When I Fall In Love

When I Fall In Love episode 1

When i fall in love
The sound of broken dishes woke me up.
Mum: Useless man!
Dad: pr-stitute! you don open all your legs finish for all the wh0le community.
Mum: my own still better nah.Atleast them dey give me regular money unlike you this disgrace to
Dad: Ehn! nah me you call disgrace to manh-od (slaps her and pounced on her,hitting her severally) i will kill
you today.
Mum: (Yells) somebody help me o! this man wan kill me o!
I stepped into the scene to seperate them but i ended up receiving a blow on my nose. “Kill yourselfs then
you all would be satisfied” i said to them as i left them alone with their problem to settle.I quickly had my bath and dressed up for the day as usually.I searched for my palm but couldn’t find it so i
decided to wear my dunlop slippers which was not in a good shape.
I took up my tray and went to the
bakery to collect bread to sell.I Began my hawking as usually. “Fine butter bread!” i kept yelling until a customer beckoned on me.I quickly went over to her,as my first customer this morning.
Donald: (put the tray to the ground) good morning ma.
Woman: How much do you sell your bread?
Donald: (pointing at the breads) this one N100,this one
N150 and this one N250
Woman: can’t i take this N250 own for N200?
Donald: (smiles) ma you can’t.From the bakery the
bread is N240.My only gain there is N10
Woman: okay then,i’ll pay N250
I brought out a black nylon and put bread into it. I handed it over to her and collected the money. “Have a nice day ma” i said as i lifted the tray on
my head and continued my hawking.Soon later,the worms in my stomach started singing different kinds of songs it was then i knew that i was really famished.I looked across and saw a woman frying
puff-puff.I crossed over and bought N50 puff-puff.I quickly devored the puff-puff and heard my worms
singing songs of joy.I continued my hawking and with luck on my side,i sold all of the breads and people
dashed me their change.My profit today was N2100 I got home feeling tired and worn out.
I am so glad i didn’t meet anyone at home.I quickly brought the N3,500 have been keeping in my boxer since all these days.I added N2,000 to it making it N5,500.I want to
purchase my jamb form which costs N7,500 just N2,000 to complete the money.As i was battling with
the money,i heard my mums voice.I quickly kept the money back into my boxers.
Mum: (walks in) Dullard Where is that baboon you call
a father ehn?
Donald: i’ve not seen him
Mum: what about your sisters teresa and vivian
Donald: i’ve not seen them either.
Mum: So you are all alone!
Donald: (Swallowed my spit) yes
Mum: Ehn borrow me N500 there
Donald: mum i don’t have any money on me.
Mum: (slaps donald) lier! nah wetin you be.Now stand up and let me search you.
Donald: (in tears) i have only N100 with me and i want to use it to eat.
Mum: Shey you know say you dey very stupid sha!
why you go wan chop when me your mama never
chop.E be like say you want your destiny to be useless. (Snatched the N100 from him)
Donald: (in tears) it’s not fair oo
Mum: God purnish your mouth.
I had nothing else to do than to cry.All i have eaten since morning was only N50 puff-puff and now i’m
so hungry,it’s only God that can provide dinner for me.My two sisters walked in with so much happiness and the only reason for their happiness is that they have hit it big their pr-stitution market.
Teresa: Eh my swaggalicious mother.
Mum: My bags of rice.This one wey you dey happy,gist
me nah.
Vivian: the Alhaji that nashed us gave us $10,000 each. Mum: Nah lie!
Teresa: (Brought out the money) mumsi see nah
Mum: (collected the money and started dancing) chineke i thank you, (looked at donald) God shame my enemies.
Vivian: yes oo Teresa: We bought bread and sardine on our way
back. (Opened the bread and took a slice to eat)
Donald: Auntie teresa can i please eat out of the
Mum: you say wetin?
Donald: nothing Vivian: it better be nothing because you are so
Vivian: Even if you are useless,you are still my brother (handed three slices of bread to me) take mumu.
Donald: (collected the bread from her) thank you.
Teresa: In return for the bread we gave you,you have to wash all our clothes.
