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What you least expect episode 16 – 18


What you
Least expect 🍥🌻
A teacherxstudent romance
💫Episode 16 💫
That night I slept with the rose beside me. And I couldn’t help but smile anything time I remember the kiss.

next morning.
I woke up early, eager to go to School and see him again. I take my bath and wear my best cloth and also put on a light make up.
“Woah!! What happened Gemma ” Dad laughs.
“What do you mean ?”
“I want to know that boy that made you dress up like this today and you even woke up early ” my Dad speaks.
“There’s no boy Daddy ” I roll my eyes.
“Don’t lie to me, I know my daughter well. Who is that new crush of yours ” he pressed on.
“Gracious God! Dad I said no one ” I yell and ran out of the house. Dad can be naughty sometimes.
I drive to School and went to my first Class. After two more classes and it was English class and that means Adrian’s class. I became nervous. I haven’t seen him today and i don’t know what to do if I see.
Okay Gemma, you just act like nothing ever happened. I tell myself.
He has already start teaching when I entered the class. I didn’t glance at him as I walk to sit beside Camile.
“Where were you? “Cam whispers.
“I had to use the restroom ” I tell her bringing out my book.
I finally look at him. He was just teaching and doesn’t glance at me. I sigh taking the bottom of my pen into my mouth.
“Are you okay?” Cam ask looking at me.
“I’m fine ” I reply as I flip through my book.
“You sure? You look disturb ”
“Yes I am very sure Camile and thank you ” I snap.
“Ms. Brown and Ms villers, I need you to stop talking ” Adrian’s voice chipped in making me look up.
“Sorry sir “Cam apologize. He nods and glance briefly at me, then continue what he was doing which got me angry. How could he be so fvcking comfortable and acting like nothing happened while I’m here trying to concentrate.
After class, I head to his office. I open the door without knocking then lock it. He look up from his laptop and watch me as I move away his laptop and sit on his desk then grab him by his shirt pulling him closer and kiss him hard. He freeze as he didn’t kiss back at first but later reciprocate wrapping his right arms

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around my waist and his left hand stayed on my neck. I position my hand on his chest,and the other hand running through his hair.
“Well, hello to you too ” he says pulling away. I smirk and pull him back to me kissing him. He made me sit on his lap still not breaking the kiss. He lick my lower lip making me slightly open up as he deepen the kiss.
I send my hand in his shirt running it up and down on his chest. I feel his muscle jump at my touch. He grab my neck closer

and trail kisses from my ear biting his softly, my breathing ragged as he run his palm on my exposed laps and also moving his hand between my thighs rubbing it giving me a crazy sensation. I m0an closing my eyes as I hold onto his shoulder. He at the same time was sucking and grazing his teeth on my neck.
I can’t help the m0an that radiates through my throats when he kissed my sensitive spot.
He stop and look at me.
“Why did you stop? ” I ask breathlessly.
“We can always do that later, but now it’s work time ” he smiles.
I roll my eyes and get up from his lap adjusting my clothes.
“During class, you were acting like nothing happened, I was mad. You didn’t even glance at me, whereas I was there trying to concentrate ” I say, feeling my anger building up.
“What do you want me to do? Kiss you or hug you in front of everybody?” he rest his palm on my shoulder looking into my eyes. “Believe me Gemma, I almost lost it today especially when you enter the class looking so gorgeous, I wanted to grab you and kiss away those red lipstick ” he smiles widely showing his white teeth.
I bite my lip as I look away from him. I was blushing real hard. He gave me a small kiss on my lips “Okay sit down let’s get to work, you know ” he says and he walk to his shelf bringing out some books.
We start the class, with me staring at him in smiles and sometimes steal kisses from him and he will smile at me then continue teaching.
I know this wrong but it feels right.To me, It feels right kissing my

