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What you least expect episode 12 – 13

What you
Least expect 🍥🌻
A teacherxstudent rom-nce
💫Episode 12💫
“I didn’t go to School yesterday and you couldn’t check up on me if I was okay. That’s so not Good Camille ” I confronted Cam.
Seriously, she’s been acting weird and I don’t like it a bit. What is wrong with her?
“Sorry, are you okay? ” she says in a duh tone as she roll her eyes.
“Obviously, you are so early to ask ” I scoff.
“And why won’t you be okay, I mean.. The person I should be asking if he’s okay is Brandon, not you ”
“Oh,, I see the reason for this attitude. Now you gonna tell me how you and Brandon are related all of a sudden that makes you care so much to the point of beefing with your – bestfriend ”
“Even if we are not related, I am not like you Gemma ” she states.
“Not like me? Tell me what am I? ”
“You are a stupid rich and a spoilt girl who wants everything in her way, not minding if she’s hurting anybody ” she rasp.
“Wow! Nice speech Cam, here is a thumbs up for you- Now I realize how much of a bitch you are, not just a bitch a bitter bitch” I continue.
“You are so bitter that you can’t even keep it. Because I did something which you and I know why I did. Plus if I ever do something wrong, as my bestfriend you are suppose to tell what I did was bad or correct me and tell me how to mend my mistake, not insult me” I yell.
“Like you will ever listen ” she scoff.
“Yo- you know what, we are done here Missy ” I say and walk away from her.
What Suprised and baffled me the most is, why will she run to Angel all because of this mere fight. But I guess, it’s more than it is.
I sigh and head to Adrian’s office for the private class. I knock on his door and open it when he granted the permission to.
“You came early today, it isn’t break time yet” Adrian says as he stares at me.
“I have a free period, so..”
“You could have spend the period with your friends and have lunch. ”
“Unfortunately I have none ” I say as I move to seat down on his desk.
“Come sit here, next to me ” he points to the free seat next to him.
I raise an eyebrow, then did what he said. It was a two sitter but small for two people to fit in perfectly, we have to move closer to each other so as not to fall and it’s pretty uncomfortable for me. I feel so hot being this close to him.
Wait, but how did I survive yesterday. I mean we hug and worse we cuddle. I guess I wasn’t really in my right mind then.
“Where are your chairs? ” I ask as I scan around his office, his leather made chair and the ones I use to seat on were gone. The one we are sitting on and the table is the only thing you can sit on.
“Someone, like some teacher took them yesterday said he needs them but I’ve not see him return it and I feel lazy to go look for it ”
“You should ” I say and breathe out a sigh bringing out my book and pen.
“Maybe you can help me? ” he stands up and walk to his book shelf.
“Okay ” I reply staring at his back.
He look back at me and smile. That killer smile. “I didn’t expect you would say yes ”
“Surprised, yeah I’ve changed so much ” I laugh.
“Good ” he smiles and walks back to sit beside.
“Yeah, so we don’t have much to do today. Exam is coming up in weeks time, so we have to be fast with it. This private lesson should be over two weeks before your exam. I will give you some likely question to come up and together we are going to read the books recommended. ”
“So let’s get started ” he smiles and bring out a novel.
“Okay ” I say.
“You must be hungry, here! Have some chips” he stretch a pack of chips to me.
I collect it. “Wow thank you ”
“You are welcome ” he says and open his.
“You know, I’ve always have them in my locker ever since this private lesson started with the mind that I’ll give you and that can keep you less hungry cos I know you don’t eat lunch before coming. But I changed my mind cos of how you always pick up fights and arguments with me every time. But today, you are surprisingly sweet and humble ”
At the moment he mentioned sweet and humble, I could swear I feel butterflies in my stomach.
“Point of correction Mr Gonzalez, you are the one who pick up fight with me first ” I roll my eyes.
“Okay let’s read, I’m not gonna start an argue with you ”
He open the first page, place it in front so we can both read but I wasn’t seeing anything.
“Erm.. Place it in the middle I can’t see ”
“Oh sorry ” he says and did but It was like its uncomfortable for him plus I couldn’t read clearly like that.
“I think you should use your left hand that is close to me to hold it ” I said.
“Nah, that’s not comfortable ” he replies and then put his left arm up around me his hand practically laid on the headboard of the chair then hold the book with his right hand. “I think it’s more convenient this way ” he says.
Yeah but not for me cos I’m feeling damn hot under your touch. I want to scre-m.
My heart is beating so fast in my chest. I could hear his heartbeats making me so sure he can hear mine too.
“Are you okay? Can you see it now ” he ask his breath fanning my face.
