Weird Hearts

Weird Hearts – episode 10

      (Love in circles)
Episode 10
             Nicholas POV
A c*cky smile passed through my l-ips as I walked to class.. That has always been my aura, victory then authority.
I had this phobia for rejection, yeah it doesn’t apply to everyone cos when my mom left or should I say rejected me; my life started anew and those thoughts are one of the things I try to drive out of my mind then into my past cos the people involved are now part of my past.
I got to the class and bumped into someone at the doorway, looking up in annoyance my gaze met with that of Jason’s friend or should I say his dog cos he seem to go everywhere for him and with him. My annoyed expression twitched to that of irritation as he smirked. “Dog got your eyes?” He teased and I gritted my teeth. From the corner of my eyes I could see Jason’s gaze on us.. Probably waiting for a fight to start then putting me in shits. “Yeah.. In such a way I can’t see pipsqueaks like you” I replied, in same sarcasm. I Watched his brows furrow in annoyance.
“Your bad side’s worsening your goofy face. You should wear a smile often” I smirked, pushed him off when he was about saying something and walked into class. Winking a striking smile at Jason, I walked to my seat.
Some people are just born to ruin a nice day.
I sat and took out my phone, clicked on the number I was given by the ‘girl’ who’s my cleaner now which I stored as *Debtor* I typed a message to it and sent it, a smile crossed my l-ips. She’s pretty interesting though, yet annoying and.. Well stupid.
           Jacqueline’s POV
I walked back to my class, ignored the fixed stares holding curiosity and walked to my seat.
“So, What does he want with you?” Martha asked, without letting me bench my butt and I gave her an eye roll.
“You should’ve at least let me down first.. As it is I’m getting nervous by the stares on me and that include yours” I said, sitting down.
“I’m just really curious cos I know apart from me there’s no one else in this school that you’re pretty close with and it’s just surprising that you happen to be close to a senior, someone I don’t even know”
“Hey.. FYI, he’s the last person I could ever get close with” I said.
“Well, start the gist then and don’t leave a single detail out” she said and I sighed silently, knowing what I’ll have to lie a little.. Martha’s not the type to let things go easily. Once she gets really curious about something, she’ll want to know every detail about it.
“He offered me a job” came my first words. Which wasn’t a lie.. Well except that jobs pay and this one doesn’t.
“Just like that? How’d you know him?”
“I don’t know him too well though.. My boss has sent me on a delivery to him, once or twice and somehow I got fired yesterday and he’s offering me a job” I said the first thing that came to my mind and Martha gave me a look.. It was like she was staring at a gobshite.
“You do realize what you’re saying doesn’t make sense? I mean how can you just meet someone during a delivery that doesn’t last up to one minute of intEr×¢tion and then he offers you a job? It’s kinda absurd.. Wait, are you lying to me?” She asked and I gave her a placating smile.
“Okay. I forgive you for that and that’s because I’m really curious and I could die if I don’t get it off so just tell me the truth. Did you do something bad?” She asked and I sighed, this time loud enough.
“I didn’t.. Well I did but I’m paying for it” I said and she gave me a blank stare and nudged me to continue “Alright. I kind of destroyed his phone during one of peripheral walks to steal glances at Jason. It’s was pretty expensive and I couldn’t pay so he wants me to pay it off by working for him” I say and Martha’s brow struck.
“That’s stupid, I mean why are you letting him make you do something you don’t want to? Why didn’t you tell me earlier?!” She questioned, her voice getting high.
“Cos I was preventing this. I know you won’t take it likely”
“And why will I? I’m your best friend and I’m supposed to defend you”
“Yeah I appreciate, but you can’t take sides with me without observing my faults. I ruined his new phone, I think it’s just fair. I’ll Work to pay him, it’s not like it’s gonna be forever” I said.
“Okay, just be careful and alert me if he tries anything stupid” she says and I smiled.
“Hold-on don’t tell me you accepted because you have a crush on this one too-
“That’s impossible!” I cut off her words. “I accepted cos I don’t have a choice. Why would you think of something so absurd. I only love Jason” I said.
“It’s called lust” she said and I rolled my eyes. “And to think I thought of that grouchy dude as amazing is such a gross out. I still can’t deny that he’s more good looking than Jason to me”
“You have such bad human-beauty-sense. That dude’s no way in Jason’s category, Jason’s heavenly beautified and this one is– just some random ugly dude” I said.
“Your obsession is surprising, you’re saying all this cos you’ve not known Jason. He’s a douchbag”
“I’m not obsessed Martha and no matter what Jason is, I still think he’s the cutest thing ever” I said, earning an eye roll from Martha.
“Yeah alright but I think your brother’s the cutest thing ever” she said and I gave her a questioning look. I was about to say something when I felt my phone beeping. Looking towards the door to ensure no teacher was in sight, I took it out and clicked on the incoming message from an unknown ID. Martha’s curious glance beside me. “House 32b Jackson heights. 4:30 on the dot.. Lateness won’t be tolerated and make sure to save my number” the message read and the caller ID became obvious. I glanced at Martha and she held this look of distaste, she was about say something which I sensed would be bad and disapproving, so I just gave her a ‘no’ look. She gestured surrender and turned away.

