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What you least expect episode 10 – 11


What you
Least expect 🍥🌻
A teacherxstudent romance
💫Episode 10💫
“Tell me the truth Gemma, I know you did it” Adrian questions. He has decide to leave the lesson and question me about some pictures.
“Did what? ”
“It’s all over the school ”

/> “I told you I don’t know what you are talking about ”
“Don’t act dumb, I thought he’s your boyfriend ” he says and I scoff.
“He’s not my boyfriend, and he deserve more than I did ”
“I knew it, I know you did it Gemma that’s too much. How will the poor guy react now, how will he feel ”
“Listen, you don’t know what he did to me. And I don’t care he feels cos what I felt is more than he will ever feel ”
“What did he do? Did he send your nudes out too.”
“Then what did he do? Tell me Gemma ” he urges.
I sigh “He cheated on me ”
“Oh God ” he hits his forehead.
“When will you grow up Gemma and stop all this childish act. You went that length all because – he cheated ”
“This is so unbelievably ” he shakes his head.
“Listen, you don’t know how it feels to be cheated on ” I say.
“You tell me” he scoff.
“The deed is done there is nothing I can do ”
“You know if I were you, I’ll go find him and apologize and also make sure those pictures are not around anymore ” he says.
I rub my hand on my forehead. Now he’s making me feel guilty.
“Okay ” I say as I pack my bags and stand up.
“Don’t go yet ” he says and I groan. Then he brought out the box I rejected on my birthday and give to me.
“Seriously, you are still giving me your old birthday present ” I huff.
“That was a lie, it’s for you. I got it for you when coming ” he chuckles.
“Better ” I say and began to walk out. As I’m about to open the door. I stop and look at him. “Thanks for the gift anyways ”
Then walk out.

(After School)
As I walk to the parking lot, someone grab my hand aggressively.
“Brandon, Jesus! Leave me alone ” I shout.
“You are fvcking hurting me ” I yelp as he tighten his grip. I’m sure my hand will be red by now.
“I should kill you bitch ” he growls and push my back on a car with his hand on my throat.
Oh God is this how I’m going to die. Heavenly Father, please

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accept me in heaven I don’t wanna go to hell. I can’t imagine my skin being burnt in fire, I’ll just die. Okay! I think I’ll be dead by then.
“I..can’t.. brea..the ” I choke out hitting his hand continuously until he released my throat.
“I can’t believe you’ll do that to me ” he says. OMG is Brandon crying?.
“What did I do to you to deserve that, you couldn’t think of something else rather than humiliating me. I lost everything, my popularity, my pride my honour. I’m now a laughing stock in School. I couldn’t even show

my face around cos my n@ked pictures is everywhere- ”
“Listen, I told you I’m going to get my revenge for what you and Angel did to me. You guys betrayed me and I’m glad you know how it feels now ”
“Are you talking about something that never happened, I never cheated on you with Angel. Even though I did with other girls but angel was your bestfriend. I’ll never do that to you ” he yells.
“What the hell, do you think I did not see you that night. On my pool party two years ago. You left me, and I was looking around for you to only to see you and angel locking lips. ” I yell back
. Thank God no one else is in School except for the security guard and they see us or hear usfrom here.
“Oh God Gemma, I never kissed angel when we were together. I can never. Remember angel couldn’t swim? ”
“Yeah” I reply.
“Someone pushed her into the pool and happen to be their, knowing she can’t swim. I was fast to save her. Angel wasn’t even aware of what happened that night. And yeah, I hugged her and that’s because she was scared and that’s what she needed at the moment. ” he says.
“I’m sorry, I guess I got the wrong picture of what happened. I shouldn’t have done what I did. I should have ask for explanation in the first place ” I apologize.
“You are– I hate you Gemma, I won’t forgive you for this ” he says and walk away.
I also walk to my car. Immediately I got home, closed the door behind me. I break down as I fall on the floor.
I feel so guilty, I wish I never did

