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Waiting for her episode 4


Waiting For Her

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Episode: Episode 4


” What do you mean?” I asked Matt, ” Just look at this, ever since you met this girl, you have been the one helping her with her assignments and her practical works, from the recent one, you now even help her in tests. If it continues this way, you will still be the same person to help her In exams” Matt told me, ” The only reason she is coming to you for help is because you are among the league of bright students in your department, you are the only one thinking she loves you, as a matter of fact, you are the only one loving here” Matt said, Victedo agreed with a nod. ” You know. You can’t be sure, we might just be judging her wrongly” I said, ” Then how can you explain what happened today? ” Matt asked, ” I don’t blame you anyways, you are in love” Matt said. ” Gabriel, in as much as I can’t justify what Veronica has done, I must advise you to be patient, because as they say, love is patient” Victedo said sitting on a reading chair. ” Gabi, as you love, use your head ” Matt added, ” I won’t want you to jump into this girl, watch her first” he concluded. ” I think I know what to do” I said as I got up from my bed, ” What?” They asked in union, ” Just don’t worry, watch me” I said to them and they nodded, truth be told, I knew not what to do.

I couldn’t read that evening, on a norm, I do read three hours every passing day. This evening was different just because of a girl. Lot of thoughts crossed my head as I laid facing the ceiling that day, to me this was another heartbreak, thank God the relationship wasn’t deep, I meant the relationship only I knew about. ” But God wait o, why must I be different? Why can’t I just be like any other guy? Why can’t I just have a trust worthy and loving girlfriend like other guys?” I asked myself not knowing I had spoken it out loud, ” You know why?” Victedo who was on his book asked, ” Why?” I asked back, ” Because you are too simple. Look at you, you got all you want, the money, the height and to some extent, the face” he said laughing, I smiled. ” But girls don’t like guys who are too simple, girls want that big boy, that guy that can dress up to impress the ladies, you should understand what am talking about mehnnn” Victedo said laughing, thank God Matt wasn’t around that evening, he would have detailed victedo’s points. ” See guy, any girl that will like me must like me like this o, I don’t like to be a big boy and I believe very soon, I will have a girl” I said, ” Keep hoping bro, God will provide” He said and returned to his book, just then my phone rang, talk more of the devil, Veronica. ” Hey Gabi” She greeted, ” Hi Vero” I greeted smiling, ” How are you doing now?” She asked, ” Am fine o, and you? ” I asked back, ” Am fine my dear” She said. ” Have you done that physics 212 assignment?” She asked, ” Yes, I have solved them” I answered, Victedo turned to me and smiled. ” Okay, please don’t forget to come early tomorrow dear, I haven’t done mine” She said, ” Hmm, okay o, have heard you” I told her and with that, she ended the call. ” Guy, don’t tell me you are going tomorrow” Victedo said immediately I dropped the call, ” Am I mad? Go where? Am not going o, I just gave her hope” I laughed, ” That’s my man ” Victedo also laughed. ” I was thinking you will be a fool to go” Victedo continued, ” You should trust me now, I no fit do that kind thing” I told him. ” What’s time now?” He changed the topic, ” 5:35pm” I answered checking my phone, ” Oboy, let’s stroll out now” he said standing up from his reading chair, ” Stroll to where?” I asked him, ” To sport complex or any other place where we can feel the cool breeze of the night” he told me. ” Okay now, let’s go ” I got up and put on my jacket, ” You can’t tell if we can even catch some girls” he added laughing, I simply hissed. We strolled to sport complex, luckily for us, we met some group of boys playing football, we gladly watched them play till about 6:30 when we decided to go home. ” Those boys can’t even play self” Victedo said as we entered our street, ” You can’t play either” I told him, ” As if you can play” He countered, ” I never said they didn’t play well” I told him . ” Victedo, can you see that girl? The one putting on a brown gown?” I asked him looking in the direction of a young girl who was walking towards us, “Yes , what about her?” He asked, ” That girl was in the same class with us during our pre-degree program” I told him, ” I never saw her o” He said looking directly at the girl who was looking at the ground as she walked, ” You don’t look at people like that” I told him, ” But she is beautiful o” He smiled, ” What’s her name?” He asked me, ” I only know her facially, we never spoke to each other before, I don’t know her name” I told him, ” she is beautiful” he said again as the girl passed us, ” Which department was she thrown to?” He asked , ” Guy, I said I don’t even know her name, how should I know her department?” I asked him back, ” Oh, sorry, I forgot you don’t know anything” He laughed and we walked back home in peace.

I was already in the bathroom early the next morning, the time was still about 6:00am. I rushed my bathing and dressed up for school . ” Gabi, don’t tell me you are going to school to give your assignment to Veronica after all you said yesterday?” Victedo asked getting up from his bed, ” Fool, the lecturer asked us to summit as early as 7:00 this morning, see the time is already 6:30″ I told him, ” Abeg rush o, before you won’t summit now and you will say am the one pursuing you from your village” He laughed, as I carried my school bag and hit the road. I got to school before 7:00 and headed towards basement not to summit the assignment but because that was where Veronica will always wait for me to bring my assignment to her, as a matter of fact, we are not to summit the assignment till 2:00pm that day. I met veronica sitting at our usual spot, ” Good morning Veronica ” I greeted her as I brought out my assignment and handed it to her, truly, love is something you can’t fight.


To be continued

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