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SEASON 2–Episode 19

Ebere was led into the Hut where Ulumma’s body lay. She opened the cloth used in covering the body and indeed it was Ulumma’s.

“Oh No.. Oh no.. Oh, my sister cannot die like that!! No.. I can’t let Ajonwa go Scott free.. Neverrrr”Ebere screamed as she ran out of the Hut and out of the Palace like an insane woman.

“Follow her.. Make sure she doesn’t hurt herself!!”King Afam instructed 2 guards who ran after her.

Ebere ran to Agbala Shrine and met Nworie sitted in front of the shrine looking so sad and forlorn.

“Nworie.. Tell me exactly what led to the death of my sister. Where is Ajonwa right now?”Ebere asked

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“My Queen, I don’t know of her whereabouts..”Nworie replied

Ebere was really angry and her eyes were red in annoyance. She scattered her hair and threw her royal beads away.
“I swear by the gods.. Ajonwa, I will find you and I will kill you”She said slowly.
Then she opened her right palm slowly, said something into it and then intently looked at it for some minutes before laughing wickedly.
“I know where she is”She said to Nworie and before he could even reply, she dashed out fast into the thick bushes while the guard followed her.
Nworie thought for a while and followed her too.


Ajonwa was tired from running. She was already at the boundary between Umuozara and the other next village.
“Let me rest for a while before I continue.. Ndi mmiri is still far from here” She sat down under an Ukwa tree for a while before she went into the bush to look for any fruit to eat..


Ebere was running frantically and seem not to be tired. The guards and Nworie following her were already tired.

“My Queen, where are we going to?”Nworie asked..

Ebere looked and looked at them. She wasn’t even out of breathe after running for that long. “Am going to face Ajonwa once and for all. She must pay for causing me this pain. She must pay for killing my dearest sister. If you people are tired, you can go back.. This fight is my fight”Ebere said and dashed out.

Nworie was surprised. He couldn’t believe this was the weak Ebere he had heard about. “Ulumma u were right..”He muttered to himself, then ran after her.

They got to the boundary that separated Umuozara from the next village and Ebere stopped.
She sniffed around slowly like a dog.. Then looked into her right palm again and smiled then started walking into a part of the bush. All these while, Nworie and the guards kept quiet and was just looking at her from behind.

Ebere walked into the bush and the rest followed. Lo and behold, there stood Ajonwa under a cashew tree chewing cashew hungrily.

“Eat to your fill because it will be your last”Ebere said

Ajonwa jolted from her position and threw the cashew away looking intently at Ebere before she bursted into a loud laughter.
“You? You this weak woman!!”She clapped her hands and laughed the more. “So they brought you.. Ebere to fight me? Ulumma failed in killing me and you think you can do more than her? Oh! Very funny”Ajonwa laughed the more.

Ebere kept a straight face and walked to the laughing Ajonwa then held her neck with her right hand..White smoke was coming out from her hand as she kept choking Ajonwa who was growing weaker and weaker and then fell on the ground. Ebere didn’t stop.. She bent down and kept choking Ajonwa with all her powers till she was sure she was dead.

“Thanks be to the gods, the evil child is dead!!”The guards exclaimed in relief.
Ebere stood up and stretched her palm forward to one of the guard like she wanted to collect something from him.

“What is it my Queen?”He asked

“Your sword.. Give me your sword”She commanded

The perplexed guard immediately handed over his sword to her and she lifted it up and cut Ajonwa’s head away from her body.. The head rolled away while the body kept convulsing and bleeding from the neck before it finally stopped.
Now Ajonwa was dead for real!!
Nworie and the rest watched all these in awe.

“That is for the death of my sister and the Salvation of the Land..”Ebere said before walking away.
The guards marvelled as they went into the bush to get banana leaves to wrap both the body and the uprooted head.

All these while, Anyanwu had been in the bush watching!! He had secretly followed them from the Palace to the shrine and then to the place where Ajonwa was killed. He didn’t show himself because he was scared that Ajonwa would kill him.


