What A Life

What A Life – episode 13

Episode 13

Mama Samantha: “Nurse, doctor, where are you? My daughter is not breathing”.
Nurse 1: “Madam, na because your daughter no breathe again na him you come dey shout anyhow? Don’t you know some other patients are on admission here? You don’t have to shout and wake them up. We called you more than an hour ago, you are just coming here now and you are here scre-ming. Is your daughter the first patient to die in this hospital?Mtccheeww” A Nurse with robust buttocks bursted.
Mama Samantha: “I rebuke you agent of the devil. My daughter is not dead. My God cannot allow my daughter die”.
Nurse 2: “It’s okay, madam, I will call the attention of the doctor right away”.
The doctor and the nurse ran to the ward where Samantha was lying unconscious. Mama Samantha wanted to go into the ward with them but she was prevented by the doctor who said it was against the rules of the hospital for relatives to be around when the doctor was on examination.
After some examination, the doctor realized that Samantha had fallen into a coma again and was finding it very difficult to breathe. She was placed on an oxygen machine and when some tests were carried out on her mother, they realized that her blood matched her daughters and she willingly denoted to her daughter.
After Dozie left home with his travelling back, he went to his parents’ house to collect his International Passport from his father who had seized it when he refused to get married to Eno. He had already booked a flight online and he was due to travel back to Canada in few hours time. His father was having a cup of green tea when he came in.
Baba Dozie: “Ah, see who we have here; the latest groom in town. One would think that you will be so preoccupied with your honeymoon that you won’t even come out today”.
Dozie: “Dad, can you just cut that groom crab? It irritates me”.
Baba Dozie: “Okay, son. I see that you are not in the mood for jokes this morning. Come over and make yourself a cup of hot green tea same way AdeLove Stories serve its fans hot Coffee daily, it will help calm your nerves”.
Dozie: “I didn’t come here for tea, dad. I need my International Passport and other travel doc-ments in your possession”.
Baba Dozie: “What is the hurry in that? You want your travel doc-ments, you have them but you have to wait for me to finish my tea first”.
Dozie: “Oh common, dad. You can just go give it to me and come back and drink your tea in peace”.
Baba Dozie: “No, son. You met me drinking the tea didn’t you? So, you have to wait for me to finish up. First things first”.
Dozie: “Dad, I have a flight to catch in about an hour’s time”. He scre-med at his father who was preoccupied with sipping his tea.
Baba Dozie: “A flight to catch? Where to? Are you travelling outside the country with your wife for honeymoon”.
Dozie: “What wife? Dad, I am not a child anymore. You forced me into this marriage and now I can’t even travel when I want?”
Baba Dozie: “Of course you can travel only that this time around with a different condition”.
Dozie: “What condition?” he asked suspiciously.
Baba Dozie: “As a married man, you either travel with your wife or you travel with her permission”.
Dozie: “What? This is so unbelievable…” he was still talking when his mother and wife walked in.
Mama Dozie: “So you are here. What was that unruly behavior you put up yesterday? Why did you have to chase your wife out of the house at that time of the night?”
Dozie: “Mum please. I am really not in the mood for all these right now”.
Mama Dozie: “I really do not care what you are in the mood for. All I know is that you are going home with your wife and that you will never repeat such madness again. I don’t know what has come over you”.
Dozie lost his patience and began to snap. “You don’t know what has come over me? Of course you know. What were you thinking when you succ-mbed to pressure and forced me into this marriage against my wish? I am tired of being the sacrificial lamb in this family. Look at Emeka over there in Canada, you people do not interfere in whatever he does and yet he is older than I”.
Mama Dozie: “You didn’t have a choice but to marry Eno. Her mother was threatening to go to the Police and the press and that could have ruined my political aspirations”.
Dozie: “That is it, mum. Ambitions and aspirations, that’s all you know. Nothing about my feeling. Now I am stuck with a woman I hate for the rest of my life”.
Baba Dozie got up from where he was sipping his tea and made for his room. “Forget about getting your travel doc-ments until you learn to live in peace with your wife”. He walked upstairs to his room, leaving Dozie speechless.
30 minutes later, Dozie drove home with his wife in silence.
Samantha got out of coma with a start, scaring her mother who rushed to call the doctor. She had been in coma for 9 hours after she had the blood transfusion and all that while her mother who was praying and interceding for her never left her side.
Samantha: “They got married, they got married and left me single”.
Mama Samantha: “Calm down my daughter. Remember that the doctor said you need rest”.
Samantha: “They got married, mum. Don’t you get that?”
Mama Samantha: “Who got married and why shouldn’t they?”
Samantha: “Eno got married”.
Mama Samantha: “I understand how painful it feels that your friend got married without informing you. But don’t worry, your time will come”.
Samantha: “She married him”.
Mama Samantha: “She married who?”
Samantha: “I will kill them, I will kill them all!”
Samantha suddenly became violent and attempted to get up and remove her drip. The nurses came around and gave her an injection and she went to sleep immediately.
Dozie kept to himself after they got home. He avoided Eno like a plague and when he went into his room, he remained there watching TV ignoring Eno in the sitting room. Tired and frustrated, Eno went into the kitchen to get something to eat. She saw two packs of noodles and some eggs and she decided to fix herself some. She thought of Dozie and remembered that one way to a man’s heart was through his stomach. She decided to ask him if he was interested. With her heart pounding hærd against her chest, she went to Dozie’s bedroom. At the door, she stood for few minutes before summoning courage to knock gently. When there was no response from within, she turned the knob and went in. Dozie who was watching his favourite team play on SuperSport ignored her.
Eno: “I…I…er, you know, I just wanted to…to ask if you will like some noodles”.
There was a pause that felt like eternity and Dozie ignored her. Embarrassed by his insensitivity, she walked out of the room to the kitchen. She had just finished preparing the noodles and was about frying her eggs when she heard her phone ring. She ran out of the kitchen to the sitting room where the phone was charging and while she was receiving the call, she saw Dozie tip toe to the kitchen but she ignored him. When she got back to the kitchen after the call, she saw Dozie in the kitchen.
“What! Dozie, what are you doing to my food?” she asked with shock and disbelieve. Dozie stood still when he saw her for he  didn’t hear her footsteps approach the kitchen.


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