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Mama Samantha opened the door and ran to her daughter who was scratching her eyes and wailing. “My eyes o, my eyes o”. she kept scre-ming.Mama Samantha: “What is wrong with your eyes?” she asked frantically.Samantha: “I don’t know. My eyes is hot o, mum I can’t see again o. it feels as someone poured hot pepper into my eyes”.Mama Samantha: “How is that possible? You and I are the only ones in this house. Who could have poured pepper in to your eyes?”Samantha: “I don’t know, mum. I was sleeping when I heard someone scre-m my name, I thought it was you and I answered and got off my bed, when I opened my eyes, I had to shut it because of pain”.Mama Samantha: “May God forbid you from answering any call from the pit of hell. I told you to always pray before you sleep and never to answer if you are not sure of who called your name”.Samantha: “My eyes o, my eyes are on fire, Ewoooo, Chimooo!”Mama Samantha: “Just calm down, you will be fine, maybe it’s an insect that entered into your eyes while you were asleep”. She led her by the hand to the bathroom where she bent her daughter’s head over the bath tub and washed her face with running water from the tap. “Bend your head and try to open your eyes so that water can enter and flush out whatever is in there that is causing you pain”. She instructed her daughter.Samantha: “My eyes hurt, I can’t open it!” she scre-med at her mother.Mama Samantha: “Sorry, my dear. I am only trying to help”.Samantha: “Mum, go to my first aid box and get me eye drops, I have about two in there”. Her mother ran to the first aid box and brought the eye drops.Samantha: “Mum, put it very well now”.Mama Samantha: “I am doing that, you need to open your eyes so that it can go in well”.Samantha opened her eyes and shut them immediately scre-ming. “My eyes are on fire, I can’t see”.That night, she and her mother did not sleep for she was in great pains. When she tried to open the eyes, it was red and bloodshot. Her mother began to panic. “What kind of problem is this again? Look at your eyes? How can the eyes become this red without anything happening to it?”Samantha endured the pain till 4am and when she couldn’t stand it anymore, she dialed the hospital where she works and an ambulance was sent to pick her and her mother who was already weeping and wiping her eyes with the end of her wrapper.====Eno went to bed feeling better. She had done all that the spiritualist commanded and she was sure that Samantha’s eyes will be destroyed and that will chase Dozie away for she knew that he would never have anything to do with a blind girl. She tiptoed back to her room, hid the idol under the bed but changed her mind. “No, It will be very risky for me to keep it here, anyone can just bend down under the bed and discover it”, she reasoned aloud. She grabbed a chair, climbed on it and threw the idol up the wardrobe. “Very good, even if Dozie is a witch, I am sure that he will never suspect that anything is up there”, she heaved a sigh of relief.“Now that the problem of Samantha has been taken care of, the next thing is to take of this fake pregnancy. I will have to call my mother tomorrow morning and ask for her help concerning that, else this people will just find out the truth and throw me out of this house”. She went to sleep.The next morning, after dozie had gone to work, she called her mother.Mama Eno: “Yes, what is it again this time around? I thought I have a grown up daughter not knowing that what I have is a baby whom I must baby sit everyday”.Eno: “Mum, you don’t have to be tired of me, I am your only child. If I don’t run to you in time of trouble, who do I run to?”Mama Eno: “Okay o, I have heard. So what is the problem this time around?”Eno: “It’s about this fake pregnancy, mum. The last time my mother in law was here, she said she will accompany me to the hospital on my next visit. She even asked to see my tummy. Can you imagine, mum? What should I do?”Mama Eno: “When will you ever learn to be smart? It is obvious that you are not pregnant and there is no way you are going to keep up with the pretense for ever so why don’t you just fake a miscarriage?”Eno: “And how do I go about that?”Mama Eno: “Very simple. Buy blood tonic, pour it on your laps and begin to scre-m, when Dozie sees that, he will assume that you just had a miscarriage and they will rush you to the hospital. I will be there to cover up in case anyone wants to reveal the truth at the hospital”.Eno: “Superb mum! In fact, bravo! I have got such an intelligent mother. What can I ever do without you? I love you, mum. I will do exactly as you say”.Mama Eno: “Love you too, baby. If I don’t watch your back, who will? Okay, bye. See you soon”.====Doctor: “When did this eye problem start, madam?” he asked Samantha’s mother after she had examined her.Mama Samantha: “Early this morning, doctor”.Doctor: “That is not possible, madam. Something that started early this morning couldn’t have degenerated to this level over such a short period of time. I mean look at how swollen and colored the eyes are”.Samantha who was on drip and in great pain ch¡pped in. “It started this morning around 2am today. I am also a doctor and so I wouldn’t have wasted my time delaying to visit the hospital or indulging in self medication. The only thing I used was eye drops”.Doctor: “It’s okay, I really cannot ascertain the cause of this ailment. I will have to refer you to Lenses Eye care specialist hospital in town. This is beyond us here”.Samantha: “Doctor, I can’t even open my eyes because it feels sticky. Is there nothing you can give to me to relief the pain? God, I can’t even see”.Mama Samantha: “Don’t talk like that, my daughter. There is power in the tongue so do not say that you cannot see. You will see o, my daughter cannot go blind”. She began to weep again.Doctor: “It’s okay, we will try our best”, he patted Samantha who was lying on the bed and walked away.======“Help, my stomach! I am bleeding o, help me”, Eno shouted in her bedroom after she had used the blood tonic to do as her mother instructed her.Dozie ignored her when he heard her scre-m for he thought it was one of her numerous tricks to attract his attention but when the scre-m persisted, he ran to her room and was shocked to find her body and sheets stained with blood. He began to pace up and down in panic because he couldn’t stand the sight of blood. When he was younger, he used to cry and fall sick for days whenever he saw someone bleeding. Today, though a grown up man, he felt like scre-ming and running out of the house when he saw Eno in blood. “What are you standing there staring at? Can’t you see that I just had a miscarriage? Take me to the hospital before I faint here, I am losing so much blood”. Her sharp voice jerked him up from his reverie and he grabbed her in his arms and drove her to the hospital while she continued to wail and wince from her fake pain.After examining her and giving her some drips, the doctor shook his head and looked at Dozie in his eyes. “What did you say is wrong with your wife again?” he asked.Dozie: “Isn’t is obvious that she just had a miscarriage? I mean what are doctors for if you have to ask me what is wrong with her?”Doctor: “Did you just say miscarriage? Hmmn, I need to have a word with you in my office. I can’t discuss my findings here”Dozie: “Just go ahead and say whatever it is here, I can handle it, that is why I am a man”.Doctor: “It is unprofessional to discuss things like this in the ward while the patient is asleep. My office is big enough to contain you, come along”.–‘————-


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