teacher, but to the society it’s so wrong. Maybe because I don’t see him as my teacher anymore.
Well, the same thing goes on for days. During School hour, we acted normal but during private class, we kissed, make out, laugh and work. Adrian couldn’t keep his hands away whenever we’re alone. It’s crazy cuz I can’t too. But of us are getting addicted to each other that we don’t care anymore.
The only thing we are scared of is getting caught.
What you
Least expect 🍥🌻
A teacherxstudent romance
💫Episode 17 💫
I barge in to Adrian’s office during lunch and roll my eyes when I met him talking to a female teacher. They both turn to look at me.
“What? Can’t you knock, this is a teacher’s office not your room ” the teacher said.
“I wasn’t blind stupid! And you should get out now or else you wanna explain to my Dad why I couldn’t have my private lesson today ” I say as I find somewhere to seat.
She turn to Adrian “So you’re teaching her privately. Well, I hope she isn’t giving much stress, cos that’s what she does. She mannerless! ”
“What your mouth bitch! ” I snarl as I stand up angrily ready to fight.
“Gemma please calm down ” Adrian says as he stands up.
I sigh trying my best to calm my nerves. That bitch deserve to be punched.
“You know, Tina I think you should go now ” Adrian says.
“Why? I can stay while you teach the girl “Tina glares at me which I returned gratefully.
“No! “Adrian almost yell making Tina raise her eyebrow. “I..mean you can just do it in your office since I already explained it to you “he says, calmly.
“Fine I’ll leave and I’ll see you later “she gave Adrian a seductive look as she stands up.
“You’ll hear from me soon ” I tell her. She did not only insult m, she wants to steal my boyfriend too, not my boyfriend yet but he’s mine alone.
She scoff “You can’t get me fired girl “she laughs.
“Really cos I’m doing just that and more”
“By the time I’m done giving your papa series of styles, he wouldn’t dare to ” she smirks and wink at Adrian before exiting the room.
I clench my fists angrily until someone holds my hand.
“You really don’t need to care about her, she’s crazy “Adrian says.
“I need water ” I say grabbing the bottle water from the table and drank them all.
I let out a deep breath and trash the bottle.
“We need to talk ” Adrian suddenly say. I turn to look at him to see him looking so serious.
“Okay…You are getting me scared cos your first sentence sounds like you want to tell me that you’re breaking up with me ”
“Something like that “he says not looking at me.
“What!” I walk to where he’s standing.
“Look Gemma, I’ve been thinking about this, I mean what we are doing is inappropriate and I think we should stop before it’s too late “he says.
“No way! I’m not agreeing to that”
“You have to, if we keep doing this you’re going to get hurt and… ”
“I never complained Adrian” I tell him.
“Is this all about you not wanting to loose your job? ”
“No, I don’t care about that. ”
“Then what? ” I hold his hand and he just stare at me “Listen… I want you and I know you do too, so why deny ourselves that ”
“That’s exactly my point, what if we fall in love? We have to stop before it’s too late ” he says.
“okay now I get. Do whatever you want ” I snap almost crying as I walk past him.
“Gemma “he grab my wrist.
“We have to stop “he says making more angry.
“You are acting immature right now If you don’t know ” I yell at him, then storm out of his office ignoring him calling my name.
What you
Least expect 🍥🌻
A teacherxstudent romance
💫Episode 18💫
Waking up, I realize I was shedding tears from sleep. Wth. What type of dream did I have that was making me cry.
I then remember Adrian breaking up with me. It was all a dream. Damn!!
I stand up from my bed, brush my teeth and do my morning routine and head to School.
It was like a Deja Vu moment when I entered Adrian’s office during lunch to see the same teacher from my dream in his office and this time she wasn’t sitting down on a chair, she was sitting on Adrian’s lap.
“Tina please, I can’t do this with you “Adrian says trying to pull her away.
“But why.. I’ve been trying to get you all this while but you just ignore. Does that mean my seductive skill is not good enough? Okay don’t worry I’ll try harder “she grins.
