When Love Is Not Enough 2

When Live Is Not Enough 2 – Episode 9


Tim lay back on the bed breathing so hærd. Katie was smiling from ear to ear. She turned to him car-ssing his bare chest.

“Can we go another round…just one more….

Timothy looked at her as if she just released a bomb. He was perplexed at what his wife said

“But Katie…we just finish….i…i

Katie laughed out before pouncing on an exhausted Tim again who was still trying to recover from the first and second.

“Katie… please can you just wait for me to get back my strength so that I will be able to give you what you want…

“Tim…what strength are you talking about. Is just two round and you are breathing as if you ran a marathon race. The first was better than the second one and hope this third one will be far better than the first… Tim C’mon nowwww…

“Katie…please, just a little more time…alright…please.

Katie breathed down and lay back on the bed.
She place her head on Tim’s chest, Tim stroke her hair gently.
He swallowed hærd the moment Katie asked

“So Tim, have you neutralize the injected in your system which will not enable us to have kids. If you haven’t done that yet you need to go and do it. First thing tomorrow morning we can both drive down to the hospital together. After is done we can do some other test and maybe get some counselling concerning the child bearing thing and starting a family. It will also help us in quick conception and cancelled every of your fear if you have any about kids…what do you think?

Tim was quiet for sometime. He gasped out before saying.

“Yeah….you are right Katie. I will go and undo it tomorrow morning. You don’t need to come with me…I can do it alone…I don’t have any fear about having kids. I will love to have even if is one. You will make a great mom and I will be a fantastic dad but …I uhmmm

Katie turned and looked at him wondering what he wanted to say again which he was finding difficult to say.

“Is there a problem Tim…what is it. but what?

“Nothing…there is no problem…just wanted to ask a question…

Katie asked him to go ahead and ask his question.

“I know I messed up in the past, I hurt you and hurt myself too. I thought I was going to lose you. I was afraid Katie, felt stupid and so scared that I allowed such mistake. I regret it all and I’m so grateful that you have forgiven me. Thank you for coming back to me because I don’t know what my life will be without you in it. I promise to make it up to you Katie. James and Michelle have being putting us in their daily prayers and guiding me in the ways of God and I must confess I’m closer to God now than before because I want God to be the center of our home. I don’t want to do anything without God’s consent and what he feels about it all. I love you Katie and I have betrayed that love and trust you have in me with my behavior… keeping secrets that I shouldn’t have kept. I watch the way James live with his wife, he is a good example of a man I want to learn from. He portray a good leadersh¡p skill. James is open and does not hide anything from his wife. I want to be such a man and even more to you Katie. I have kept so many secret from you and i…

Timothy paused and looked at his wife, he breathed in again before he continued.

“Katie the question I wanted to ask is…is do you really love me, can you forgive me anything and take me back no matter how grave the offence maybe…

Katie looked at him for a long time, something tells her that Timothy was keeping something which he is finding difficult to confess. She said

“I love you Tim. sometimes with your behavior I just don’t know what I feel doing those times but is definitely not love and I can’t call it hate because I will never be able to live with a man I detest. Michelle has made me to understand that Love is not enough in marriage, a lot is required to keep a home. And to answer your next question….Tim, yes I can forgive a fault it just depends on how grave it is. i won’t lie to you but there are sins too heavy to just sweep off and pretend it never happened. I’m not that kind of person that will pretend all is well when is not. I can forgive you anything, it may not be immediately and it still depends on the fault. Relax tell me whatever it is…like you said…no more secrets Tim. let’s be open to each other. What is it?

“Okaaayyy…uhmmm. James gave me some money in the past to support my business, is quiet huge but I did not tell you because I thought you will become demanding so I invested the money but it has not yield any profit yet…

Katie looked at him with a frown

“Tim, how could you keep such away? I could have thanked Michelle and her husband too. They will feel like I know about it and I never said anything since. You make me feel bad already with this. But is fine I guess that is in the past…please don’t trade on such part again. Is that all you wanted to tell me…is there another thing I need to be worried about…

Tim looked away for some time, he returned his look to Katie.
 He had a puzzle look plastered on his face.
 He began to say some other things he kept away. He talked about the contracts, money, work and many other things but he never mentioned the infertility thing to his wife.

