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We got married episode 1


We got married
By: queen nikky
“ the mansion is heavily guarded you won’t succeed ” Primo told me as we lay on the bed together. Little Jay is on the cot sleeping and dreaming of his own wonderland.
I ignored what Primo just said and went to the drawer for my mask and a small relaxer container. Dropping the mask on the bed I opened the relaxer container which contains a white substance.

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“ Well Primo you may have taught me how to be heartless because you are my cousin but there’s something I know more better than you ”

“ and that is? ” he ask very curious to know what is inside the container.

“ how and ways to kill ” I replied and I covered the container sitting down on the bed again.

“ Bolanle but you’ve never killed before ” he said with a sigh but I just smile as I wear my boots and grab my mask again.

“ hey you should have seen Favour’s face when I stabbed her neck with that bottle I mean it was so lovely ” I said with a cute smile before turning to see his expression which I loved actually.

“ are we keeping secrets now? ” he managed to say getting out of his shock.

“ you never asked ” I replied fixing my mask perfectly and I hear him just chuckle behind me just proud of his little sister.

“ if I may ask what is inside that container? ” finally he did

“ well a special type of weapon I got from a friend ” I answered pulling my makeup box. I did the make up perfectly and I brush the wig and glue it to it’s place I turned and cousin can’t seem to recognize me.

“ Bolanle I think you should be careful.. you know the.. ”

“ I know Primo but not even my mother will recognize me tonight and nothing can stop me ” I opened the container again and rub the substance on my thumb really well.
I must get my revenge tonight or never.

“ but don’t you think you should take it easy you know the….” before he could complete his statement I’m already out like a flash.
3hours later
The room is dark except for the light that flickers on and off, the body on the floor stirs as it struggle with the rope and here I come in my real appearance like the devil ? itself. A long flowing gown looks so elegant on me with my long fixed weave that reach my back.

He struggles a little more and I remove the gag

“ who are you? And why are you doing this to me? ” he cried and that makes me laugh I cut the rope and he just lay like that unable to move again.

“ don’t worry you are paralyzed from the waist down you won’t be able to move for some moments ” I said lighting a cigarette.
“ Bolanle? ” he said with fear in his voice finally recognizing the devil in front of him smiling and using a knife to draw out some pattern on his face without cutting him.

“ don’t worry Kanmi I just wanna play you know the kind of game you’ve been playing ever since we got married ” I said stopping the knife on his neck and cutting him slightly. I lick the blood and from the corner of my eye I can see the horror on his face.
“ come to think of it Kanmi today is our tenth wedding anniversary won’t we celebrate? ” I said cutting deeper.

Chapter 1 (Kanmi my love)
“ come to think of it Kanmi today is our tenth wedding anniversary won’t we celebrate? ” I said cutting deeper.

“ Bolanle please don’t kill me? Please ” i grinned looking at how tears started flowing from his eyes like a new River and his voice is suddenly gone too. I mean that bass voice that use to turn me on is suddenly becoming tiny lol.

“ Kanmi and na man you be o why you dey sweat like this? And you dey cry too omo you fall my hand ”

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I sat down on a sofa beside him with my cigarettes still burning I took a long puff and I let it out almost immediately.

“ I still love you Bolanle ” he said between sobs and I scoff lighting another cigarette.

“ love? Seriously Kanmi? Love? You ruined my life with your love! now I want to ask you just one question ” I said crossing my legs still enjoying the sweet taste of my cigarettes.

I thought I married the love of my life not knowing I married the devil’s Younger brother. I watched him as he cried harder but my ice cold heart won’t even let me think about his tears I mean they are nothing, nothing but lies politicians lies a lot don’t they?

“ I heard you lost your senatorial election? ” I asked him but his mind is too far away to answer me at all. I don’t blame him though judging from the type of person Kanmi is many things will be running on his mind right now like a wild fire.
I don’t want anybody to judge me or tell me what I’m doing is wrong or something. I was never like this before, never a psychopath until we got married. Until you listen to my story you have no right to judge me.