Ebere went into the Palace and straight to the throne room where she was sure her husband would be. She had bloodstains all over her.
“My love, what’s with all the bloodstains.. Hope you didn’t hurt yourself”

Ebere only bursted into tears. King Afam didn’t understand but he didn’t want to bother her further so he went over to console her.
Few minutes later, the guards followed by Nworie and Anyanwu who had at last shown himself came into the throne room with the body and head of Ajonwa.

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“My king, the evil child is dead.. killed by our own Queen”One of the guard said excitedly.

King Afam smiled in satisfaction as he opened the leaves and beheld the dead body and head..

“Follow me.. I want to show this to my sister..”Ebere told the guards and started walking into the Hut where Ulumma’s body had been embalmed and kept.

They got into the Hut and Ebere knelt beside the body and started weeping. “Ulumma please wake up. Wake up and see that our worse nightmare has been defeated. I killed her by myself for your sake.. Please wake up because the battle is over.. Wake up”She put her head on the corpse cold chest and cried bitterly.
Suddenly, she felt the cold hands of Ulumma hold her back patting her..
Ebere jumped up in fear.. “Did.. Did.. You.. See.. That..??”She stammered as she pointed to the corpse.

“What?”King Afam asked

“She held me.. The dead body of my sister held me”Ebere said frightfully looking from Nworie to the guards and then to her husband.

“I knew you’d do it.. I knew you would kill Ajonwa but you just needed little whyning and ginger”The voice laughed
It was Ulumma’s voice as she stood up and threw away the white wrapper used in covering her..

The guards ran out of the Hut in fear while Ebere ran behind her husband shivering in fear.
King Afam and Nworie smiled

“You told me.. I didn’t believe it but now I do..”Nworie said



Adaugo, Omasili and Uju knelt in front of their Husband and the Umunna.
“Please Nnanyi, We are sorry”Omasili cried

“We promise never to fight anymore”Uju said

“From today henceforth, we will be of good conduct”Adaugo cried

“You all have promised me this several countless times without numbers but I see no change in you”Ndulue said..

“we swear by the gods, this time it is true”they chorused


After Ndulue and the Umunna had sent them packing, they cried and conveyed under a shade somewhere around the house to discuss their downfall
“Why have we been quarrelling and fighting?”Uju asked

“I don’t even know.. Now look at what has befallen us, who will ever marry divorced women?”Omasili said as tears dropped from her eyes

“I am a disgrace to my parents. My father will kill me if dare step my foot in his house”Adaugo said

“Yours is better. I that is just newly married without a child and now divorced.. No man will ever take me in as a wife”Uju lamented

Finally, they concluded to go back and plead with the Umunna and their husband. They had gone there twice to plead but Ndulue paid deaf ears to them.. And this third time, they decided to invite the umunnas to help them.


The Umunnas pleaded with Ndulue to give them a last chance and Ekemma too begged Ndulue.
finally, he accepted to give them the very last chance..
The women jumped up and hugged each other thanking the Umunna and Ekemma for helping them.

SEASON 2–Episode 20 (FINALE)


After Ajonwa ran away from the shrine, Ulumma and Nworie ran after her but while searching for her, Ulumma stopped and spoke to Nworie.

“Even if we find her, what do we do with her?”She asked

“Take her to the King.. You suggested earlier”Nworie replied

“And what would the King do with her?”Ulumma asked again

Nworie became confused “I don’t understand where your question is going to.. So be explicit about it”

“OK.. What am trying to say is that, it is not in our hands to kill Ajonwa. I don’t have the powers neither do you or even the king. If we find her, she will still find a way of escape because the prophecy says ‘the umbrella would defeat the evil child’ so apparently, we would be wasting our time if we keep chasing her because it is not our job”She explained

“So what do we do?”Nworie asked

“OK.. It’s simple, we should leave the job for the one who has the power.. Ebere.. Ebere should be here searching for her and not us”

“Now I get you. But seriously, I and you know Ebere very well. She is too weak and I sometimes marvel at the choice of the gods but who am I to argue with them?”

