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When love doesn't make sense episode 7


When Love Doesn’t Make Sense (episode 7)
Jealousy is a normal trait in most relationships because no one likes to share the attention and companionship of their Lover with another person but however, the excess of it can lead to an unhealthy and toxic relationship. Most often, jealousy usually portrays lack of trust in a relationship because if you trust your partner enough, then there wouldn’t be any need to be jealous if they interact with the opposite s£x. Remember, your lover had other people in their lives before they met you, so you don’t expect them to cut off everyone entirely just because they are in a committed relationship with you.
Gary’s reaction towards a harmless and innocent conversation with a past business associate of mine was totally uncalled for. The fact that he sighed and walked away; leaving me there alone, almost shattered my heart to pieces. There were so many thoughts going through my head at that moment and those thoughts were a mixture of fear and rage. I was scared because I hadn’t seen him that angry since we started dating but was very angry because I perceived distrust right away.
The fact that Gary didn’t trust me enough to believe that I could handle myself well when with another man, broke my heart because I honestly didn’t deserve such under-rating. At that moment, all I just wanted to do was to go home because I was obviously fed up with the bad energy I was getting from my supposed partner and the whole business get together I was at. “I have to leave” I muttered to myself.
After standing clueless at the balcony for a while, I majestically walked to where Gary was busy interacting with his friend. I tapped his shoulder from behind and quietly put the car key and the file I was holding in his hand and walked away without uttering a word.
As I walked away, Gary took excuse from the people he was talking to and followed me almost immediately. By the time he got to the staircase, I was already outside the building looking out for a taxi to take me home. The hurt and disappointment I was feeling at that moment brought tears to my eyes and before I knew it, I started crying uncontrollably.
“Where are you going to?” Gary voiced out as he got closer to me. He could see that I was crying and I guess that reason alone softened his heart and dissolved any anger he was initially having towards me. “Where are you going to?” he repeated after I ignored the first one. I turned and looked at him with tears in my eyes; “Why do you care where I go to? I am an unfaithful partner or aren’t I anymore?” I said with tears falling off my eyes.
At that point, Gary was just frustrated and didn’t know where to start calming down the situation from. He tried to hold my hands but I knocked his hands off in anger. At that moment, I could pass for a Drama Queen because Gary was the one that ought to be acting up and not me. I guess I was just hurt for being perceived as an unfaithful person, when all I had ever done was have eyes for Gary alone and no other man. It was a lot for me to deal with too!
On seeing that the situation was gradually getting out of hand, Gary had to act fast so that it doesn’t lead to another major issue between us. “Babe I am sorry, I guess I was just angry seeing another man make you laugh. I watched you guys for a long time and almost started to feel like I wasn’t enough for you. I’m sorry!” he soberly said.
Those emotion-filled words from Gary pierced my heart and made me feel bad too. With tears still in my eyes, I walked up to him and gave him and very tight hug; “Baby, I’m so sorry too. I never knew that a harmless conversation with a business partner would make up feel this type of way. I didn’t intended to hurt you in anyway and would never cheat on you” I soberly said as I held him very tight. “Look at me” I said and he lifted his head from my shoulder and looked into my eyes. I wrapped my hands at the back of his neck and said; “Gary, you might not know this because I don’t show it more often like you do but I Love you with all my heart, my soul and my whole body. To be honest, I have eyes for you alone and this has made every other guy look like a brother to me. I would never intentionally hurt you or toy with your feelings, I love you so much and it hurts so bad when you do anything to tamper with the love I have for you. It’s just only you I want and no one else. I love you baby and I’m so sorry for today” I soberly said, with tears gently dropping off my eyes.
At that moment, Gary was greatly touched. He held my waist and pulled me closer to his chest. I looked into his sober eyes and planted a very soft kiss on his lips. We were on a slightly busy street due to the business gathering but we cared less if anyone was watching. The kiss lasted for few minutes and Gary placed my head of his chest afterwards. “Do you want us to leave?” he inquire and I nodded ‘Yes’. He opened the car for me to get in and went back into the building to inform his business associates that he was leaving. After about 5 minutes later, he returned and we zoomed off.