Before I start my story my full name is Adebolanle Olaosebikan I hail from a little town in ogbomosho but as I get older my family moved to Ibadan where they start a profitable business. I won’t say I came from a rich family or an average family just in between. My father works with politicians while my mom own a very big supermarket in the heart of Ogunpa, a very big market in Ibadan.

I lost my father at the age of twelve in an incident I don’t wish to remember. My mom was the saddest then because she wished she had another child apart from me but that dream ended when my father died. Being the only child exposed me to some beneficial things that would shape my future.

After the death of my father my mother had to move to a more quiet Area in Ibadan to protect us. She retire and left her shop in the hands of her elder sister just to look after me and make sure she didn’t lose the only family she have.

Well, four years later in this new Area I’m still trying to fit in because it’s too quiet for my liking. I rarely go out, if I’m not chatting with my mum I’ll be doing my assignments or preparing for exams. Until one night my mom sent me an errand then I met this guy.

I was wearing a very short gown and I carried one of my handbags where I kept the money meant for the errand.

“ hey ” I heard someone called behind me thinking it’s one of the unserious guys that use to disturb girls in my Area I walked faster and faster but he catch up actually.
I couldn’t see his face properly but I could make out in my mind that he is d–n handsome. He grab my hand to stop me then my heart started beating faster from fear.

“ you dropped this ”
His voice is the most manly and s£xy voice I’ve ever heard, so deep but gentle I can’t even think straight after hearing his voice. Don’t mind me this is the first time I’ve ever been close to a Guy so that explains the effect he is having on me. Something caught my eyes and that snapped me away from my dream Land the handkerchief he is holding Jesus Christ! That’s the same handkerchief I use to wrap the money my mother gave me.

I did drop it carelessly and that’s why he is following me gosh I feel bad a little. I collect it from him and I mutter my thanks before opening our gate and dashed inside. The incident still playing in my head, I’m thankful to him though if not for him my mom would just kill me tonight.

I told my mom I didn’t meet the person at home which is obviously a lie I was running away from the strange guy that I found myself on my way home again. I said my goodnight and enter my room before my mom can ask any question I lock my door quickly.

Finally got a chance to calm myself, my mind flash to the guy again I felt bad for misunderstanding him thank God I didn’t make a scene. He is my savior.

The next morning I woke up feeling lazy my mum is gone she told me she want to visit her elder sister in Ogunpa three days ago and she will leave early. And now here I am alone in the big house not feeling like doing anything. I stand up reluctantly thank God I’m no more going to school. I picked the broom and started sweeping the surroundings wondering why my mom had to build a house so big which I hated because of cleaning I miss our old house.

After cleaning I took my bath and I wore my pyjamas again obviously no plan to leave the house today. About to fix myself a wonderful five course meal when I heard a knock on our gate. But why would my mom return so early I asked myself dragging myself from the kitchen to open the gate for my mom or whoever it is. Turns out to be my friend from the other street.

I miss Esther actually but I’m too lazy to think about visiting her actually but here she is. I ushered her in and she start with her normal gists well nice having her around I’m d–n bored. After cooking we both eat and I had to tell her about my mysterious helper.

She asked if I like him I denied it but she didn’t press further which I am thankful for. After watching three movies together my mom is still not back yet. Esther said she is leaving I should see her off. I changed into something better and I lock the front door dropping the key at our secret place.

I just close the gate since I’m not going somewhere far, after saying goodbye to Esther, I saw a familiar figure, he saw me too and he left his friends and came to meet me. I don’t even know if I should start running or say hi I just stood there like a statue.

He greeted me and I respond with low voice.

“ thanks ” I mutter

“ for what? ” he asked.

“ yesterday you saved me from being beaten ” I said scratching my head.

“ it’s okay my name is Olakanmi and you? ” he introduced himself properly and I told him my name. Kanmi the man that will later destroy me with his own definition of love

To be continued….
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