“If that is all the secret then you are forgiven. I really do not enjoy nagging or quarreling with you. I detest it Tim. let’s just move past all this and focus on the future and most importantly make God the center of our home just like James and Michelle. Don’t do this again….i mean this secret thing or hurting me ever again. I hate it when I’m hurt, it makes me vulnerable, bitter and emotional. I could have done it with my ex who happens to be in the same hotel with me but I restrain myself from it because of the vow I took and because I value those vows. Pascal is a changed man and he is offering me everything you denied me. I was tempted to accept it but after Michelle visited I saw reasons not to take them. Please Timothy do not hurt me, stepped up your s€×ual game and don’t cling to your laptop anytime I need you. I will still give you time to work but remember there is time for everything and I’m sorry that you married a woman who can be so demanding but I will try and work on that so that we will not fall apart again. Remember you still owe me one more round here…

Katie was smiling again as she pounce on Timothy’s body. Timothy’s heart was troubled, he wanted to tell her about the bigger secret but was scared. Afraid that she may never forgive him.

Just as Michelle has said that it was better he tells her earlier than later. Tim couldn’t do it, he wish maybe Michelle will help him to do it since she and Katie are best of best.
But Michelle will not agree to that because is his duty to do that.

Tim’s mind was far away as Katie went on k-ssing and car-ssing him, he was distracted and couldn’t concentrate
He told Katie he wanted to use the toilet first, Katie frown childishly and came down from his body.
Tim took a towel and tire around his wa-ist before going into the toilet to go and sit down.

He sat there for long holding his head in his hands. Tears dropped from his eyes, he fold his fits and punch into the air angrily.
He was halted from Katie’s voice.

“Tim, hurry up…are you sleeping in the toilet. You are taking so much time…please come out I’m waiting for you to come and give me another round. Tim…Tim…

Tim cleared his voice silently, wiped his eyes before saying.

“Yes honey…I’m coming, will be right out now…

He washed his face, flush the toilet just for Katie to feel he did something but he only went in there to think and cry.
He stepped out wearing a fake smile as he joined Katie in bed.

The next day him and Katie checked out of the hotel
Pascal was at the bar when he saw them leaving. while Tim took Katie’s things to the car.
Katie stood and spoke with Pascal for some time, she thanked him for the gifts which she can’t accept.
 Bid him goodbye before walking away.
Leaving him standing and watching her back.

Timothy drove home with his wife.

Katie later resumed back to work.
 Timothy also started work.

Most night while Katie sleep Timothy will go to the sitting room to pray, just as James has asked him to always do.
He was devoting more time to prayers and studying the word of God than to his laptop.
Katie saw the changes in him and started joining him too. Sometimes she wakes up and go to join him.
Two months later, Katie bought pregnant kit to be checking if she has conceived
She checks every month but nothing.
Three months and then five months later, yet nothing. She became worried sick.
Timothy keep consoling her that she will conceive at the right time. He pleaded for her to be patient and Katie listened.

James and Michelle kept on encouraging Timothy to speak to his wife. As much as he was praying but he need to open up to his wife.
Timothy was scared and told them he will do it in his own time when he is ready. He has to let go of fear first which is his weakest point.

Mira has a knee fracture, she couldn’t walk straight like before. She tries to make it unnoticeable. She had scar above her eye lid, on her arm, ribs and another deep one on her knee.
She was happy to be alive and has decided to start her life again despite the scars which was not too obvious except for the one on her knee.

Before she was finally discharged from the hospital Michelle paid her a surprised visit. She came twice to visit her and also cleared her hospital bills after asking Timothy not to worry about the bills.
Through the help of her husband she was able to get enough money to pay off Mirabel’s acc-mulated bills.

“Thank you ma. Doctor Ken told me you paid my bills. I don’t know why you did that but I’m very grateful.

“Mirabel…I know you are not a bad person as you appear to be. you allowed the devil to use you to shatter people’s heart and break homes. That’s not who you are…you have a good soul and you are a beautiful woman.

“Michelle, I am not a bad person. I just end up seeking for love where it can never be found and I try to do anything to have it all. I’m deeply sorry that you have to lose a baby because of me…and Cole have to have trouble with his wife still because of me. I almost died, I thought I was even going to die Michelle. I was asking myself what will i gain at the end of the day if I die. I am so sorry Michelle for tearing your home apart and causing sadness. Another chance have being given to me and I promise to make good use of it. Thank you so much for your kind heart and coming to see me and pay up my occupied bills. I deeply appreciate. I thought you will hate me forever but I was wrong, you have a pure and golden heart.

Michelle stayed and spoke to her about what she planned to do with her life. they talked about businesses and many other things, Mimi revealed her plans to relocate from the city.
She was so free with Michelle as they both went on talking and laughing at some business ideas and the disadvantages in it.

Mirabel went home more relive and at peace. She try to consider most of the business Michelle suggested. She was ready to start all over when she finally relocate.
Michelle promise to visit her before she relocate and she did. She spoke to Mirabel about God and led her through prayers and studies.
Mirabel later relocated and left the city.

Michelle became pregnant again for her third child.

Katie was patiently waiting when her own time will come.
when she will become pregnant and carry her child but time was running out and nothing was done.

To be continued…

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