“That is the more reason we should help her fulfil her destiny”Ulumma said

“Now you’re confusing me. First you said we should leave the job for her and now, you’re saying we should help her. Biko Ulumma egbunam na! (Plz Ulumma, don’t kill me na!)”He said totally confused now

Ulumma laughed. “What am saying is that we should push her into doing it. Like make her do it..”

“I know you already have a plan. So what is it?”

“anger.. Anger can make a person do what he or she doesn’t want to do. Anger brings out the demon in a person.”

“So we should look for something to make Ebere very angry so she be forced to kill Ajonwa?”Nworie asked

“Exactly!”Ulumma snapped her fingers

There was silence for a while. Each thinking of what could possibly make Ebere so angry and furious as to hunt Ajonwa and kill her.

“I’ve got an idea”Ulumma Smiled..”The death of someone close to her could make her so angry. I know my sister so very much. She loves her family above herself and would not hesitate to deal with anyone who dares hurt them”

“So who could that be?”

“Me.. I’d fake my death”

“Hmm.. So how do we go about it?”Nworie asked

“We’ll make it real.. Make them believe it”

“You mean you want Ajonwa to kill you for real?”Nworie asked wide-eyed

“She has no powers anymore but am very sure she has other plans and we must be 3 steps ahead of her. I know her very well.. She’s smart and super sensitive. Am sure she has other ways of retaliating”

Nworie thought for a while
“I’d give you something that would serve as a mask against physical attack, either knife or any sharp object or even fist combat. It would make you pass out during the attack but you will never die. It’d prolong your chances of survival till you are treated”

“Amazing..”Ulumma said happily

“Nku gave it to me before I left his place. I’m very sure it is for this purpose.”Nworie smiled as he led the way to the shrine.


“So.. That was how it happened”Ulumma explained.

Ebere was still in shock. as she listened to the narration.
“My husband doesn’t look like he’s surprised. Is he aware?”Ebere asked looking from her husband to Nworie and Ulumma

“Of course I am aware. Nworie and Ulumma told me of the plan and made me break the news to the villagers to make it more real”Afam laughed.

“I’m shocked”Ebere exclaimed

Nworie and Ulumma laughed
“Biko someone should get me a bucket of warm water let me take my bath.. I’m so cold”

“So how was it possible for your body to be this cold?”Ebere asked

Ulumma laughed “The Village embalmer was aware of the plan too. He knew what exactly to do to make me feel like a dead body”

“May the gods forbid. You will never die”Ebere ran to embrace her sister as they both she tears
“You don’t know how I felt when I thought u were dead. I felt so useless and empty. Please don’t ever play that expensive prank again!”Ebere queried

“We wouldn’t have cause to make any prank anymore. The tormentor is gone and gone for life..”Ulumma smiled and they embraced each other again.

“Let’s go and announce my resurrection from dead to Nne. I heard she almost killed herself” Ulumma laughed.

“My Princess, I am so happy that at last all these is over. Am happier that you didn’t die”Anyanwu spoke up for the very first time.

Ulumma only smiled “Now Anyanwu, I want you to go back to Ndi Mmiri. You and Ogoli should make things right in that Land..”

“But what about you my Princess? ain’t you coming back to take the throne?”

“No No.. Am not interested in the throne. Matter-of-fact, am not even a bonafide child of that land so I don’t even deserve the throne. I want you and Ogoli to rule the Land. Make sure you don’t go back to the ways of wickedness.”

“I promise you Princess..”

Ulumma nodded.

“One more thing my Princess, I would need the body of Ajonwa as a sign to my people that she has truly been defeated”Anyanwu requested

Ulumma looked at Ebere and King Afam and they nodded in approval.
“OK. You are free to take the body”

“Thank you alot”..

And so..
Nworie’s coronation as the Chief Priest of Umuozara took place with Ulumma beside him as his wife.


From afar, the strange child appeared smiling then suddenly changed into Onu-agbala.
“Now I can finally rest in peace knowing that I didn’t fail my people”
He then disappeared


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