Vivian: yes! including our underwears.
Donald: (Swallowed my spit) okay
Mum: Useless child! nothing good can come out of you.
Vivian: mumsi leave this useless boy alone.All he ever wants to do is to go to the university.Don’t go and
join your money father in his agbero business.
Teresa: (laughs) nah trailer go kill you for us.
Donald: (in my mind) i will not die but leave to declare
the glory of God in the land of the living.
I managed to sleep despite the loud music my sisters were playing.A thunderous slap flew me out of the
mat i was sleeping on.
Mum: Get up jor! useless child.
Donald: Go-good morning ma
Mum: Tell that to your ancestors.Today nah sunday and i get customers wey wan give me money so get out of the house and don’t come back until evening.Shey you hear me!
Donald: ye-ye-yes ma
I quickly had my bath without my mothers knowledge.I wore my dress and got out of the house,today was sunday so i decided to buy some snacks and sell it in a church after service to make
some money.I went to a big redeem church two streets away from my street.I waited until service
was over.Lot of people came to buy my snacks,i was glad but then she came.
Joy: how much is this potatoe ch¡ps?
Donald: (mesmerized by her) it’s N50
Joy: Let me have one
I quickly gave her one.She opened it and tasted it.
Joy: uhmmm this ch¡ps tastes great! Do you come here
often ?
Donald: No i don’t
Joy: (showed a sad face) and i really like this ch¡ps
Donald: i can be coming every sundsy.
Joy: that’s great,let me have two more ch¡ps.
I handed it over to her.She gave me N200 and i gave
her N50 change.
Joy: (smiles) No! keep the change. Donald: no it’s your change.
Joy: i insist
Donald: (smiled at her) thanks
Joy: you are welcome.My name is joy! what’s your name?
Donald: I’m donald Joy: what a nice name.I guess you are quite young like me but why aren’t you in church? why are you
Donald: Joy it’s a long story
Joy: can i be your friend?
Donald: ofcourse you can.
Joy: i don’t stay at ajegunle,i stay at V.I but my father is the pastor of this church.
Donald: that’s nice well,i stay here at ajegunle.
“Joy! Joy! lets go home” her mum yelled
Joy: oops! i’ve got to go now.I’ll see you next Sunday
Donald: okay bye.
I was happy but i don’t know why but judging by it,joy is a very pleasant girl.She is fair,tall with brown eyes,pink l-ips and beautiful face.She also has dimples
and her curves are appropriate. A perfect girl she is.I said to myself as i checked my wrist watch,it was just 1:15pm and i can’t return home until in the evening so i decided to go and hustle a little bit.I went to
peoples house requesting to wash their clothes at very small amounts and the agreed.I did my best with
their clothes and most of them gave me a permanent contract to be washing their clothes.Before i knew it,it was already 6pm and it occurred to me that i haven’t washed my sisters clothes.
”I’m so dead” i quickly ran home but luck wasn’t on my side.
I met my sisters at home.
Vivian: (sighted me) very good! where are my
clothes? Donald: (Stammering) uhmm-humm-emmm
Teresa: (slaps me) you are very useless oo do you
Donald: no
Vivian: (hits her slippers on my head) you are mad!
Mum: (walks in) wetin dey happen for here?
Teresa: mumsi it’s this mad boy oo.Can you imagine
that he didn’t wash our clothes?
Mum: (Shouts) Ewoo! (removes her wig and held my
clothes) so you think say you fit useless my bags of
rice for me abi? your sisters bring in cash but you are
very useless to me just like your father.If not for that doctor wey tell me say if i abort you i go die.I go don abory you tey tey.But before you use your own spoil
my show,i go teach you a lesson you will never forget. (called my sisters to help her into stripping me
Donald: (bite their hands) i’ll leave this house for all of you
Mum: that’s better and if you no say you no wan
die,no come back into this house.
Donald: (in tears) i would only come back to show you
my success.
Vivian: it’s your dead body they would bring back for us. Useless child.
I had no choice than to leave the house.I know i had
no where to go but what else can i do? i brought out
all the money i had and counted it.It was now N10,000….

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