“Yes, I can see… Clearly ” I gulp.
We both start to read but I really wasn’t reading anything and Adrian will ask if I was through with a page which I will say yes when I didn’t even read a word all I was doing is stare at his arm, and think of how perfect we are gonna be if we are a thing. I mean that’s crazy
Oh God! I can’t take this anymore.
“Is this the only novel available? Cos I can’t concentrate a bit with…you know..erm your arms around my shoulders..its kinda uncomfortable ” I whisper not looking at him.
“Oh I’m so sorry I didn’t mean to do that. Well there’s no more copies of the book but…you … No I think you should read it yourself and then tell what you learnt and I’ll just ask you a few questions about it. I think that’s better? ”
“Yes ” I replies. He gave me the book, our hands brush. I feel some kind of shock when our hands touch. It was new but yet I know it was a spark. Those sparks, I read about in rom-nce novel.
I read up to fifteen chapters which is where he ask me to stop.
“So now tell what you have read so far ”
“Okay, so in chapter one, Its actually mostly introduction, the only important part is how Amelia met the drug dealer who is her husband ” I continued on and on.
“Good job Gemmy” he smiles and clap his hands.
“Thank you ”
“Now my question ” he smirks
♥What you
Least expect 🍥🌻
A teacherxstudent rom-nce♥
💫Episode 13💫

I’ve been stalking Brandon, going to his house almost every damn time cos he’s not coming to School. I just want to say sorry, but I got push out every time I try to.
Today, I’m not going back home until I see Brandon.
“Mrs Hayes I really need to talk to him ” I beg his mom.
“I want to help you, but he’s gonna get mad and I don’t want that ”
I sigh and rest mind back on the wall thinking of what to do next.
“Gemma” Mrs Hayes called and gestures that I follow her.
“You know his room ” she says and left. Of course I know his room, can’t count how many times I came here.
I get to Brandon and breathed out before knocking. “Who is it? ” I heard Brandon’s voice.
“It..its me”
“Who? ”
“It’s Gemma, Brandon please open this door we need to talk ” I beg.
“What the f-ck! Who let you in ”
“Brand- ”
“Go away, I don’t wanna talk to you ” he shouts.
“Brandon please, I’m not gonna go until you let me apologize ” I say and receive no response. I continued knocking and calling his name.
The door opened and I see Brandon glare me.
“You’re so stubborn ” he huff.
“Can I come in ” I ask and he opened the door for me. I step into the room.
“Your room didn’t change ” I say looking around.
“Face what you’re yet for ” he growls.
I sigh and move to hug him but he push me back.
“Why are you here ” he says.
“Brandon I’m sorry, I really am. You know I can be a brat sometimes and what I did isn’t fair, I know that ”
“No it isn’t fair “he huff.
“I’m sorry ” I say and move to hug him this time he reciprocate making me smile.
I look around to see his room almost empty, his bags are packed and his wardrobe is open with nothing there.
“Wait! Are you guys moving? ” I ask.
“No I’m the only one leaving ”
“But why? ”
“You don’t know how it feels to be made jest of around the town ” he says.
I move to hug him again and this time it was long before we disengage. He k-ssed my forehead and smile at me.
“Even if I try to be mad at you for long, I can’t. And you will always be my first love. I’m sorry for the times I’ve hurt you too. I’ve been a bad guy and I think I deserve what you did ” he says.
I shake my head negatively. “No Brandon ”
“Listen I have to go now my flight is in an hour time ”

I left Brandon house and drive back home.
“Young master, your teacher have been waiting ” a maid says as I enter the living room.
And truthfully there sit Adrian on one of the sofa talking to a maid. The maid saw me and left. I didn’t miss glaring at her before she left.
“Hey I’ve been waiting for an hour ”
“Yeah, and I see you got yourself a company” I scoff.
“Come on I was just talking to her, you left me waiting and I was bored ”
I roll my eyes.
“Let’s go ” I say leading him to my room.
“Where have you been? ” he ask.
“At Brandon’s ”
“Ohh,, so are you guys fine now? ”
“Yeah, but he’s leaving ” I say as I push my door open.
“Why? ”
“Because of me ” I answer dropping my bag on my bed. Adrian sits down on the plastic chair we are using and drop his bag on the table.
“What do you mean because of you? ”
“Because of what I did to him ” I say.
“Feel bad? ” he looks at me as I remove my shoe.
“Terrible ” I answer.
I pack my hair up with my hairband, remove my jacket and join Adrian grabbing the second chair.
“So let’s start today’s work ” I say.
Adrian nods and brings out two sheet of paper.
