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What you least expect episode 8 – 9


♥What you
Least expect 🍥🌻
A teacherxstudent romance
💫Episode 8💫
(Birthday party )
“Dad, my birthday is up in a bit ” I say to him.
“I know sweetie ” he replies his eyes focused

on the phone in his hand. He was checking the news or something. I shift closer to him on the bed. I’m in his room, definitely to ask for something.
“Okay, just making sure ” I replies.
“You seem like you wanna say something. What is it? ” he drop the phone and look at me.
“Daddy ” I call as I hug him. I could smell his cologne.
“What is it, ask ” he said.
“I’m turning eighteen next week Friday ”
“I know that ”
“And…. I think I should celebrate it ”
“We always celebrate, don’t we ” he replies.
“No, I don’t want it to be the two of us along, dad, I want to hold a party whereby all my friends and everyone in School can attend. Daddy please don’t say No ” I pout.
“I promise to always do what you want. Just please ” I beg.
“Okay ” my Dad answer. I jump up in excitement and pull him in hug.
I peak his cheek and walk out of his room happily. I text Camille about the good news and she replies saying she’s coming over. I know she’s so excited as I am.
I’m inviting almost everyone in School. But definitely not Angel. And of course my boyfriend is coming. Brandon.
SO TODAY is the day, my birthday and I’m so excited, so many things is gonna happen today and I hope it goes as I planned.
“Oh God I’m so exhausted ” Camille sigh and she lay on my bed.
“Get your ass off my bed ” I say as I smack her butt.
“Come on Gem, I’ve been walking around the mall trying to find you a suitable dress for your party and now that I got it. You should thank me by letting me rest for a while ” she says.
“Tch,you sound like I made you lift a rock and besides you aren’t the only one that went for shopping you only help me to pick the clothes ” I roll my eyes.
“Stop being a pain in the ass Gemma, shut up for a minute ” she groans and she toss around on my bed.
I roll my eyes again. I bring the shopping bags to my closest and starts arranging the clothes properly in the wardrobe.
Just then I heard a knock, I leave what

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I’m doing and walk back to the room. I look at Camile, she fast asleep. I shake my head.
Lazy bone.
I open the door to see my Dad.
“Dad? What are you doing here? ” I say as I close the door behind me and walk away from the door so that our voices won’t wake Cam up.
“Just want to ask about your birthday preparations ”
“Oh it’s going on well Dad” I replies.
“Invited your friends? ” he ask.
“Yes ”
“What about Adrian, do you invite him? ”
“No, why should I? ”
“For the fact

that he has been of help to us especially you, this past week should be enough reason ” he replies looking at me.
“Dad I can’t and besides he wouldn’t wanna come ”
“How sure are you ”
I sigh frustrated. “Invite him if you want but I’m not going to ”
He nods and left. One thing about my dad. He doesn’t like prolonging conversation, he doesn’t like argument while me, I’m the total opposite. I did argue till my last breath, just to prove my point or make my wish happen.

Some Students both invited and not invited are already present in the large siting room downstairs and loud music can be heard up in my room here. Actually Dad, didn’t like the idea of the loud music and inviting many people but after persuading him with tears in my eyes of course, he agreed. But he said he can’t sleep here tonight, but in his other apartment. He left an hour ago telling the chief maids to watch over me and call him if anything happens. Like I’m ever going to answer the old lady. Even though I respect a bit, she has been with us before my mom died and she’s also my mommy’s friend. That is the only reason I listen to her sometimes.
I smile and stare at myself in the mirror. I just finish applying my make up but haven’t gotten dress yet.
“Should I dress up now ” I ask Camile.
“Nope you shouldn’t ” she answer sacarstically and laugh..
She walk to wear my Black Drape Kimono Dress was hanged and bring it out. I collected it from her and put on my bed. Then remove my towel, put on my underwear before putting the dress on.
I then