“Jackson heights please” I told the cabbie, tossing 25cents to him cos the distance, according to him was a little far. He started driving while I looked out of the window.
I had done my normal locomotive routine home after saying bye to Martha.. I got home and didn’t meet Allan, I had a light lunch and walked to my normal work.. Instead of working as expected I resigned from the coffee’s shop, I chose it because first, it was the first work I had today and second the pay wasn’t as manageable as the rest.. When I stop working for Nicholas I’ll be able to get another part-time job with my resume. I hit the road, moving to the pavement side, I hailed a cab and here I am, going to Nik’s. The cabbie parked and I grabbed my little bag which had nothing less than my phone and a few bucks. I searched for house 32b from the line of houses and after passing through different alleys, I found it.. I surveyed the exterior of the exclusive building before me from the transparent gate. I once lived in a building like this and had same grouchy life like him, except that mine wasn’t grossy, it was pure classical and enviable; my parent’s death of course took that classy lifestyle from me too, it took so much from me, even the ones that I can’t bring myself to say . I walked to the door and peered into the stripy gate, painted white. I took out my phone to call him when the gate suddenly moved open to one side, causing me to shriek. A recognition gate.. It must be pretty expensive. I composed myself, knowing that he’ll be watching me from in,side and probably be grinning mockingly at my goofy attitude. I walked in and the gate closed, sighting the exclusive porch, I walked to it and stood before the metal frontdoor.. Shining from it’s expensive paints. I raised my hand to knock and when I did the door opened, revealing a neatly dressed Nicholas.. I walked in and he closed the door before moving ahead of me and sitting on one of the maroon couches.
“4:31,” he said, his gaze on me “You’re a minute late. I’ll let this go cos it’s your first day here.. It must’ve been a bit of trouble locating this building. Forgiveness won’t be guaranteed another day” he said and I left my expression blare on him. “Understood?” I nodded wryly.
I took in the living-room beauty.. It had lofty ceilings, a HiFi system stood on a small stool close to the window, in front was a waste paper basket and beside it, was a mantle piece which had a coal scuttle then a fireplace. Close to it was a recliner and a flat screen TV, Beside it was a shelf with several books in it that looks dusty and a little out of place. Four maroon couches and an armchair had their places in the plushy living room. A rug laid on the floor and close to it was a bricked and carpeted floor, a table stood on one side, having an ornamental vase, a remote control and a magazine.. Beside it stood a footstool. A lamp stood on one side and there was a house plant..
There was a tapestry that was apart and from it I could see the large dinning room..
 Together with more that I couldn’t fathom.

