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What you least expect episode 30


What you
Least expect 🍥🌻
A teacherxstudent romance
💫Episode 30💫 [Final episode] ~
I decide to go to School today. I can’t run away for ever.
I packed my car in the parking lot and can feel eyes boring into my skin aa I step out of

the car. I’m use to people staring at me like that, but this different.
I shrug it off and walk with my head up into the School. I met Camille on my way. She gave me a mockery look as she stops in front of me.
I said nothing as I stare at her.
“Look the little whore is here “she claps her hands.
People already start to gather around us.
I let out a deep breath and tries walking away but she blocked me.
“Ha not so fast.. “she smirks.
“Get the fvck outta my way ” I tried keeping my cool.
“Are you really sleeping with Mr Gonzalez, gosh I’m so ashamed of you “she shakes her head and gave me a mock glance.
“And I think you are suspended right, oh I forgot that you’re the principals daughter. Your Dad wouldn’t wanna do that ”
Murmur begins among the people standing.
“Are you done bitch. I need to get to class quickly not because I really wanna leave so quick but because you disgust me ” I snarl and make my way out.
“We’ll see how long you are going to survive with this “she says.
“Are you ready to tell me why you did that to me ” I ask Camile and she scoff.
I continue “I thought you are my friend, even if you found out it was suppose to be between us ”
“You made me do it Gem, if you haven’t you don’t want me anymore I wouldn’t have done it ”
“Don’t call me Gem, people I love call me that not just a random person”
“Why are you always acting like I’m the one at fault all time. If you think I’ll apologize this time then you’re mistaken ”
“I don’t need your stupid apology that you do and end up collecting something from me yet even after all I did for you still backstabbed me. And I call you my friend ”
“I was a good friend Gemma and you know it. You were the one that is so self centered and doesn’t even care about me or what I feel. ”
“What the fvck are you saying? I don’t care about you? Or you’re the one keeping secrets from me, you never told me anything about you ”
“Because you’re not suppose to know!! ” she yells.

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will do nothing anyways, or maybe mock me ” she scoff.
“Why will I do that? ”
“I am not born in to a rich home like you, I don’t have parents. I only live in a shabby house with my grandma that can not even walk not to talk of putting food on the table. I was here because I got a scholarship, I made sure you don’t know anything about it or else you’ll stopped being friends with me. I tried everything just to stay friends with you. I do whatever you want, apologize even when I’m not

at fault. I tell you whatever you did or do is good so that you’ll not get angry. You getting angry at me means I won’t be able to eat that day. Cos all those times, I tell you I lost my wallet? I don’t have a dime on me and the money you gave I keep it so that I can feed my grandma too. ”
I was shocked.
“And then I couldn’t take it anymore after what you did to Brandon ”
“What does Brandon have to do with… ”
“Because I like him!!” she cut me off.
“What!! ”
“No I love him. All my life. Even before you met him, I’ve been crushing on him. I was happy when you broke up with him. It was my chance you know but after I realize you might hate me just like you did with Angel. I changed my mind. I waited maybe Brandon will just look at me. I’m beautiful too right?…. I was dying in silence. Then You made my hope chattered when he left because of what you did. Since then my heart have been full of hate and I told my self that I won’t stop till I hurt you just like you did ” she explained in tears.
I shake my head in disbelief.
“You know me better than anyone else Camile, you know I’ll do just anything for a friend. If you let me know about your feelings for Brandon I can just let go of the past and hook you two up some way. If I know about your status Gemma I would have help without even anyone else knowing about it. You told me your parents are rich and I believe. I have no idea what you are passing

