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Web of love episode 5



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Episode 5

“Salamualykum, Abubakar said as he entered the apartment. He was home early because his Dad was around.
“Walaykumsalam waramotullah, Abubakar, how are you?” his father said and watched him sit.
“Hope you have eaten?” Abubakar asked his dad who nodded and told him how his housekeeper had prepared something delicious for him.
“Yes, he is a very hard working young man and a devoted Muslim too. His name is Muslim.” Abubakar told his father who nodded.
“It is very late, let me go and sleep , we can talk tomorrow ins sha Allah, since it’s weekend.” his father said and left for his room.
“Salamualykum sir, Abubakar’s heard his housekeeper’s voice and replied his greetings, he looked up and saw the young man standing in front of him. He is in his late twenties.
“How was your day sir?” Muslim asked still on his feet.
“Alihamdulilah, I told you to stop calling me sir, it make me look older than I really am.” Abubakar said, he just turn thirty and yet people look at him with so much respect and regard, probably because of his wealth but he didn’t really like it.
“Let me continue with that Sir. You are the boss. I just come over to say Salam, I want to go and sleep. ” Muslim said and left to go in.
The next morning, Alhaji Ahmed woke up, and looked at the time, it was ten in the morning, he then remembered he had slept off again immediately after Subhi prayer. He was so tired. He stood up and went out of his room, he was surpise to see Barbara, a lady he had warned his son against. The young lady was surprise to see him.
“What ”s up pa?” Barbara said smiling, she know how much the man dislike her, but he is going to become her father in law after all, and she is quite aware how much Abubakar loves his father.
“I don’t know you are around, I think I should better get going.” Barbara said immediately she saw the hard stare on Alhaji’s face.

Abubakar entered the living room and was surprised not to see Barbara.
“Where is she? ” Abubakar asked and just looking at his Dad, he understood it all.
“Dad, why do you send her away again? She is going to be my wife Dad.” Abubakar said and sat down looking at his father.
“Abubakar! Have you learn nothing from the Quran and Sunnah?” he asked his son.
“Barbara is gradually understanding Islam and will be a Muslim very soon. It is just a gradual process.”
Abubakar said.
“She will be a Muslim very soon? Is she going to be a Muslim because of you or for the sake of Allah?” he asked his son.
“Sea Abubakar, you are my son and I want your happiness. I am not against you marrying her because of her colour or race. If you must marry a non Muslim, there are a lot of things that have to be considered. Even if she become a Muslim, her intention has to be considered as well. I am not asking you to get married tomorrow. I want you to be happy, you need to get married to a very good woman not just any random woman.” his father explained
“So, what are you getting at Dad!” Abubakar asked and listened to his father who explained to him about finding a girl for him back home.
“Her father is my friend and she is a very nice girl, you will surely like her.” his father explained
“Hummmm, so Dad, that is why you don’t want me to marry Barbara right? Because of your Hausa girl isn’t it?” Abubakar asked amused.
“Not that son. You can marry anyone Allah wishes for you. This girl is going to graduate from the university soon. She is a very good and devoted Muslimah. She has every qualities a man want in a woman. Just think it over son. I will like to go out for a walk.” he said and left without saying a word.
As much as Abubakar loves obeying his father but he find it very difficult to take in. Having been in the United states for almost fifteen years, he has come to understand and appreciated independence. How can he obey his father and go ahead to marry a woman he did not want just because his father told him so?
“Auzubillahi minas shaitini rojim.” he said under his breath, he knows what exactly what he must do.

How will Halimah take this issue as well especially now that she is in love.

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