When Love Doesn't Make Sense

When love doesn’t make sense episode 11

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When Love Doesn’t Make Sense (episode 11)

There’s nothing hidden that won’t be revealed someday because every secret has an expiry date. Who would have taught that Letisha’s mum was behind the scary call I received some weeks back that almost shattered my relationship with Gary? Honestly, never in a thousand years would I have taught that an investigation was ongoing in my case to the extent of creeping into a group I opened for a good course in a bid to have access to my personal number. To be fair, any mother would want to go the extra mile for their children just to ensure that they are happy, so I can imagine what could have led Kerry into doing all she did.

After the shocking revelation, Gary and I was slightly shocked and couldn’t stop staring at each other in surprise. “Babe, can you believe this same number has been in my group all these while, little wonder she was able to have access to my number” I shockingly said.

On the other hand, Gary didn’t even know where and how to start addressing the issue. He instructed me to exit all members from the group and shut it down if it was no longer in use; of which I did as soon as possible. He made some unknown calls and spoke in a pissed tone. I tried not to eavesdrop because I knew he wasn’t in a happy mood. It was such a cringing day for both of us because we just couldn’t get over the fact that Letisha’s mum was behind everything.

When Gary was done flaring up, I quietly placed my hand on his lap just to see if he had calmed down a bit. “Babe, are you ok?” I asked in a concerned tone, “Yeah I’m cool, are you ok?” he responded and I nodded ‘Yes’.

There and then, I tried to calm the atmosphere down by wrapping my arms across his shoulders. I laid my head on one part of his shoulder and sniffed his ears. “Smile for me” I playfully said but Gary wasn’t ready to comply. “Baby it’s OK, just shake off the bad energy. I know you are upset but please don’t let your anger linger for too long. I can understand why her mum did what she did. It could be that she was just looking out for her daughter and protecting her that’s all. To be honest, I am blessed to have you because you are very special; so kind, so loving, so thoughtful, so handsome and so down to earth. I might not tell you this all the time but I really Love you and I’m honestly thankful to God that I have you. I love you so much babe, please smile for me” I gently said.

After saying those sweet words to Gary, the butterflies in his stomach began to dance. He smiled warming and wrapped his hands around my stomach. “Babe, thank you so much” he gently said, “Awwn, why are you thanking me?” I inquired with a smile on my face. Unable to hold back the awe, he looked into my eyes and said; “Thank you for not giving up on our Love. You know what? You are actually the first and only lady that has ever given me the privilege of truly experiencing what a relationship is. You have given me the opportunity to love someone just like I love myself. You have given me so many chances to be a better man for myself and for you too. You are so compassionate and loving to a fault. Most times, I just wonder if you are real because we don’t get to see people like you on a daily basis. I might have not told you this before but you inspire me all the time to be a better person. I Love you so much Sonnie, please don’t ever give up on our Love”.

Oh My! At that moment, I felt transformed and transported into a wonderland of butterflies. My baby was just too sweet and he really got me this time around with his mesmerising words. I was love struck and couldn’t stop blushing.

Immediately Gary was done talking, I leaned forward and planted a soft kiss on his lips. Without hesitating, he reciprocated and we kissed passionately for a long time.

Gradually, the mood began to set in and I was ready to give Gary every bit of me that very moment. After kissing, he looked into my eyes as he unbuttoned my blouse. I reached for his shirt and pulled it off before he was done unbuttoning mine. “Sshhss, babe lay back and let me make you feel like my woman” he romantically said and I smiled.

Just as instructed, I laid back on the couch and let Gary take the lead. After unbuttoning my blouse, he took it off and aimed for my bra. Gary was a Professional when it came to removing bras, as it didn’t take it a second to take mine off. “Babe, sttaaapppp!” I gently moaned as I held his head and ran my fingers through his hairs.

Every word that left my lips ignited the fire in Gary and made him more hungry than ever. When he was done with my bra, he reached for my trousers to take them off. It didn’t take long before he succeeded and gradually kissed every part of my body. I laughed as his soft lips touched my goose bumps covered body but Gary was seriously into what he was doing.

It was such a beautiful and memorable moment for me that day because Gary handled me like he had never done before. Matter of fact, I didn’t want that moment to end because I enjoyed every bit of it.

At that moment, I felt low-key bad because I knew I was going against my values but honestly, I couldn’t help myself but fall deeper into the act because my will power to say ‘No’ was crushed at that moment. I loved Gary so much and just couldn’t help my emotions at that point. After a romantic evening, we both continued our lives from where we stopped.

Days turned to weeks and Gary and I could hardly do without each other. My relationship waxed stronger and we saw each other almost every 3 days. Just when I was happy that everything was beautifully falling into place and there wasn’t any more room for heartache, I was left shocked one fateful day.

It turns out that Gary had to travel back to the states for an important family meeting and also work related issues. He was scheduled to leave in a month’s time but it was moved forward because his family wanted to see him urgently and it had something to do with Letisha’s case.

I woke up that fateful morning feeling sad for no reason actually. I guess my instincts sensed that there was a slight danger ahead but I couldn’t gasp it till Gary’s call came in. “Hello Hun, Good morning” I tiredly said, “Hi babe, how was your night?” he inquired and I replied “Fine”.

We spoke for a while before Gary dropped a shocker; “I’ll be travelling today, my flight leaves this afternoon” he sadly revealed. “Why? Is anything wrong? Why do you have to leave so sudden, I thought you were scheduled to travel next month?” I shockingly asked.

As I earnestly expected a mind calming response, Gary sent me into a state of panic when he revealed; “Letisha is seriously sick and my family wants to see me urgently. I will be away for two months”.

Shocked and surprised, I shouted; “Are you for real?”, Gary was mute for a while and replied “Absolutely!”

End of episode 11 😉

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