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What you least expect episode 1


♥What You
Least Expect 💯
🔞A teacher / student Romance 💋💞
A little introduction please….
Hi. I’m Gemma villers. I’m 17 years old. I was born on the 19th of April. I attend Starr high which is owned by my father.It was named after my dead mom, who died when

I was seven. Since then my father raised me, I’m the pompous, spoilt and arrogant daughter of principal Villers. Call me anything you want, I’m still the most beautiful and the queen of Starr high.
Check me out, I’m slim with a great body like that of a model, my curves in the right places. I’m 5’6 feet tall, my hair is blonde and I have a striking ocean blue eyes of my mom. I was the replica of her. That’s why I’m daddy’s biggest treasure. With just a little tear on my face, daddy had done what I want.
Girls admiring me, boys wish they could have me. But I chose the only ones I like. I have one bestfriend Camille. And this girl I hate so much. My ex best friend, Angel. Angel, Camille and I were bestfriends in middle school. Oh not until the bitch got jealous of me and took away my first love. She wants to be like me, but she can never, I repeat, CAN Never.
I’ve dated every hot guy in this School, then later dump them like a trash bag. That doesn’t mean I’m not a virgin though. Every one believes I’m not a Virgin even my bestfriend. How is that possible right?
Well this is what I do.
Dating a guy for a month, you should know that the guy will soon ask for s3x sooner or later. So after a month, I just look for a stupid thing he did and use it against him or maybe not, sometimes just a text message will do and the news is spread all over the school the second day. That’s how popular I am.
The reason why I do this is because- Ah I’m going to tell you a secret now promise you won’t tell anyone.
Pinky swear?!
I’m scared of s3x.
Yes you heard me, I love making out and all but I can’t do s£x. I’d freak out and embarrassed myself. But that can’t happen, embarrassments is not in “Gemma viller’s dictionary.
Phew.. Enough of the introduction. Join me on this journey of my life, sure you won’t be disappointed.
Rest assured, I’m not a boring girl. I’m I?
♥What You
Least Expect 💯
🔞A teacher/ Student Romance 💋💞
Episode 1

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master, your food is ready ” one of the maids announced to me with her head bowed, they dare not make eye contact with me.
“Okay, get away and close my door ”
I pick up my Gucci bag which was placed on my king size bed , my car keys and my iPhone 12 my dad just got me during the summer break.
I smirk as I think of the epic look on Camille’s face and every other student when they see my phone.
And I’m very sure I will be the first person to use the phone

in the whole of Starr high.
After taking a last glance at myself in the mirror, I walk down stairs to have my breakfast. Dad already left, probably when I was still sleeping.
I sigh and sit down on one of the chairs in the dinning waiting for my food to be served.
Soon they start dishing it out to my plate. I smile as I see it was my favorite, Chicken Casserole.
I quickly take the spoon, dig in and scoop one spoon in my mouth, but spill it all out almost immediately it got into my mouth.
I scream and they all rush out .
“Who the hell prepared this food ” I shout.
They all point to one not too old woman and I moved to her and give her a two resounding slap making the others gasp.
“Do you want to kill me? How many times I’ve I warned and told you guys I’m allergic to Ginger, that no one should add ginger to my food. Are you dumb ” I yelled angrily.
“I apologize on her behalf young master, she’s the new cook, she didn’t know ” the chief maids said.
“And aren’t you suppose to tell her? Stupid woman. Listen , I don’t ever want to see her here again, she’s fired ” I shout and storm out.
I press the unlock button on my key and my pink Ferrari (latest model) ding indicating unlock. I open the driver seat and hop in driving off to School. I stopped by a nearby restaurant to grab a fast food before going to School.
I park my car among the other cars lining up in the School parking lot. They are all student car and some few teachers. My car is the best and the