through cos you never told me anything ”
“But if doing this make you feel better….you can continue as for the friendship you didn’t wanna loose, you already lost it ” I tell her, taking a step back and walk away.
I can’t believe she can be that stupid. She was pretending to be friends with me because she needs me.
I shake my head and concentrate on my driving.
I got home and head to my room. As I was about opening my door, I turn to look at my dad’s door as I contemplate on going to him or going to my room.
I step away from my door and went ahead to knock on his.
He open the door, seeing me he sigh and gestures for me to come in. I close the door behind me and sit down on his bed.
“If you’re here to convince me to accept that boy, you better leave now ” he says as he sits beside then grab a magazine from the night stand.
“Dad! You know I’m change right? ”
“Yes ”
“Do you know who and why changed me? It’s Adrian ”
“Gemma it doesn’t matter, that’s why I chose him to be your private tutor in the first place. I want him to help me change you not..date you ”
“What happened to my mom?”
“I’m not ready to talk about that ”
“Till when then ” I arch my brow.
He sigh and drop the magazine.
“Your mother, she was my student back then when I was a professor ”
“Really? ”
Wow I never knew that.
“Yes. Something led to another, I had a one night stand with her. Two weeks later she came to me and told me she was pregnant with my baby. I didn’t believe her cos your mother… ” he paused.
“My mom is? ”
“It might hurt you” he swallows.
“Say it ”
“She was like a call girl… I mean I’m not the first person she slept with for money “he was looking at me trying to figure out my reaction but I held a neutral expression even though I was shocked I never expect my mother was like that.
“I didn’t believe the pregnancy was mine but through DNA test it was proved that the baby was mine. I accepted but we both agreed on keeping it a secret. A month after you were born, our cover was blown. Everyone gets to know about it. I was popular back then due that my Dad was a rich and noble man. I got fired from my job cos I broke the rule by having an affair with a student and dad was disappointed too. Your mother was expelled too and I think that spoiled her business so she wants to leave you with me and go somewhere else. I beg and bribed her to stay cos I don’t want you to grow up motherless plus I can’t take care of you alone. We ran away from home and came here to start over. Oh did I forget to mention I had a fiance when all this things happened, she broke up with me after she heard that I impregnate another woman. I didn’t blame her. I was cruel to her “he sigh.
I pat his shoulders and he smiles at me.
He continues “We got married and we both start to take care of you. My father died a year after and I was the heir to all his wealth. All his companies, house, almost everything he owned was mine and some to your aunt. Your mother even after spending my money lavishly didn’t stop her job. I couldn’t stop her. And I already fell in love with her you know she can be sweet when she wants to ” he laughs.
“One day she left me a note telling me that I should not find her cos she already left. I quickly ran to check my money and docvments. Indeed some of my money and two docvments to my father’s companies were gone ”
“So that means my mother is still alive ?”
“No, she died on the plane when she was running away “he gave a sad smile.
“Don’t think about it much, If she was alive you’ll be worser than this, she taught you many bad things that I tried to curb after she left but it seems impossible and I hate to admit that Adrian did a great job curbing it “he says and I smirk.
“You see ”
It was true, everything I do was what my mother taught. I can still remember her telling me to be a bold girl and talk back at anyone who tries to challenge or bully me even if it’s my father.
That word still rings in my head till now on my head. And I believe the only way to keep her memory was to act accordingly to her words.
Dad and I talked for awhile before I left to take a shower and eat. I resumed to my bedroom after that and pick up my phone to call Adrian.
Someone knock on my door as I was about to dial his number.
I groan and drop my phone. Speaking of the devil. Adrian enters my room leaving me Suprise.
“What are you doing here? You know what dad will do it if he sees you ” I whisper locking my door.
“He already saw me ”
“What? ”
He shrug and lay on my bed, I also climb up and sit beside him staring down at his face.
“He called me.. “.he says.
“For what? What did he say to you ”
“He threatened me ” he replies and I frown.
“To leave me right? ”
“No “he lay on his side resting his head on his palm, his elbow dung in the bed and take my hand in his other.
“He said if I ever hurt you, he will have my head and feed it to wild animals “he smiles.
I cringe but eventually burst into laughter.
“He said that? ” I ask in disbelief.
“Yes and he also ask what level I intend on taking our relationship to. I told him I want to spend the rest of my life with you if let me. ” I could tell he meant everything he just said and had said to my father.
“He told me, you can’t proceed to anything like marriage until after seven years, by then she will be a successful lawyer ”
Oh God, he still insist I study law.
“In my mind I was like damn! I will be 30 years old. But then it’s worth the wait. I’ll wait ” he says.
I close my eyes my heart full of joy.
“I hope you keep your promise ” I sigh.
“Gemma don’t doubt me. I love you too much to hurt you or leave you ”
I kiss him and he reciprocate immediately.
“I want you- I need you- I love you ” I raspily say and I find my fingers already on his button.
“You’re always bossy “he smirks.
“And impatient ” he adds.
“Like you are not too ” I roll my eyes.
He laughs as he zip down my dress.
“Thought you like bossy men “he raise an eyebrow.
“Yes I like men who takes charge in everything especially… ” I smirk and bite his lips.
He groans softly. “You don’t wanna play dirty Gemmy or things gets naughty than you’ll imagine ” he says and I smile.
I was about to reply when a knock on my door. I’m angry at whoever it is.
“Gemma come downstairs and you too Adrian in five minutes “came dad’s voice.
“oh … God ” I groan.
“My house tomorrow ” he kiss me roughly and hungrily as I am. I don’t want him to stop but he did.
“Let’s go “he says and I nod.
“Wait! He said in five minutes. We can do something ”
I know he was gonna agree but dad’s yell won’t make that happen.
He’s overprotective.
“How the fvck I’m gonna deal with this hard shit ” he mutters trying to get his manhood down.
I burst into laughter. “Let’s go ” I drag him out my room. He stop as we are about to climb the stairs. “Hold on, you should go first. Looking at you won’t solve my problem”
“Then don’t look at me” he glares at me “Fine I’m going ” I smirk and walk ahead to meet dad who is watching a movie. He came back a minutes later looking better than the previous frustrated look.
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