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Web of love episode 3 – 4



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Episode 3

Aisha opened the door to their apartment and was surprised to see Ade in with Halimah.
What can this man be looking this man be looking for again?” Aisha asked herself, she forced out a smile and went into the bedroom. She could hear Halimah’s laughter from the living room, she wondered what they were talking about. How can a man and a woman can be suddenly so intimate within a short while. She had noticed some changes in Halimah. She is always chatting with him and sometimes rush home to talk with him.
Halimah is a very shy person not outspoken but when she likes you, you become her friend for life.
Aisha sighed as she heard Ade calling out on her. She stood up,use her khimar and went into the living room.
“Good night and safe journey back home. Wishing you a lovely vacation. ” he said and left.
” I cant wait to be back in Kano. I had missed home so much.” Halimah said and removed her khimar while Aisha did the same and sat down on the mat.
“Alihamdulilah, now a final year student.” Aisha said
“Ins sha Allah. I prepared a pot of jollof rice.” Halimah said to her friend who looked at her with question in her eyes.
“What is it? ” Halimah asked.
“Why is that guy here? I thought you said we don’t welcome male visitors into the house. ” Aisha said raising an eyebrow.
“He only come to bade us a good bye.” Halimah said and went into the bathroom to perform salah.

Halimah placed the bowl of snacks in front of her father and his friends and left as fast as she could. She find it difficult to stare into anyone’s face.
“Alhaji, who is that?” Alhaji Ahmed asked Halimah’s father who smiled.
“That is Halimah, my daughter. I can’t believe you can’t recognise her.” Alhaji Jamil who is Halimah ‘s father said.
“Ma sha Allah, she has really grown.” Alhaji Ahmed said
“Alihamdulilah, is she not in her final year? ” Alhaji Ahmed asked with interest.
“Why this sudden interest Alhaji. Don’t tell me you want to marry her?” Alhaji Ibrahim asked
“Which of your wife will you divorce?” Alhaji Ali asked, for Alhaji has four wives already and he will need to divorce one of his wife to get married to another according to Shariah.
“Come on, I am an old man. I like your daughter, I will like you to consider her marrying my Son Abubakar.” Alhaji Ahmed said. Abubakar is his only son of sixteen children and the the third child. He had been in the United States since he was sixteen and he is still there for he has a company to his name over there.
“Ma sha Allah, Alhaji, Abubakar is a very nice and religious boy. I will like him for my daughter, but you will need to give me some time to discuss it with her. She is going back to school next weekend.” Halimah’s father said and Alhaji Ahmed told him not to tell for now that he should discuss the the issue with Abubakar first.
“Yes, that is good. She has her school projects on her mind now.” Alhaji Jamil said, it has always been his wish to get her married to a religious and responsible man and he has known Abubakar since he was a child. He believed he is the best for her.

Episode 4

Ade is the first of three kids, his kid sisters are twins and not identical in anything, both facially and acts. They are just twins. Ade is from Oyo state, a western part of the country, he works in one of the commercial banks in ilorin.
He is a very reserved person and loves his mother so much. She is his best friend. The first time he saw Halimah, he was taken away by her beauty, he had never met such a beauty before, yet she had no make up or a revealing garments. He decided to move closer to her and be made Aisha his friend. Unlike Halimah who hardly interact with anyone in the compound, Aisha is outspoken and everyone knows and like her. His respect grew when he learnt both girls are the overall best in their department and Halimah is even the best in their faculty.
“So much brain under that hijab.” he usually say to himself. Now that he is slowly finding way into her heart, she must definitely be his.

“Subuanallah! Halimah, what did you just said? He want to marry you? ” Aisha said and turned sharply towards her friend.
“Yes, I am equally surprise as well. ” Halimah said.
“Halimah. You are surprised? Why will you be? You gave him so much chance! Why will you do such a thing with a man you can’t marry.” Aisha said
“Why can’t I marry him? I think I like him. I didn’t give an answer because I don’t want to be in an illegal relationship with him. If he want to marry me, he should go through the normal channel.” Halimah said why Aisha shook her head.
“Ade is a Christian for Allah sake! Do you think your Dad will give his consent?” Aisha said trying hard not to raise her voice.
“I know Aisha, that is why I am confused. He is a good man. I will perform an instikharah.” Halimah said while Aisha looked on her and said istikharah is only allowed for Muslims alone so you don’t need to do it because is shaitan doing, then Halimah start to wonder on what step she must take avert this from happening.
“Auzubillah minas shaitoni rojeem.” she said, because she know it is definitely shaitan doing.

Hummmm, Halimah is in love!

To be continued

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