“Sit” he said, more in an authoritative tone and I plopped myself to a chair, balancing my hand on the armrest.
“Don’t get too comfy on my couch, this isn’t your home. You’re here as a worker, you shouldn’t forget that” he said and I stopped myself from rolling my eyes.
“Don’t worry, I don’t have such witty memory” I responded.
“So I’ll make the rules understandable and short so you can commence work” he said. So I can’t even get coffee for a start, so much for being an unwelcomed guest.
“First.. You’re permitted to clean other rooms and that include the kitchenette, the garden, basement, backyard and others, except one room, my room. You’ll only work there on instructions and permission.
And Secondly, my laundry must be done regularly.. Nothing must be left out, no left out stains, it must all be sparkling” he stated “Understood”
“Yes” I said simply and he stood up.
“Come, I’ll show you my room” he led and I followed, he showed me a door and without getting in, he warned me not to get to it. “I’ll leave you to work. Inform me when you’re done” he said, grabbed a copy of daily times and walked out.
I took off my bag and left it on a couch, packed my hair up, rolled up the long sleeves of my shirt.. Pushing urges away to sit and watch the television; something I haven’t done in ages, sit comfortably on the recliner; something I also haven’t done in a long time because for starters, Allan stays there a lot and another, I can’t get comfortable around Allan.
I started work on the living room, getting stuffs in order, throwing some to the waste basket and wiping dirts off the chairs, table, TV, the fireplace, furnitures and then the floor. Everywhere looks neat on a farther view but doing the cleanings right now; I’ve realized just how dirty it is. You can’t always judge a book by its cover. Who could believe that a grouchy neat-on-the-outside dude could live comfortably in a dusty place..

I ignored it and quickly dressed the other rooms too, I arranged the shelf, dust the closets, wiped greasy stains from the window and wiped the dirts, mopped the floor and dressed the bed. Doing the rest of work and dabbing beads of sweat from my forehead with the back of my palm, I moved to the kitchen and a sigh passed my l-ips at the messy sight. I glanced at the clock, 5:23, I started work, more aggressively this time.. Disposing stuffs here and there, keeping this and that… I took the pan from under an icebox filled with water from the melting ice, I threw the water out and kept the pan under it again. I was done with the kitchen in no time and the rest of the house exteriors.. I went to the garden, started by picking dirts, I moved to the garden hose, wiped the leaves that had soil on them.. I did the rest and finally walked out after watering the garden..
By the time I rounded up, I was out of breath and completely worn out, the time was 6:05. Doggone it! I’m late for work. I unrolled my sleeves, took my bag and dashed out of the house, the gate opened and I moved out.. I hailed a cab and while in it, I sent a text to Nik. The cab dropped me and I rush out… “Miss! My payment” he yelled and with a word of apology, I tossed it to him and rushed to work.

My boss insisted I spend more minutes, since I arrived late and I did. Getting to the next job, I passed a word of apology to my boss, earned a questioning look from Noel which I ignored and started my work share.
Again I was told to stay longer and I did.. After work, Noel walked me to my home, stopping a little farther from it, he told me bye and left. I walked to my house and used the stairs.. Getting to our floor, I walked to the door but it was locked.. I was about knocking when I saw a folded paper on the floor, I picked it up and unfolded it.
I’m too stressed to open up for a night worker. I hope you have a bad night
Ugh! Allan!
I let out a sigh and lean on the wall. I was completely worn out, I had envisioned, going to bed immediately but now I think I’ll be using the cold floor tonight.. There wasn’t even a blanket or matress, he couldn’t pity me enough to drop that. He always fancy my sufferings. I went to the stairs and sat on it, resting my head on the wall with my bag clutched in my palms, I thought about so many things.. If I keep working for Nik I guess my nights will keep getting dreadful. I sighed and drove my thoughts to other things and gradually darkness took over me.
T. B. C

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