♥What you
Least expect 🍥🌻
A teacherxstudent romance
💫Episode 11💫
I’ve been in my room since yesterday, I feel really bad.I’ve never felt like that before.
A knock came in, I stand up to get the door. At the door is Adrian looking handsome as usual.
“Hi ” I say as I open the door for him to come in. I draw one of the chairs from my desk for him and sit on the second one.
“How are you ” he ask as he sits down.
“I’m fine ” I answer.
“Well, your voice showed the opposite obviously ” he said looking at my face. “What is wrong ” he questions his tone filled with consign.
Instead of me answering, I just begin to tear up. Like that’s what I’ve been doing since yesterday evening, apart from me feeling guilty which could be a cause, I’ve been having mood swings too. And that happens when my period is coming up.
“Oh my goodness, you are crying “Adrian exclaimed which trigger the tear more.
Nope, i can’t believe I’m crying in front of Adrian. On a normal and mood swing free day, I’d smack myself for thinking of it.
“Gemma, tell me! Shh, look at me ” he says as he lift my head up with his hand.
“A problem shared is a problem solved, so tell me about whatever that is making you cry ” he look at me waiting for my answer.
“I…i feel so guilty Adrian, I feel bad after what happened yesterday. I talked to Brandon, and I realized that I’ve wrongly accused him and punished him for what he did not do.” I cry out more.
I was Suprise when Adrian pull me in to a hug but I’m not in my right senses to think about it. I wrap my arms around him as I w€t his green shirt with tears. He continue petting me, rubbing his hand on my hair.
“If you want to feel less guilty, you should make amend ” he speaks up.
“How? ” I ask as I clean my tears.
“Apologize and make it up to him. Buy him what he likes the most, put a smile on his face”
“But I apologize to him yesterday, he said he would never forgive me ” I replied.
“He will, just keep on begging him ” Hunter says.
I nod and tighten my hands around him.
“You are the best cuddle ever ” I say with smile and sniff his cologne.
“Really, don’t tell me this is just a prank so that you can cuddle with me ”
“What! No. I really feel bad ” I tell him .
“Okay, now that you feel less bad we have to get working. We have a lot to do, coupled that you missed School today ” he says as he tries move out of my tight grip.
I sigh and release him. I watch him as he brings out texts from his side bag. We start the lesson.
Minutes later. It’s starting to get boring, I prefer reading novel than this. So I just stare at Adrian’s face and watch his small pink lips move instead of listening to him. He then notice and glare at me.
“Concentrate Gemma ” he says and I nod swiftly. I start listening to him again as he talks about figures of speech. Goodness so much for missing School for a day.
“Hey!! Can you be my cuddle buddy? ” I smile as I play with the bracelet on his hand.
He look up at me with a bewildered look. “No, well I think it’s disrespectful to ask your teacher that ”
“Come on ” I pout.
“You are mean ” I roll my eyes hitting his shoulder slightly.
“You just ask me to be your cuddle buddy, know what that means? ”
“Well that isn’t a big deal, besides you’re not my teacher ” I said.
“Then what am I ” he scoff.
“You’re my cuddle buddy ” I giggle.
“Are you drunk ?”
“Yeah, drunk with literature ” I huff.
“I think I like you better when you feel guilty” he shakes his head.
“And I like it better when you are not in a teaching teaching mode, that way I feel less bored. ”
“That’s how it should be” he replies
“No, that’s not how it should be. You should atleast put some ginger into your explanation or something instead of goin-”
“So in other words, I’m a boring teacher ” he raise an eyebrow.
“No, don’t get me wrong, I mea-”
“Don’t worry, I get you. ” he sigh.
I roll my eyes and stay silent.
“Soo,,, have you opened the box I gave you?” he ask.
Oh shit! I forgot.
“No ” I say as I stand up to get it from my bag.
I unwrap it and open the box. I gasp as I stare at the beautiful necklace in the box. I brought it out.
“You like it? ” he ask and I look at him.
I shake my head affirmatively and sit down.
“I know your dad can get you more than this, a diamond or gold necklace precisely. But this is what I can afford ” he laughs.
I’m trying hard not to blush right now, and I don’t know how to thank him. So I just hug him and say “Thank you ”
T. B. C.☺
Ah! So much hugging and cuddling for today. Na only kissing remain 😀

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