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What A Life – episode 18

What A Life
£pisode 18
Eno: “Yes, mum. I am shy; I guess I will open it some other time. Ugrrrh!”. She ran way to the bathroom pretending to vomit.
Mama Dozie: “You will get used to it, it happens with first time mothers”.
Spiritualist: “Remove your shoes, no one enters the shrine of Ashakrina with their shoes on their feet, it is a taboo”, he scre-med at Eno and her mother who quickly removed their shoes.
Mama Eno: “We are sorry, baba. This is my daughter and…”
Spiritualist: “Shhh, keep quiet. Before you say anything, you have to salute the gods”.
Mama Eno: “And how am I supposed to do that? I mean I can’t see them”.
Spiritualist: “Drop any amount of money in the red calabash opposite you, that is the language of the gods”.
Mama Eno: “Okay”, she brought out some naira notes from her bag and dropped them in the calabash.
Spiritualist: “The gods are now aware of your presence. What do you want from them?”
Mama Eno: “Baba, my daughter here wants…”
Spiritualist: “Hold it there. Your daughter is here to save her marriage and also to eliminate her friend whom she perceives is a threat to her marriage”.
Eno: “Exactly. How did you know that?”
Spiritualist: “Hahaha, nothing is hidden from the gods”. After some incantations which he tossed his cowries up and down, he shook his head and looked at Eno intently on the face. “The gods say I should tell you that you have to choose one thing for them to do for you. You cannot have the two things you desire at once”.
Mama Eno: “How do you mean, baba”.
Spiritualist: “Woman, you will have to allow your daughter do the talking from now henceforth. After all, she is the one who needs the help of the gods”.
Mama Eno: “Okay, baba”.
Eno: “What do you mean by me choosing one thing for the gods to do for me?”
Spiritualist: “You want a love portion that will make your husband love you more than anyone in the world. You also want the gods to help you deal with your friend so that she can stay away from your family. What I am saying is that only one of these wishes can be granted. So, pick one”.
Disappointment was clearly written all over Eno’s face. When she had agreed to visit the spiritualist’s place with her mother, she had thought that the man, like God holds the solution to her problems. “What is your choice? No one keeps the gods waiting”.
Eno: “Please, baba. Can you give me some minutes to discuss this with my mother?”
Spiritualist: “Go outside and do that and remember not to keep the gods waiting for long”.
Eno: “I won’t”.
She went out with her mother who was urging her to quickly take a decision.
Mama Eno: “Do we have to come out? Can’t you just make a choice about what you want?”
Eno: “That is not the problem, mum. You told me that this man can solve all my problems, how comes he told us that all my requests cannot be granted?”
Mama Eno: “Is that why you brought me out here? You should be glad that you have someone who is willing to help you solve a part of your problem. That is a good step in the right direction”.
Eno: “I am confused on which to chose, mum”.
Mama Eno: “Go with the option that has to do with him giving you a portion that will make your husband love you more than anyone in the world. That is all you need”.
Eno: “No, mum. I want Samantha out of the way. She is the reason why Dozie doesn’t love me, if she is out of the way, I am sure my husband will love me unconditionally. What is the use of Dozie loving me when deep within his heart he still prefers Samantha to me?”
Mama Eno: “Listen, my dear. You are only but a child. You need to take things easy and…”’
Eno: “I have made my choice mum and that is final”, she left her mother standing out and went into the shrine”.
Spiritualist: “Yes, what have you decided?”
Eno: “Baba, I want Samantha out of the way. That is the only way I can be sure of my husband’s unconditional love”.
Spiritualist: “Are you sure that you want her dead? Is that what you truly want?”
Eno: “Ye…”
Mama Eno interjected. “Don’t mind her, baba. We don’t want her dead. We only want you to harm or disfigure her in such a way that my son in law will hate her when he sets his eyes on her deformity. Don’t mind my daughter, she is only a child and does not know what she is saying”.
The spiritualist began to work and after a while, he gave Eno a powder and a pea sized idol.
Spiritualist: “Listen very attentively. You will wake up in the middle of the night today, stripe yourself unclad and go outside. Make sure this powder is in your right hand with the picture of your friend in your left hand. Call her name 7 times and summon her spirit to appear before you. When it does, command whatever you want to happen to her and sprinkle the powder on her spirit. She will disappear and whatever you have spoken will come to be. Hahahaha….hahahaha”.
Eno: “Thank you very much, baba”.
Spiritualist: “But, you have to be very careful with the idol I gave to you. Make sure you tie her picture with the idol, using this red thread”, he handed her a red thread. “After tying it, hide it in a place where no human eye will ever see. If any eyes apart from yours sees this, the consequences will be more than disastrous. You are warned”.
Eno: “No problem, baba. My house is big enough for one to hide a car talk less of this tiny idol”.
Mama Eno: “Thank you very much, baba. I know that you will not disappoint us. How much is our bill?”
Spiritualist: “The gods do not accept cash payments for services rendered. When Samantha has been harmed, your daughter must return here in seven days to pay in kind, the nature of which only the gods can decide when the time comes”.
Mama Eno: “No problem. I will ensure that she returns in seven days time”.
Spiritualist: “Make sure she comes alone. You may leave”.
They left the shrine and drove away in silence after Eno has carefully hidden the items the baba gave her in her bag.
Samantha was in a pensive mood when she returned from work that day. It was her first day at work after the accident and even though she was careful while she was driving, she couldn’t help but imagine that she was going to lose control again and experience another crash just like she did when she had the accident. She got back home, had a cold shower and decided to go to bed immediately because she felt her eyes spinning. While in bed, she picked up her phone and went to her favourite website,
toriperi.com , all day she had been busy in the hospital and didn’t have the time to catch up with latest news, celebrity gists and other updates. She remembered that she had missed two episodes of the current toriperi.com story while she was in the hospital and she decided to read them and share them on her Facebook wall for her friends to enjoy the stories as well. She had just finished that when she went into her mother’s room and found her on her knees praying. She quietly shut the door behind her, returned to her bed and fell asleep immediately.
After prayers, her mother came into her daughter’s room and woke her up. “Get up and let’s have our night devotion, my dear”.
Samantha: “Ohhhhhooo, you have started again mother. I saw you praying in your room a while ago. Isn’t that enough night devotion?”
Mama Samantha: “You saw me praying and all you could do was to come here and sleep instead of you to pray on your own or join me. Do you know how very important prayer is?”
Saamantha: “All I know is that I had a very busy day at work today and I need to rest. I am sure God understands. Good night, mum”. She threw her duvet over her and went to sleep.
“Ewoooo!, Help me o, mum I am dying! Help!” Samantha scre-med in the middle of the night waking up her mother who came running into her daughter’s room.
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