When Love Doesn't Make Sense

When love doesn't make sense episode 10

When Love Doesn’t Make Sense (episode 10)
There’s nothing as refreshing and fulfilling as being in a relationsh¡p with someone that knows what he/she wants and that is no other than ‘You’. When the heart knows what it wants, it would stop at nothing till that desire gets fulfilled and in Gary’s case, it was now obvious that he was truly never going to let me slip off his hands. What a man of his words indeed and I was extremely blessed to have someone like that in my life as a partner.
After the unexpected proposal hint, I was totally shocked and numb because I didn’t see that proposal coming anything soon. Despite the fact that I was aware his emotions and present vulnerable state played a big role in that unexpected proposal, it still made me smile to see the extent Gary was willing to go just to save our relationsh¡p. That thoughtful gesture only was priceless and more than enough to change my mind from walking away. At this moment, every hærd shell instantly soften and I just couldn’t wait to assure my Man that I wasn’t going anywhere.
As I sat there looking extremely shocked and surprised at the same time, Gary held me tighter and laid back on my laps again like a baby that didn’t want his precious playmate taken away from him; such a cute sight to behold indeed. After laying for a little while, he got up and looked at my shocked face.
“Babe I meant it, every words. Will you marry me?” Gary repeated again. I smiled faintly and place my soft palms on his cheek; “I totally understand that we are going through a rough time now and the pressure is up; which can lead to either of us saying things we haven’t really thought through. Marrying you will be one of the best decisions I ever made but I don’t think this is the right time because we still have a long journey of self-discovery ahead of us and I also don’t think I am mentally ready for marriage now. Marriage isn’t a child’s play and I don’t want either of us to rush in, so as not to rush out. I want to stay married to my husband till my last breath so that’s why I want to take as much time I need to make the right decision. Babe, I’m so happy you asked me to marry you but I believe this isn’t the right time. However, you have succeeded in making me more committed to you and this relationsh¡p because now I know that you are 100% in. No more secrets from now henceforth please; always confide in me about everything and I promise to do same too. I love you OK, and I take back what I said earlier” I gently said.
After an outpour of emotions, Gary and I reconciled our differences and gave each other a k-ss. it broke my heart to see how vulnerable and scared Gary was due to the little crisis our relationsh¡p faced. However, it’s safe to say that our relationsh¡p had gotten stronger than ever and we also got to know each other the more.
That night, I couldn’t sleep over at Gary’s place because I had a lot of work to do immediately I got back home. He dropped me off at my destination before heading back to his house. All through the night, I just couldn’t stop blushing whenever I remembered Gary’s cute proposal. It made me feel some type of way when I saw how dedicated he was to our relationsh¡p’s survival. It was so refreshing to feel loved, wanted and needed by someone you are dearly in love with. Seeing the extent Gary was willing to go just to make our relationsh¡p work was something that brought me so much joy and also gave me assurance that I wasn’t wasting my time, emotions and energy on the wrong person. Such a relief indeed!
Days gradually went by and Gary began to tell his family about our relationsh¡p. His mum and sister were the only family he had after his dad passed few years back. He told his mum everything about our relationsh¡p and according to what he told me, she was happy for him and couldn’t wait to meet me. I have spoken to her a couple of times on video call and she was such a good vibe. Gradually, his sister and I became cool and quite close to each other.
In all this new beautiful development, Gary was still curious to know who called me the other day and spilled the news about Letisha. It still bothered him because he knew deep down that whoever called must be someone close to him and he was also curious to know how the anonymous caller got my number. Slowly but surely, the truth finally surfaced one faithful day.
Turns out that the unknown caller was Letisha’s mum all along. She got to know about Gary and I when he posted a picture we took during an outing we went to. It turns out that Letisha saw the picture and told her mum that Gary was seeing someone else back in Africa.
Now, after that picture, they managed to trace me all the way to my social media accounts. They were able to get my number from a public group of mine I advertised for a particular project. Since I was the Admin of the group, it was very easy for them to get my number because it was very visible. Letisha’s mum took the courage to call me after her daughter got my number.
This hidden truth came to light one fateful day. It happened that I was at Gary’s house one Saturday scrolling through my phone when I got a call from an unknown number. The number looked exactly the same as the one that called the last time to warn me about Gary.
When I saw the call, my heart dropped but knowing that it definitely wasn’t Gary’s mum as initially claimed, I summoned the courage and picked up. “Hello” I greeted, “Hi, Sonnie?” the unknown caller asked and I replied ‘Yes’.
Just as the conversation was about to start, Gary walked in and I signalled him with my hands to be quiet and come sit beside me. I put the phone on loud speaker immediately afterwards so he could hear the caller too. As we sat down quietly, the unknown caller continued; “I have told you to stay away from Gary but you didn’t take my advice. He has somebody here and you are not good for him” the caller said.
Instantly, Gary detected the voice and voiced out immediately the caller’s identity dawned on him. “Kerry? Is that you?” he curiously inquired and as we earnestly awaited a response, the person ended the call.
Shocked and confused, I inquired; “Do you know her?”. Gary shook his head in disbelief and dropped a shocker; “That is Letisha’s mum”.
Just as I was about to say something else, that same number left the group I opened for my project and that was when it dawned on me how she got my number in the first place. Everything gradually began to make sense.
I looked at Gary in shock and gently muttered “Wow!”
End of episode 10 😉

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