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What A Life – episode 5


Episode 5

Dozie was turned in between the devil and the red sea. He knew that calling off the wedding will embarrass and break Samantha’s heart beyond repairs but he couldn’t dare this man who would not hesitate to kill him and throw his body to the dogs. He thought of Samantha beautifully dressed and waiting for him in Church and he didn’t know when a tear dropped from his eyes. “If only I can turn back the hands of time”, he thought.
Capon: “5!”
Dozie: “Wait, please wait. Why are you doing this? What has my wedding got to do with all these? Why do I need to call off my wedding?”
Capon: “You don’t ask me any questions. Nobody asks the capon any questions in his crib. You only do as I say. Are you ready to make the call or do you want me to call your mother and tell her where to pick up your body?”
Dozie: “My mother? You have my mother’s number?”
Capon: “He doesn’t know who I am”, he gave out a mirthless laughter, collected Dozie’s phone from the hands of one of the guys and dialed Dozie’s mother’s number. The phone rang and immediately his mother picked the call.
Mama Dozie: “What is wrong with you, son. You kept us all worried. Where are you? We are already in Church, everyone is here including your wife waiting for you? Can’t you talk?”
Capon: “Madam, let me know when you finish ranting so I can talk”.
Mama Dozie: “What! This is not my son’s voice. Who are you?”
Capon: “My identity is not important right now. Do you have a pen with you there?”
Mama Dozie: “Yes, why?”
Capon: “I want to give you the address of where you will pick up your son’s body”.
Mama Dozie: “Dozie? Oh my God, what happened to him? What have you done to him? Please don’t hurt him, we will do whatever you say”.
Capon: “You better talk to your son to cooperate with us and do as we say, else blame him and not us”.
Mama Dozie: “Please give him the phone, let me talk to him”. Capon hands the phone over to Dozie. “My son, please do whatever they say. Please just do whatever they say so that they can leave you alone. You and your brother are the only children I have in the world. I will kill myself if they harm you”, she pleaded with him.
Capon snatched the call from his hand and ended the call.
Capon: “I will continue my count to ten after which I will pull the trigger and rain bullets into your brains. 1..2..3..4..5..
Dozie: “Wait! Don’t. Okay, I will call off the wedding, I agree”.
Capon: “Good”. He hands the phone to Dozie who quickly dialed Samantha’s number. The phone was with Eno and she picked up.
Dozie: “Give the phone to its owner, you b—h”.
Eno gave the phone to Samantha.
Dozie: “I am sorry, bae. I am never gonna come for you in Church. I do not want to marry you anymore. I know this hurts but a broken engagement is better than a failed marriage. I do hope that you will find a place in your heart to forgive me and that you will find someone better than I”. He dropped the phone as he realized that his voice was shaking and his hands quivering.
Samantha: “Please, don’t do this to me, if it is about what happened between you and Eno last night, I am willing to let go. I forgive you. Save me this embarrassment please. Hello…hello…are you there?”
After One month…
Mama Samantha: “You are still crying? For how long shall you continue to cry over spilt milk?”
Samantha: “Tell me why I shouldn’t cry, mum. I am now a laughing stock in this estate. Everyone looks at me and brand me as the lady whose groom refused to show up on her wedding day, so tell me why I shouldn’t cry”.
Mama Samantha: “You have been crying for over one month, my child. If crying is the solution, by now you should be married. It is time to wipe your tears and pray to God for another suitor”.
Samantha: “Oh don’t tell me that, mum. Why didn’t God act when Dozie decided to break my heart? I mean people get married every week. Why should my own be different? The most painful thing is that Dozie won’t even pick my call and he won’t come out to see me the last time I went to his house. I still love him, I just don’t know what to do”.
Mama Samantha: “Don’t tell me that you are still thinking of that idiot. In fact, he is not even the problem. The problem is with Eno, your best friend who betrayed you by sleeping with your fiancé. You have to cut off from that girl. She doesn’t mean well for you”.
Samantha: “Mum! It was just a mistake. Eno and Dozie were drunk that night, they didn’t know what they were doing. I am sure they wouldn’t have done that if they were not under the influence of alcohol. Eno is my best friend and I trust her so much. She will never do anything to deliberately harm me”.
Mama Samantha: “I have said my own, be careful of that girl. She doesn’t mean well for you”.
Eno was in the sitting room watching her favorite series on Telemundo when her mother came in.
Mama Eno: “Don’t tell me you are here watching TV instead of you to proceed with the next plan of getting Dozie to marry you”.
Eno: “That is not possible, mum. I told you that guy doesn’t even want to pick my calls talk more of seeing me. If not that I was smart enough to deny sending those thugs, I am sure he would have taken it up with relevant authorities”.
Mama Eno: “He will do no such thing. His family are very peaceful and they have political ambition and even though they are very wealthy, they hate being in the news. I knew that the matter will die a natural death. Anyway, you will go to his house and tell him that you are carrying his child”.
Eno: “What! No, mum. You can’t be serious”.
Mama Eno: “Of course I am. He slept with you without protection right? Good, so you took in for him that day and you will demand that he marry you”.
Eno: “But that is not true, I am not pregnant”.
Mama Eno: “Who said you are? All you need do is pretend to be pregnant”.
Eno: “What if we get married and he finds out that I am not pregnant? How do I cover it up?”
Mama Eno: “First things first. When we get to that bridge, we shall cross it. You just leave everything to me. After you tell him about the pregnancy, then you will have to go and make peace with Samantha. We will need her help and we can’t achieve that if she sees you as an enemy. So, go to her house, pretend to be very sorry for what you did, in fact, go on your knees in tears and plead with her to forgive you. When she is comfortable with you, we can easily penetrate her and strike”.
Eno: “But mum”.
Mama Eno: “No buts, you do as I say”.
A knock was on the door, Dozie opened the door and was shocked to find Eno standing s€×ily dressed.
Dozie: “Yes, what are you looking for here? What can I do for you?”
Eno: “Haba, Dozie won’t you at least allow me in?”
Dozie: “Allow you in? The last time I allowed you in, I know what happened. I am not ready for a repeat of that. Say what you have to say before I instruct the security guys to throw you out”.
Eno: “It hasn’t come to that”. She clears her throat. “I am pregnant”.
Dozie: “And so what? Does this place look like a hospital where you can register for ante-natal?” he asked indifferently.
Eno: “You are responsible for my pregnancy!”
Dozie: “You say I am what? What did I just hear you say?”
Eno: “I said that you are responsible for my pregnancy”.
Dozie: “How? When? I mean how  comes? You out of your mind or something

To be continued

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