Wedding Of My Ex


Aaron A.A

Chris parks his car behind two cars in his driveway. One of the cars is for Steve.
The other one is for Effe. Chris gets out of the car. He begins to limp towards the front door.
Okay, Effe. Good you’re here. Now you’re going to tell me WHY! Nothing else … just WHYYYY!
His front door is not locked, and he enters living-room, and then he stops dead with a shock so great that he has to hold unto the wall to stop himself from passing out on the floor.
Chris trembles, and his legs wobble. His eyes open wide, and his mouth gapes.
The lights are off, but the television is on, with muted sound, and it illuminates the floor clearly.
Effe is lying on the floor, mo-ning, and Steve is lying on top of her.
Steve is wearing only his boxers. Effe is fully clothed, but the buttons of her shirt are undone.
Steve is k-ssing her neck passionately. Lying on the floor are two empty glasses, a can of beer, and an empty box of non-alcoholic fruit drink.
Chris leans his head back until the dizziness clears, and then he reaches up and flicks on the lights, bathing the living-room with white light.
Steve jack-knifes off Effe, and wh¡ps his head round with shock.
When he sees Chris, his face crumples with acute shock. He jumps to his feet, walks forward, and drops to his knees in front of Chris.
Tears fall down his face immediately. Effe is still lying on the floor, looking up at Chris with a pained face.
She rolls unto her stomach, and then her body begins to shake uncontrollably with tears. Steve, still on his knees, reaches out and grabs Chris’ leg.
(in a voice shattered with pain and remorse)
Oh, God, Chris! Please forgive me, I beg of you. I was drunk when she came in. God, man, when I told her you called that you wouldn’t be in tonight, she came on to me, man. She told this wild story about needing a lot of money for some shit, that she’s always fancied me. I was very drunk, man, though that’s no excuse! I couldn’t resist her man! Oh, God, Chris, I’m so f-cking ashamed. I’m so sorry, please, forgive me, man.
Tears roll down Chris’ cheeks.
Get up, Steve.
Steve slowly gets to his feet. Chris suddenly swings at Steve, hitting him hærd across the jaw.
The blow flings Steve to the floor, where he lies, dazed.
You are a shithead, man. There’s no justification for going for my girl! I now know the sort of trash she is, but you had no bloody right. Now get the hell out of my house!
(desperate, his tears fall fast, and he clamps his hands together in a form of supplication)
No, no, Chris, man! I’m a disgrace, okay? Goddamn it, man, there’s no justification! I deserve your anger and contempt, man, but please, please, Chris, I can’t lose your friendsh¡p, man! You’re the only brother I’ve ever had, man. Oh, please…
Forget it, Steve. I’m not mad at you. You deserved that blow, and so we’re done. That girl on the floor ain’t worth fighting over. I just want to have a word with her, so please, just leave. We’ll meet tomorrow. I’ll fill you in then.
Chris, please…
Just leave, man! I ain’t got no beef with you!
Steve begins to dress up. Effe is still lying on face down, crying.
After a while she turns on her side, and tries to button up her shirt, but she is trembling so badly that her fingers cannot get the buttons into the h0les.
She looks at Chris with huge eyes filled with such pain and horror that Chris shakes his head with wonder.
My, God, Effe! Who are you really? You’re such an actress, aren’t you? You deserve an Oscar for this performance. I know all about your dark life, so stop shitting me, okay? I’m going to get myself cleaned up, and then I’ll come back and we’ll have a real talk to end this fiasco, okay?
Effe tries to speak, opening her l-ips, but nothing comes out. Chris climbs the stairs to his room.
He goes straight to the bathroom and gets out of his clothes.
He gets under the shower, allowing the cold water to rain down on him.
Chris sl¡ps into his bathrobe, and when he enters the bedroom he suddenly hears a sharp pain-filled scre-m from downstairs.
Chris rushes out of his room and takes the stairs down two at a time. Another terrible sight meets his eyes when he gets to the living-room.
His mother is lying on the floor. Blood is streaming down her face, and she is holding a hand imploringly at Effe.
Effe is standing over his mother, holding a side-table in her hand.
Her shirt is still undone, and her face is bitter as she looks down at the elderly woman on the floor.
Chris runs to his mother’s side and holds her.
Mom! Oh, Jesus, what happened?
There is blood all over her face now, and Chris is terrified.
His mother looks up at him, dazed. Her voice trembles as she speaks.
Oh, son! Keep her away from me! Please keep her away from me! Doctor Anaman called me and said he treated you. He told me you had been in a fight. I was so concerned and decided to come this night to check on you. I got here and your fiancée wouldn’t let me in to see you! She wanted me to leave, and when I said I had to see you she went mad! She began fighting with me, and then she picked up that side table and hit me!
Chris’ face is filled with uncontrollable wrath.
He gets to his feet slowly and faces Effe, who is looking at him with dazed, pained eyes.
His voice is spilling with fury and contempt.
That’s it, Effe. I’m sending my mother to the hospital. Get out of here before I get back. I don’t ever want to see you again!
Tears roll down Effe’s cheeks. Her voice trembles.
Chris, you can’t do this. What have I done to you? Why are you being so cruel to me? Whatever it is, we have to talk, please. We need to thrash this out. It’s not what it seems like. I did not…..
Chris scre-ms at her.
Get the hell outta of my house, you silly wh-re! You are no longer welcome to this house. It’s finished, Angel-Devil. Mission accomplished. The fool I have been.
Effe drops the side-table and recoils as if he has struck her.
Her voice is a terrified whisper.
I know all about your sordid life, Effe. Spare me the pain of going through all that mess. I am even ashamed to say what I know. You are really something else. I don’t want to disgrace you in front of my mother, and I don’t want the world to know just how dirty you are. Lie to your family, tell them anything, I don’t care. The wedding is off permanently. I won’t say a thing because I want to spare you the humiliation. Go on with your sordid life, girl, and stay the hell out of mine! We are done.
( body shaking with huge sobs.)
I don’t know what has come over you. I don’t know why you are doing this. If have unconsciously wronged you, I’m sorry. Whatever it is…
(voice is thunderous.)
I said get out!!
(moves towards him, wobbling badly.)
Honey, I don’t know what’s gotten into you but I can explain what…
I know what’s going on! Effe. Don’t try your lies with me! The cat is out of the bag. The game is over.
Honey, let’s talk! Even if we should part, it shouldn’t be like this. I truly love…
(slaps her hands away as she tries to touch him)
Don’t touch me! Keep your damn hands to yourself, woman! Get the out of my house right now!
(voice a lost whimper now)
Get out, Effe! Go away from me!! I don’t want to see your sorry face ever again. Get out before I murder you! I hate you. I curse the day I met you. Get out and leave me to my misery!
Effe turns and flees from the room, and Chris turns to his mother.
Tears spill down his face as he leans over her. There is pain on hi s face.
God, Mom, you’re bleeding badly. Let me get my clothes and take you to Dr. Anaman!

To be continued

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