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Waiting for her episode 8


Waiting For Her

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Episode: Episode 8


I sprang up immediately and adjusted myself to the other side of the bed not facing the window, ” Come and open the main door for me jare” Mitchell shouted from the window, I breathed in relief as I took the key to the main compound door and went out to open it. She came in smiling to me but I didn’t smile back, ” Good evening Gabi” she greeted me, ” Good evening” I simply answered and went into the room. ” Matt, so you can fear like this?” She laughed as she came into the room, ” My sister, man must be careful o” Matt answered, ” Mitchell welcome ” Victedo greeted, ” Victor, how far?” She asked him, but no reply came back, just a nod. I took to one of the reading tables in our room, she sat on the second one opposite me, a table was separating us. ” This one you are squeezing your face like this, hope no problem?” She asked, ” No problem” I replied coldly as Matt and Victedo went to take their food from the kitchen. ” Where is Gabi’s food? ” she asked them, ” Its in the kitchen” Matt answered, ” Go and eat now” she told me, ” Not hungry yet” I replied her and opened my textbook. ” Let’s start” I told her, on a normal day, I won’t teach her until we have talked and play for a long time, ” Ah, With this your face like this, I can’t learn o” she told me and I closed the book, ” What’s wrong with you now? ” she shouted this time, ” You started this first o, once I start my own, dont just think of getting upset” She said and opened her book, I didn’t still answer her. ” Is it because I came late, see, it’s because I have to cook at home and arrange the house, am sorry” She begged but yet, I didn’t still answer. By now, Victedo who was behind us was ready signalling to me to forgive her and talk to her, Matt was only smiling, he was the only one who understood what was happening to me. I and Matt had been together since secondary school, he is my best friend and he know a lot about me. He knows it is a safety measure when I keep shut whenever I am angry, I happen to be a stammer and when I force myself to talk when I am angry, I find it hard to bring the words out and I might end up slapping whosoever got me angry, if its happens to be a boy, it might result into a fight and if its a girl, she might end up crying which I won’t like. So you see, its a safety measure to keep shut when Mitchell was busy interrogating me, that was the reason why Matt was smiling anger giving me thumbs up. ” Gabriel so you don’t want to talk to me bah, am going to my house, please what’s the time?” She asked Matt, I didn’t say anything, Matt interceded for me. ” Please don’t go, he is only angry because you came late, he was scared so I think he is trying to recover” Matt told her, ” Is this how he does whenever he is angry?” She asked him staring from me to him and from him to me. ” Don’t mind him jare” Matt said with a wave of hand, she turned to face me. ” Stop this now” She said. Now, Matt was no longer giving me thumbs up, he was now frowning , I only smiled, there was nothing I could do about my temper. ” Just know that you started this, when u start mine, don’t just think of getting angry” She shouted again flinging her book open, ” Let’s start” She said and I nodded as I opened my textbook. ” Where did we stop last?” I asked calmly, ” Wow, so you can even talk?” She asked rhetorically, I kept mute. ” I don’t like this o” She said , and then let out a long hiss. ” Where did we stop last?” I asked again, ” Dont teach me again, if you want to use this type of voice, just ask me questions” She said and I nodded. I asked her about ten questions and she got only two, ” And you are even smiling, out of ten, you got just two” I said , I was now angry again. ” I haven’t read them all, I am trying ” She laughed, ” Keep shut jare, you are not encouraging ” I shouted in anger and hissed, ” I am trying” She said in a cracked voice and that was it, she was crying.

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