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Waiting for her episode 7


Waiting For Her

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Episode: Episode 7


The rain continued to pour till about 9:00pm when it suddenly reduced. I hissed , ” She can’t come by this time” I said to myself as I placed my head on the table , I was angry. ” She will come next time bro” Matt laughed, Victedo was now sleeping. ” This rain ehen” I thought to myself as I hissed again. Suddenly I felt my phone vibrate and i looked up, it was ringing and the caller was Mitchell, I picked it up immediately. ” Please can you still come?” I asked her , ” Hmmm, only if you will come out to pick me o, am scared of the night” She said, ” That’s is not a problem now” I laughed happily, ” Where should I pick you?” I asked her, ” That hotel before your house” She said and I nodded, ” Just call me when you are coming” I told her, ” Am already coming oga” She shouted, ” Okay, on my way” I shouted as I took my favourite red jacket and put it on, the night was cold. I walked alone in my lonely street like a brave guy, but deep down inside me, I was praying that I shouldn’t encounter any danger. I got to the hotel and it was as noisy as it always was. I stood beside a pole waiting for her, I waited for about ten minutes later before I saw her coming with another guy, I walked towards them. ” Good Evening ” I shook hands with the guy and also with her. ” He is my house mate, I begged him to escort me here” She said, ” Ah, thank you Bros ” I shook hands with him again, ” Thank you so much” I said collecting her bag from her. ” Okay, Mitchell, I will be leaving now” The guy said and shook hands with me again, ” Okay, bye tony” She said to him and we began to walk towards my house. ” Is Veronica already in your place?” She asked me, ” No, she is not there” I said happily, ” Why? Let’s go to her house and pick her o” She said pulling me back, ” No, let’s leave her, she will come another day” I said hoping to convince her but mission impossible. ” No, we planned to come together, what will she say of Me if she finds out I came to your place alone ?” She asked , ” Please let’s go pick her, her house is not far” She pulled me harder. ” Okay” I obliged as I changed direction and together we went to Veronica’s house. Mitchell went in and called her out, ” Evening Veronica” I greeted coldly, ” Evening Gabriel” She answered as we all went to my house. We didn’t say much on the way , it would have been better if it was just Mitchell with me.


Matt was still awake when we got home, ” Good evening o” he greeted as he paid attention to the movie he was watching, he was probably surprised why there were two girls. None of the girls answered him and for a guy like Matt, he didn’t care. Victedo was still on the bed sleeping, he never jokes with his sleep. ” Why is your bag this heavy?” I asked her, ” I bought bread, milo and milk for the three of us to take tea” She said bringing out a roll of Milo, ” I don’t eat bread” I lied, ” And you shouldn’t have bothered about buying the Milo and Milk, I got provisions” I pointed to my kitchen, there was a tin of Milo and Milk there ( If I don’t eat bread, what was I doing with a tin of milk and Milo, cheap lie ) ” Who doesn’t eat bread?” She asked, ” Me doesn’t ” I answered smiling. ” Its a lie, the first time we met, I offered him biscuit and he lied that he doesn’t eat biscuit so that he won’t take it from me” Veronica put in smiling. Yeah, I forgot to tell you guys, she had come to my house about thrice before we quarreled, it was on one of those occasions that she gave me a kind of biscuit, I lied that I don’t eat biscuit. The truth is that I hate taking things from girls, I felt I should be the one giving them. ” Why are you lying? ” Mitchell asked me, ” Okay, I eat bread but not this type of bread” I explained. She only nodded and made tea, Veronica refused to make tea, she only ate bread. That night I taught them to the best of my ability and escorted them home the next morning.


That was how it began, Mitchell came to my house two more times with Veronica and then she started coming alone, we became close and the love for her started to grow in me. She also got close to Matt and Victedo. Myself with her always went to school together, she felt free sleeping over at my place and all was going well.


I also used to opportunity to teach her to the best of my ability, and i also tried to put her back on track since our exam was approaching, she would often call me the angel that God sent to help her, ” That’s why my name is Gabriel, angel Gabriel” I would always tell her and she would always laugh it out, I like it when she laughs ( like a witch)..


I don’t know how it was but at times I do feel she was trying to pass a message that I should date her, but you know man can’t be too sure and I never wanted to break our friendship. Matt and Victedo would always urge me to go ask her out before someone else does so but I would simply smile and answer ” if she is for me, even if someone else takes her, I will wait for her” . We got very close to each other and my friend Roman started to ask me funny questions, ” How is your girlfriend?” He would ask me anytime he sees me, ” She isn’t my girlfriend ” I would defend, Roman has a big mouth, if tell him she is my girlfriend, the rumour will spread around and that’s is obviously a false rumour.


One fateful day during our exams, she told me she was coming to my house as usual, she dark">promised to come and I believed she would. I waited patiently for her call of me to come and pick her but it never came, the time was after nine and I was getting worried. I called her but she wasn’t picking. ” Matt, am coming, I need to go look for this girl” I told Matt , ” wait, I will go with you” He said, ” What about me?” Victedo asked, ” Stay at home and watch over the food” I told him as I stormed out of the room in anger . I and Matt walked in the darkness of the night looking for a girl we don’t know her whereabout, we walked to her house and stopped at her gate, it Was locked. “Let’s go back” I told Matt, ” how are you sure this girl is fine?” matt asked, ” By God grace, she is fine” I said as my phone vibrated, it was Veronica calling, she has been calling all day to ask questions about the next day’s paper, ” Vero, am busy now, will call you later” I told her in a rush, she only hissed and put an end to the call. I went back home With Matt feeling uneasy, I could now be seen shaking. I jumped on the bed immediately I entered the room, ” We didn’t see her” I told Victedo, the time was now about 10:,00pm. Matt walked into the kitchen to dish himself some food when he suddenly ran back to the room, ” I heard a strange sound from the window” He shouted as he held tight to the door, ” Which strange Sound?” I asked looking towards the window, I saw nothing, Suddenly there was a loud strange laugh.

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