pick up my Loretta Brocade platform sandal which I bought online and wear it. It was design Black and Gold.
I sit back in front of my mirror and Camile do my hair. She pack it in a bun and lay the edges of my hair with Gel. I finish my look by retouching my make up.
I stand up and grab my handbag. Camille and I walked out of the room.
“my girlfriend is on fire, damn! ” Brandon was the first person to meet me.
“Thanks ” I smile. He took my hands and we both walk to our seat. A special seat in front.
After sitting down Brandon stands up and grab the mic.
“Can I have your attention everybody ” he says and everyone stop focusing their attention on him to hear what he has to say.
“The party has begin and yeah the celebrant is sitted looking breathtaking as ever. I’m I lying ” he ask the crowd and different answers follows turning to noise and inaudible to hear.
“She is looking hot, yes or yes? ” Brandon ask again and everyone chorus yes. I laugh.
“Good then, let’s all stand and sing her a birthday song “he says and everyone stand up. I also stood up with smiles.
MINUTES LATER, refreshments has start as everyone eats and drink what they want. I walk around searching for Camile when I sight a tall figure resting on the bar stand with a mobile phone in his hand.
Then figure look up and our eyes met. He smirk and stands up to his full height his eyes still on me.
I walk closer to him.
“Why are you here? “I say looking at his handsome face.
“What do you think I’m here for, your dad invited me I have to answer ” he replies.
“I know ” I scoff.
“Then why do you ask? ” he scoff back.
I look down at his body. He look different and more handsome in his t shirt rather than his usual button up long sleeve shirts that hides away all this strong and huge biceps I’m looking at. He even has a tattoo on his left arm. And instead of his tailored trousers, he is putting on a tight jeans that hugs his legs.
Holy fvck! I won’t deny the thing between my legs reacted.
“I know I’m handsome but don’t eat me up with your stares ” he look bemused and my face flush red.
Yes, I’ve been staring at him like a maniac and that’s stupid of me to do for someone I’m suppose to hate.
Do I hate him? No I just found him annoying. And he’s a jerk too who likes getting on my nerves always.
“I wasn’t staring ” I tell him.
“Here’s your birthday present ” he stretched a small Box wrapped in a wrapping sheet to me.
Woah! He got me a birthday gift?
“Thank you, but no I’m not accepting that ” I say staring at him trying to get his reaction.
He narrow his eyes and then shrug and put his hands back to his pocket.
“It’s okay, someone gave it to me last month for my birthday but I haven’t opened it yet, so I decided to give you as a birthday present but since you didn’t accept it, ill just keep it back ”
“What?” I yell.
♥What you
Least expect 🍥🌻
A teacherxstudent romance
💫Episode 9💫
(Not edited )
“Here’s your birthday present ” he stretched a small Box wrapped in a wrapping sheet to me.
Woah! He got me a birthday gift?
“Thank you, but no I’m not accepting that ” I say staring at him trying to get his reaction.
He narrow his eyes and then shrug and put his hands back to his pocket.
“It’s okay, someone gave it to me last month for my birthday but I haven’t opened it yet, so I decided to give you as a birthday present but since you didn’t accept it, ill just keep it back ”
“What?” I yell
“Why would you do that? ”
“Does it matter, you didn’t want it anyways” he says. I glare at him. Why will he do that?
“Adrian, I think you should leave, yo..” he cut me off.
“Did you just call me by my name? I don’t know, are we now on first name basis? ” he raise an eyebrow.
“so? After all we are not in School, I can call you whatever I want ”
“Really ” he chuckles.
“Why are you acting like you are so older than me ” I roll my eyes.
“I’m five years older than you kid” he says folding his arm against his chest.
I scoff.
“By the way you look….. ” he pause tilting his head sideways looking at my body. “Gorgeous ” he completes and I blush.
I flinch when a hand touch my waist.
“Hey Mr Gonzalez, it’s surprising seeing you here “Brandon says as he tightened his grip on my waist.
Adrian just smile in response.His gaze swept down to my waist, where Brandon’s hand is.
“Okay, I need my girlfriend now if you don’t mind ” Brandon smiles as he look at me.
I roll my eyes.
“No problem I’m about to leave though ” Adrian replies.
“But why, stay a little bit and have fun. Get yourself a good drink and enjoy the party ” Brandon says.
“I really appreciate your advice erm… ” Adrian trail off.
“Brandon ” he tell him.
“Brandon, but I have an important thing to do so I’ll have to leave ” Adrian explains.
“Alright then. let’s go babe “Brandon says.
“Okay, see you Mr Gonzalez ” I smirk and we both turn away.
As we are going, I turn back to see Adrian still staring at our back.
I want to do something fun.
“Let’s seat here ” I tell Brandon as I pull him to a sofa. He sits down and I sit on his lap. I look up. Adrian is still still staring at us.
I wrap my arms around Brandon ‘s neck and bend to kiss him. He reciprocate immediately, pulling me closer by my waist.
“Damn! You are drunk Brandon ” I say breaking the kiss.
“I’m not ” he replies and kiss me again. I know he’s drunk. He taste like vodka. I know this because I had a taste of it one time and that time I regret it. Well that’s a story for another day.
I stop kissing him and look up to Adrian’s direction. He is now with a cup in hand. I thoughr he said he’s leaving. Turns out he’s being looking at me all this while.
“Do you want us to take this upstairs ” I ask Brandon as I rub my hand on his hair.
“Of course ” he grins.
“Let’s go ” I lead him to one of the guest rooms and lock the door.
Immediately I closed the door, he starts kissing me.
“Hey easy, I not t running away ” I chuckle.
“Come on ” he groans.
“You know what? Why don’t undress and wait for me while I quickly use the restroom ” I say.
“Alright, be fast ” he says and sits on the bed.
I grab a cup and pour alcohol in to it.
“Take this ” I gave him and he collected it.
“I’ll be back ” I say and head to the bathroom.
More than 10 minutes later, I’m still in the bathroom doing nothing.
Gosh! I hope this work out.
I open the bathroom door a little and peep. I heave a sigh of relief when I heard his soft snores.
I got out of the bathroom and gentle walk to the bed.
“Aww he’s so cute while sleeping” I grin to myself as I take out my phone.
fvck! I forgot he’s n@ked. Oh God my eyes. I tried not to look at his down part as I take his pictures.
Oh Brandon I told you that you’re gonna pay for hurting me, but you didn’t believe. You will be shock by the time you wake up tomorrow.
I smirk and drop my phone into my purse. I cover Brandon with a duvet and walk out of the guest room.
T. B. C
WTF is Gemma doing?

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