What A Life

What A Life – episode 11

Episode 11

Eno picked her bag and walked out of the gate. She couldn’t determine what time it was because her phone was on the chair where she was sitting before she went to the bedroom. After Dozie threw her out, she tried knocking on the door and scre-ming his name but he didn’t answer her. She had no option than to leave the house because she didn’t want their neighbors to find out that all wasn’t well with the new couple. She was determined to put up appearances so that they would appear like the best couple to outsiders. Outside, the compound, she realized that it was already late as they were just few people around with few cars plying the road. She thought of calling her mother to send someone to pick her but she remembered that her phone was in,side the house. She was still thinking of what to do when a cab pulled beside her.
Taxi man: “Madam, taxi?”
Eno: “Oh yes, Wuse 2”.
Taxi man: “Where for Wuse 2?”
Eno: “Aminu Kano crescent”.
Taxi man: “You money na N3,000”.
Eno: “Ah-ah. That is too much, now”.
Taxi man: “Madam, it is almost 11;30pm o, no be same amount weydemdey charge during the day naimdemdey charge for night”.
Eno: “Okay, let’s go”.
Eno asked the driver to open his booth for her to keep her box but he declined and asked her to keep it with her at the back seat. They had been driving for more than ten minutes when Eno felt something moved in,side the booth. She startled and turned around but she didn’t see anything.
“Driver”, she said. “Is there any living thing in your booth? I felt something moved there a while ago”.
Driver: “No o, maybe one passenger don forget something in,side the booth be that o”.
Eno: “In that case, I think you should park and find out what it is then because…” she was still talking when a hand grabbed her from behind and covered her l-ips. “Shhhh, cooperate with us and we will do you no harm”, the voice said”. She tried to scre-m but the hand held her securely on her mouth. They drove to a secluded part of the vicinity and the driver parked.
Driver: “Come down quick, they barked”.
Eno obeyed and came down with her hands over her head. She tried to make out the environment but it was dark and she couldn’t even see the faces of her abductors.
“Who are you and why have you brought me here?” she summoned courage and asked.
Driver: “You don’t need to know who we are. And as for why we have brought you here, we brought to hear to have our share of the national cake”.
Eno: “Your share of the national cake? What do you mean by that?”
Driver: “My sister, if you know what is good for you, you better give us all the money and valuables that you have now. I am sure that won’t be a problem, considering the fact that you are from the upper class of the society”.
Eno: “I don’t know what you are talking about. I am not a politician’s child, I work hærd to earn my money”.
Driver: “You are lucky to have a job. Do you know how long I have remained jobless even though I graduated with a second class upper degree in electrical engineering from the prestigious university of Nigeria, Nsukka? Only God knows how much I have spent on attending interviews and printing CVs. Since the government will not give us what is rightfully ours, we have decided to take it by force”.
Eno: “I am not the government, channel your grievances to the appropriate persons if you have any score to settle with anyone”.
The other man who had not said a word ever since they got out of the car pushed Eno to her knees and collected her bag. He ransacked the bag and when he couldn’t find any valuable in it, he became furious and faced his colleague.
Man: “I tell you say this one no resemble big man pikin. Maybe na all these runs girls wey dey go meet your papa mates for night”.
Driver: “But I saw her coming out of a big house na. Search her well, I am sure she has some money hidden somewhere”.
Man: “Guy, nothing dey this bag jor. Na only women clothes and undies, even phone no dey in,side, which kind badluck be this one na”. his countenance changed and he charged at Eno who cringed and covered her face with her palm.
Man: “Where are you hiding your money and your phones?’
Eno: “I swear, I don’t have anything on me”.
Man: “How is it possible that you don’t have anything on you? Which chic walks about without at least a phone these days? You are lying to us right? Okay, lets see if they will bury you with your money and phone”. He grabbed her neck and brought a sharp pocket knife. She scre-med and began to plead.
Eno: “I swear that I didn’t come out with my or phone or any money. My husband threw me out of the house and he didn’t allow me pick all my stuff. I had the intention of paying the taxi driver when I get home. I swear”, she was crying and didn’t notice that the button of the dress she had on was opened revealing her cle-vage. Her abductor softened at the sight of the round mould of flesh on her chest. He tried to look away but the bulge that was forming inbetween his thighs urged him on. He came close to her, parted her dress with the knife he had on his hand and dipped his hand into her b-ra. Her br-ast felt warm and soft, he thought of the ecstatic feeling of his l-ips s-cking hærd at her n-pples. She noticed that her p-nts were already getting w-t at his fondling but she repelled like one touched by a scorpion. The driver when he noticed that his friend was getting carried away drew him aside.
Driver: “Guy, wetin dey worry you na? Na business we come do for here o, if konji hold you, abeg go Sokale go relieve yourself. I have warned you several times not to mix business and pleasure”.
Man: “Wetin na? which kind yeye business be this one this night? We don search her bag and other places, nothing dey. Instead of us to do 2-0, e no better make we knack her. The babe fine well well, she fresh, omo, the orange wey dey her chest get enough water. I been don dey imagine how I go take s-ck the juice”.
Driver: “You will do no such thing, do you know that we can easily get caught when carried away by that act?”
Man: “My friend chill. How many minutes you dey last? I go first enter her, when I commot, you go enter your own. Na chop and clean mouth things we go do”.
While they were arguing, Eno took advantage of the distraction, crawled under her feet into the bush nearby and bolted. The men turned and when they saw her retreating figure, they went after her.
After Samantha drove out of Dozie’s house, she went to a bar in Games Village and began to drink herself to stupor. It was the first time she was deliberately getting drunk but she didn’t mind as she needed to forget the events of the day. She hadn’t in her wildest imagination thought that Eno could betray her so much by marrying her fiancé. She was at the bar, dead drunk and stupefied when the bar man asked her to leave so he could close for the day.
Bar man: “Madam, you should go home now, it is almost 12am, all the customers have gone, I have been waiting for you to leave so that I can close”.
Samantha ignored him and after the bar man kept on pestering her, she stood up to leave. When he asked for money for the drinks she had, she threw her wallet at him and staggered out. She turned the ignition in her car and began to drive home. She was on top speed when she saw a traffic light ahead of her, the signal was red and she had no option than to stop. She was waiting for the signal to move when a trailer on high speed came and cleared her off the road. She tried to control the steering but she lost consciousness and the car crashed into the ditch along the road.

To be continued

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