most expensive among them all. Well, only Brandon’s almost match up to mine, it’s a Range Rover sport. Brandon is the popular quarterback player in this School and also the hottest guy.
He was my first love and my last real boyfriend. Ever since he cheated on me with Angel, I stopped dating guys. I only have fun with them and later dump their ass.
I’ve been looking for a way to take my revenge on the bastard. And I will very soon. I will make sure I hurt him like he did to me and maybe more. I’ll destroy him.
The mission is “Vengeance of a Betrayed Girlfriend”
Back to present.
I got out of my car and began to walk to the School building.
Two girls stop me on my way asking for a selfie with me.
“Get out of my way, bitches ” I growled at them and they scurried off disappointed and start to murmur hate words at me.
If it was a normal good day for me, when I’m in a good mood , I would have. But now, I can kill with how angry I am.
I know you will be thinking, is she a celebrity? Why do they want to take pictures with her.
I got you there sweetie. I’m a celebrity and a fashionista in Starr high . My dress sense is a killer and I’m super popular. Every would want to snap with the star girl. I see myself as a celebrity in the future. I want to be a fashion designer and a model. But daddy would say No anytime I bring it up, all he knows is you’re going to become a lawyer like your mom.
It’s so annoying.
As I walk down the hallway to my locker, someone hug me from behind.
I know who it was already, it’s always her usual way of greeting me.
She do come to School early and would wait for me by my locker or Suprise me with her stupid hugs.
I turn to glare at my bestfriend who is grinning widely at me.
“You gotta stop doing that, Wth ” I glared at her.
“Doing what? ”
I knock her head. “Don’t try to tease me this morning ,I’m not in a good mood ”
“Uh, what’s wrong ” she turn my face around checking it like a maniac
I snatch her hand away “Geez, stop touching my face already ”
“I’m just checking if you are okay ” she pouts.
“What got you in a bad mood bestie, did someone offend you? She ask and I explain.
“Oh dear! Are you fine? Do you fire her?”
“Of course I did, and thank God I didn’t take much, if not I’ll be in hospital right now taking drip ” I lament.
“Anyways let’s drop that, gist me. My Gossip spirit is back, what happened during the holiday? ”
“I’m not telling you because I’m angry with you ”
“Why? What did I do ” I raise my eyebrows at her.
“How can you not tell me that we have a new young teacher and he’s not only young, he’s the hottest , s£xiest and the most handsome man I’ve ever seen in my life. Everybody is talking about him. ” Camille describes dramatically.
I stop walking when we get to my locker. I fold my arm against my chest turning to her.
I raise one finger up and say
“First of all, dad never mentioned that to me, you know he always tell me anytime he planned to do something in the School or hire any new teacher. And second of third, I I think you over describe him. He might be young, but according to what you said, no man like that will take a job of a highschool teacher. It’s either he becomes a model or something better. And third of third, bestie you are crazy ” I say with a bit of humor and laugh.
Camille scoff. “I know you won’t believe me, but I promise you, you will be dumbstruck when you see him”
I rolled my eyes and open my locker.
“So this is actually my last year in highschool. Finally ” I say changing the topic.
“I know right. I’m going to miss School ” Camille fake cry and my smile drop.
“You are such a joy killer and a stupid nerd, how can you say you are going to miss School when everyone wants to leave already ” I huff angrily.
“Not everyone ”
“You mean bookworms like you? How do even manage to be my bestfriend ”
“Because I’m a charming Witch. Woo Woo ” she dramatically make a scary face and I roll my eyes.
I pick out my time table and groan.
“What’s wrong ?” Camille says peeping inside the paper in my hands. She snatch it from my hands and stare at it.
” Let me guess, You are not happy because the subject you hate the most is in your first period ”
“Can today be any better ”
I so much hate literature class, coupled that the teacher is annoying, the old man gets on my nerve. My dad has refused to fire him because he’s his friend.
Seriously that man is old already, he needs rest.