It was quite late so Gary suggested that I spend the night over at his place. I figured it was a good idea because I hadn’t spent the night there since after the incident with Mercedes. When he asked if we should go straight to his house, I nodded ‘Yes’ and laid back on the chair.
Few minutes into the ride, I slept off because I was very tired. When we arrived at Gary’s house, he drove into the under ground parking area which had a lift that lead to the various apartment floors. I was fast asleep when we arrived so in order not to wake me, he decided to carry me. The lift made things easier for him and in no time, we were already inside his apartment.
“Sonnie, we are here” Gary gently whispered into my ears and I opened my eyes. Despite being tired, I still had to inquire if he was hungry and wanted something to eat. “Babe are you hungry? I can fix you something to eat” I said but he told me he was filled from the chops he ate at the party. Deep down, I was low-key happy he wasn’t hungry because I was tired and needed to sleep.
After settling down, Gary first went to take his bath, while I arranged the bed and went through his closet to pick a perfect cloth to wear for the night. After spotting the perfect T-shirt, I pulled off the clothes I was wearing and went to join Gary in the bathroom.
“Babe can I come in?” I inquired after knocking on the door. Without hesitating, he gave the go-ahead order and I walked inside the bathroom, tying only a white towel. He was almost done with his bath and wanted to leave the bathroom when I walked in but I was not about to let him go. “Where are you going to?” I asked as I entered the bath tub, “I want to give you space to shower since I am done bathing” he said, “Who told you I wanted space?” I asked in a low tone as I looked into his eyes.
Fortunately, Gary caught the signal that I wanted him in the bathroom with me. He smiled and held the towel I was tying, then slowly dragged it off my body. “I really love your body and your bre@sts too” he complimented with a smile on his face and I suddenly became shy. “Babe stop!” I said as I blushed. He leaned forward and planted a soft kiss on my shoulder. I wrapped my arms around his waist and playfully bite his tiny bre@st. That’s usually Gary’s G-spot so I knew it would definitely take him to Cloud 9.
I laughed when I saw him looking wasted and playfully told him to leave the bathroom so I could shower. He kissed me one more time before walking away. I sat in the bathroom for a while before proceeding to take my bath.
After showering, I quickly got dressed and made my way to the bed. Gary was reading an important magazine from work and was also working with his iPad when I came in. “Can I help you with whatever you are doing?” I politely asked and he gladly gave me the iPad to continue with what he was typing. I had no clue what he was typing so he gave me some guidance and the work was finished in no time.
When we were done working, we laid back on the bed and began to talk about random stuffs and also about the future. We talked for a long time and finally retired to bed. It was cold so we cuddled each other as we slept.
The next day, I had to rush home to prepare for work. Gary remembered that he hadn’t given me back my spare key to his house since I threw it at him during Mercedes issue. “Babe, here’s your key” he said and handed it to me. I smiled and collected the key back, then pecked him and took my leave.
Day in Day out, we took our Love Journey one step at a time till something drastic happened one fateful day. I was at work one afternoon when my phone rang, it was an unknown foreign number so I let it ring the first time before picking when it rang the second time. “Hello” I greeted, “Hello, is this Sonnie?” The caller asked and I said “Yes”.
The voice seened like that of an elderly lady with an accent. Before I could land with my reply, the unknown caller dropped a shocker. “You are such a young, naive and beautiful lady so I thought it would be best I save you from a future wreck and heart break. My son Gary has someone here in the states whom he’s been seeing for a very long time now. Don’t fall too deep, just enjoy while it last” the caller coldly said.
I had never felt so broken, used, shattered, devastated and emotional drained my whole life like I felt that very day. With a heavy heart, I shockingly said; “No, I think you have the wrong Gary”.
End of episode 7😉
Stay tuned tomorrow to see what happened next.

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