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Web of love episode 1 – 2



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Episode 1

Aisha watched her friend and room mate as she laid helplessly on the bed looking pale and weak. She know she is very sick but yet she refused to go to the hospital. She hates hospital.
“Halimah, don’t you think you need to go and see a doctor? you look very weak and I am scared. What if something bad happened? I should probably call home. ” Aisha said to her friend who shook her head and plead with her friend not to call her parents about her sickness. She is their only child and she know how worried they would be.
“Then, we have to go to the hospital. What if it is something serious?”
“Come on, stop being paranoid. It is only malaria, the woman at the chemist said so. Her drugs will work ins sha Allah.” Halimah said to put her friend’s mind at rest.

They have been best of friends since childhood, no one could explain how their friendship started probably because they have the same interest or probably have the same point of view about life. But were from kano but gained admission into the university of ilorin to study accounting and Finance. They were lucky to get hostel in their first and second year in the school but they were not so lucky in their third year, they had to look for an accommodation off campus. They got a bedroom flat which was well furnished courtesy of Aisha’s Uncle who lives in ilorin as well. He would have let them stay with him but his small apartment can hardly accommodate his wives and kids.
Halimah is the only child of his parents and her parents make sure she lack nothing. Her parents make sure she memorised the whole quran before she gained admission and are looking forward to her getting married and start her own family as well.
Aisha is the tenth child of twenty one children and she is going to be the first female graduate of her father’s children. It is a wonder why her father developed interest in her getting a degree.
Both girls even though were not under any supervision they make sure they live their lives according to the Quran and Sunnah, every students in their department envy their lifestyle and intelligence.
Were they able to continue with this lifestyle before their convocation?

Episode 2

Halimah hummed a tone as she waited for the water to filled up the bucket. The tap was not running in their apartment. Aisha isn’t back from school and she need to cook for her. It’s close to magrib and she wanted to get everything done before the time for prayer.

She hates cooking in the dark. She still feel tired and weak and she had even started considering going to the hospital. She can’t go on with self medication, she said to herself. She had missed a lot in school and exams is around the corner. She really need to take care of her health.

“Sister, your bucket is full.” she heard a male voice beside her. “Oh, thanks. ” she said, stopped the tap from running and tried to carry her bucket but the man stopped her and volunteered to help her out.

She accepted the offer immediately, she is too weak to carry the bucket. She didn’t even bother to look at him. She hardly interact with the neighbours unlike Aisha who is everybody ”s friend. “Why is your tap not running?” he asked and dropped the bucket in front of her apartment.

“It’s faulty. ” Halimah said. “I will contact a plumber to help.” he said and she nodded, she was about to enter the her room with the bucket of water, when the voice said again.

Sorry sis, my name is Ade,. My apartment is the two flats away from the left.” Ade said and Halimah nodded then take a look at him for the first time but only for a second.

“My name is Halimah., thanks for the assistance.” she said and was about to take in the bucket when dizziness over powered her and she fell, Ade was very surprise and scared at the same time. He moved to her and sprinkle some water on to her face wondering why has she fainted, probably she is pregnant, he thought.

Halimah opened her eyes for a start and wonder where she was, then she remembered how she fainted. “Subuanallah! ” she muttered under her breath and realised her friend Aisha was sitting beside her bed.

“Aisha, ” Halimah called, Aisha looked at her friend and smiled. “Alihamdulilah Halimah, how are you doing now? ” Aisha said. “Where am i?” Halimah asked and Aisha told her how she got home just in time. “You fainted and Ade and I had to rush you to the hospital. We were very scared. ” Aisha said to her, she is happy, her friend is now at the hospital receiving medical attention.

Ade knocked and waited for an answer. The door opened and Aisha was surprised to see him.

“Hello Ade, ” Aisha said smiling at him.

“How is your friend doing?” he asked, Aisha opened the door wide and let him enter the house. It was his first time in the apartment. Halimah was sitting on the floor, writing some of her notes.

She stopped what she was doing when she saw him. “I can see you are now doing very well. Hope you are taking your drugs?” he asked and Halimah nodded before she thanked him for everything that he has done for her. It was after she left the hospital that her friend told her he paid the hospital bills. “Come on, what are friends for?” he said, he chatted with them for a while before he left.

“I think this man is becoming too friendly.” Halimah said to her friend. “I think he likes you.” Aisha said.

“Stop that nonsense. Just help me warn your friend not to come here again. We don’t take male visitors. ” Halimah said to Aisha who nodded sarcastically and they returned to their school work.

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To be continue

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