“Come on, look at me and tell me you don’t like my s£xy and hot body anymore uh or is there someone else Adrian ”
I was about turning to leave but stop when Adrian says. “Yes there’s someone else who I’m crazy for and who is one million times better than you ”
“Really “she laughs. “That’s not true, no one can be better than me Adrian, you know it ” she scoff.
“Are you done ?” I say making both of them turn to me.
The lady raise an eyebrow looking at me and then smirk.
“Hiiii ” she pull up a smile as she got off Adrian’s lap and walk to where I’m standing.
She stretched out her hand “I’m Tina, Adrian’s girlfriend, you are? ”
I didn’t answer her question neither did I return the handshake. She cleared her throat and fold back her hand.
“You must his student uh and you’re a rude one too “she gives a small smile. She’s beautiful though with heavy makeup and clothes that barely cover her body. I glance at Adrian who gave me a light smile and wink.
Don’t you dare wink at me cos I’m mad at you right now “I thought.
“If you don’t mind, I have class here so get out ” I finally speak up.
“Excuse you! So because I’ve been tolerating your none sense you think you can take for granted? Who do you think you’re idiot. ” she yell.
“Bla bla bla, girl you suck ” I scoff at her moving past her to sit down.
“Tina you know you’re not supposed to be here in the first place, and you have no right to insult my student okay, so please I don’t ever want to see you here anymore ” Adrian speaks.
“Your work place? Damn! Who wants to date an highschool teacher anyways, your salary can’t feed me for a week “she scoff taking her bag.
“Cos you’re a glutton and you think your profession is better? Seducing and stealing people’s man. Slut ” I yell after her as she exist the room.
“Gemma! ” Adrian calls.
“What? “I glare at him.
“No one has ever stood up for me like that before “he says calmly walking to where I’m sitting.
“I’m sorry about that “he added looking at me.
“Are you angry ?” he ask when I didn’t give him any response.
A tear drop from my eyes. Seriously I’m getting emotional thanks to Adrian.
“You have a girlfriend and you didn’t even tell about it ” I cried.
“No! She’s my ex girlfriend, we dated when I was in college ”
“Then was is she doing here if she was your ex like you said ”
“She said she wants me back. she have being pestering me for days now ”
“So.. Are you going back to her? “I ask cleaning my tears.
“No.. She’s my past and I’m never going back to my past. ” he stated and I nod.
“I.. I’m sorry ” I laugh realizing I just cried for that.
Adrian grins at me and pull me from the chair.
“You’re cute when you’re angry and jealous. I love what you did earlier and for the first time I love it when you’re being rude “he says as he wrap his arms around me.
“Gosh, is that suppose to be a compliment? “I roll my eyes.
“If it is “he shrug.
He raise my head with his fingers staring at my lips. I unconsciously lick it making him smile before slam his lips on mine. He takes my lower lip in his mouth fondling them and send in tongue in to my mouth also, I kiss him back with all my heart my tongue dangling with his. He plays with my b00bs as he kiss me. A m0an escape my lips, my body became heated with desire.
Adrian scoop me up making wrap my legs around his waist. He put on his desk as he trail down from my neck to the hollow of my bre@st through my pink shirt. I run my hands through his hair, my breathing became excited.
The excitement stop when he pull away.
“Adrian please don’t stop now ” I beg desperately.
He closes his eyes. “No, I might not be able to control myself anymore if we move further. ” he sigh.
I got down from the table “I want you Adrian and I know you want me too.”
“But.. Of course I do. What I’m saying is we can’t have s£x here, we can’t ”
“Yes we can ” I tell him.
“Are you sure about this Gemma, I don’t want it to seem like I wanna take advantage of you ”
“No you’re not, I want you to.. make.. love to me if possible ” I stutter.
He kissed me softly pulling me closer to him. I could feel his er£ction against my heat making my heart race.
“I’ll close the door ” he says releasing me.
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Next chapter is Rated.
I think Gemma has fallen in love 🤔

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