“Likely question to meet in your exam ” he gave it to me.
“Okay, I thought we will do it together ” I raise an eyebrow.
“Honestly, I don’t wanna do anything today” he sigh.
“Me too ” I chuckle.
“But I have to ”
“You don’t have to ” I reply.
“I don’t wanna get fired ”
“You won’t ”
“Says the girl that get everyone fired for stupid reasons ” he roll his eyes.
“You know, it’s funny when you roll your eyes and for something that is going to benefit the both of us, I can’t get you fired ”
“Trust me ” I added.
“You are not in a good mood right? ” I ask finally noticing that his face is kinda dull today, I mean he hasn’t tease me, insult me or has he smirk at me today and neither has he smiled, cos I’ve notice smiling is one thing that he does most of the time without even knowing.
“Yeah…I’ve been worked up lately ” he says.
“Oh ” that was all I could say.
“So what do you suggest we do? ” I ask.
“I don’t know ”
“How about watching a movie ” I say and he nods.
“I’ll be right back ” I hurried out of the room to the kitchen.
I open the freezer and take out cookies, some crackers in case he doesn’t want cookies. I also bring orange juice with popcorn. I take them back to my room and place them on the table.
I take out my laptop, place it on the table also, then log in to Netflix. I sit down and draw my chair closer to him. I’ve gotten use to been closer to him this days but I still feel sparks whenever our skin touch, I get butterflies whenever he compliments me or say good things to me, even him teasing me sometimes make me blush.
And I realized, I just want to be good, just for him to compliment.
“Have some cookies or cracker barrel” I tell him as I take one and eat it.
“OK ” he simply reply.
“Come on, don’t be shy ” I smirk.
“I’m not ” he says and I laugh.
I finally find us a movie to watch. I start it and seat back.
“What a nice and comfortable chair to watch a movie ” Adrian speaks.
“You could have told me that it isn’t good enough instead of being sacarstic ” I roll my eyes.
“You know it isn’t good enough ”
“Maybe I want to use it as an excuse to cuddle with you” I grin.
“You wish.”
I stand up and grab the floor mat place it beside my bed so that our back will be on it. I also took a small stool and place the laptop on it. I glance at Adrian who is looking at his phone. “Come sit down ”
“I’m leaving in the next two hours ago, I have somewhere to go ” he says sitting down.
“Oh.. I guess I should find a short movie then ” I say changing the movie.
I snuggle closer to him, hugging his arm. Call me crazy. I just want him to hug me.
“Gemma, sit between my laps ” he tells me as he spread his legs.
I stand up and seat between his legs, my back facing his front. Since he is taller, I can only reach his chest so I rest my head on his chest. He wraps his arms around my wa-ist pulling me closer.
I cross my legs on each other and concentrate on the movie that just start. We both watch in silence but laugh anytime a funny scene comes and trust it was Adrian who laugh the most. I’m glad that change his mood anyway.
Now the awkward scene ever is the scene displaying in front of me. It was a k-ssing scenes, but not only that the k-ss is turning into something else. The couple were trying to get there clothes off and at the same time k-ssing each other roughly. When they finally get their clothes off, the next thing showed is them on the bed and yeah they are clearly having s€×. They are showing every detail of it. And was I comfortable watching it? Hell no, not with my teacher, but if I were alone I’ll definitely watch it over and over.
“Erm..i think I should fast forward this place. It’s.. ” I say as I wait for him to say something but he says nothing.
I glance up almost meeting his face, and our nose are almost touching.
“Why are you silent ” I ask.
“I’m watching a movie, I should be silent ” he shrug his eyes peering into mine.
I face the front. The scene is still the same.
“You’re the older one here and I think you should tell me to fast forward this cos it’s not a good thing to watch ” I said.
“How old are you Gemma ?”
“Eighteen ” I reply.
“I’ve given you my answer. ”
I sigh and fast forward it.
I gro-n when another scene similar to the first one starts causing Adrian to laugh.
“It’s not funny ” I said.
“Don’t act like you are innocent girl ”
I glance at him with a frown on my face. “What do you mean? ”
“You know, almost everyone talks about you in School even the teachers. So I’ve heard a lot ” he smiles.
“What have you heard about me ?” I ask bringing my head closer.
“I want to tell you, but you are too close ” he whisper making me stare at his lips. I look back at him to see his eye on my lips too. I gulp as I notice our head getting closer.
Oh my gosh we are about to k-ss. He rubs his nose on mine making me close my eyes waiting for him to k-ss me.
We both flinch when someone open the door. Within flash I was up from his lap. I hit my leg on the stool my laptop is making me, the stool and the laptop fall.
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