“Well, you have no choice but to go. Yours grades is poor in literature, you know that ”
“I won’t go Camille, I don’t want to get sick reading those boring literature books ”
“What if your dad finds out?”
“I would tell him I’m sick or something, and use the ginger incident too ” I shrug.
Camille sigh.
“I’ll meet you in English ” I tell her and leave her alone in the middle of the hallway.
I stayed in my car playing with my phone. I smile when I saw my picture on the schools blog. The headline says.
A two pictures of me was attached, when I was coming out of my car and when I was about entering the School building. I was wearing Grey high neck long sleeve crop top, also with a grey short skirt that stop on my middle thigh. I let my wavy hair fall on my shoulder giving me an incredible look.
My face is make up free. I hate making up actually.
I scroll down to the comment section and grin as I read nice comments from my fans .
🙂 She’s so hot.
🙂 Queen G! I love your outfit, I love you.
:-)Mama Mia! this is real beauty. Not some fake and caked face bitches.
Hmm this one just shade Angel.
I laugh and scroll down more. Then I saw one headline that talked about Angel and I.
I click on it.
My picture and Angels is attached. Angel was wearing a red long sleeve crop top with a Grey short.
Our dressing is almost the same, but mine is quality and hers is fake.
:-)They both look good ” one comment says.
:-)Gemma is so ugly ” another Says and I scoff.
:-)Why does Angel like to compete with our Queen G. Can she stand? ” someone commented and Angel’s fan replies her which stare up a social media fight between them.
I hissed and close my phone when the bell rang.
I lock my car and head to English class.
As I approached the class, I wonder why it’s so quiet. Normally, there will be noise and Mr Burt will be shouting on top of his voice.
I open the door and see a guy standing in front of the class.
I raise my eyebrows.
“Hey, why are you standing there go and seat your ass down. ” I say looking straight at him.
Must be some newbie that doesn’t know about me, because he just stand there looking at me like I suddenly grow horns, not moving an inch.
If not because he’s gorgeous, that pretty face of his would have been destroyed.
I glanced at Camille to see her gesturing for me to sit down.
“Can you please get a seat, you are blocking the air from blowing into the class ” the good looking guy say and the class laugh.
I ignored how beautiful his voice sounds and make move to lash at him before someone pulled me away.
I glare at my bestfriend.
Why would you do that, I was about to give him my comeback reply ”
” I did that because you are about to make a fool of yourself. Infact you already did ”
What the hell is she saying.
“Who is he by the way ” I ask and she points to the front.
The guy is writing on the board.
Then it dawned on me.
“Wait! Is that the new teacher you’re talking about? ” I whisper yelled.
Uh uh “Cam nods.
“No fvcking Way ” I mutter
“Yes fvcking way “she mimicked “I said it, you did be dumb struck. ”
My mouth dropped, I was now able to see him clearly from my seat. At first I thought he’s gorgeous, but gorgeous isn’t the perfect word to describe. He’s so beautiful, I mean panty-droppingly beautiful with a dark blue like -Grey eyes.
He has a the Synmetrical face of a model, with strong chiseled jaw and a cheek bone that will make any man or woman jealous.
My eyes swept down to his straight nose and his pink lips that was moving, and I suddenly wondered how it would taste.
Gemma did you just think of kissing your teacher.
What’s his name? ”
“He said his name is Adrian Gonzalez, but we named him Mr hottie” Cam squeal loudly getting the attention of some people to us including Mr hottie.
Our eyes met but he quickly averted his gaze from mine making me feel a little disappointed.
His well muscled chest show through his Black T-shirt ,that made my throat dry all of a sudden.
The way he walk around and talk is so fvcking down to earth.
“Is he an angel ” I unknowingly think out loud. Thankfully I wasn’t that loud. Only few people heard me.
Cam whispers “I felt the same way when I saw him in literature class.
I turn my head to her.
“Wait, he teaches literature too? ”
Tf this more than 2000 words.
What do you think about the first episode are you guys loving the story already?

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