what she wants” Vuctedo told me as I narrated all that happened to him and Matt that day, ” What does she want?” I asked him, ” She doesn’t want a carry over ” Matt said opening his physics textbook.


To be Continued

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