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💞Wh£n Love Happens💞
Chapter 22
By Authoress promise 👌👌
” Wait repeat it those l!nes aga!n. Or am I dream!ng someone needs to wake me up, did Jennie Allie i know said $h£ is !n love ” $h£ mused, after rega!n those s£nse that was knock ©vt of h£r a while ago and I frowned.
” Jeez!!! girl I know you’re mock!ng me okay. So shake it off ” I half yelled and $h£ poke ©vt h£r t0Πge.
” Okay so wh£n are you plann!ng on tell Jay ab©vt ya undy!ng feel!ngs ” $h£ !nquired !nquisitively.
” That why i’m mak!ng th¡s video call idiot. I really need ya fv¢k!ng advice right now and i’m dazed also ” I po!nted ©vt and $h£ chuckled.
” Th£re noth!ng hilarious ab©vt th£ matter. ¢ar£ to know you’re annoy!ng me ” i struggled and $h£ squeal.
I roll my eyes away.
” Like seriously I don’t know my bossy friend who vowed as long as ……. I chipped !n harshly.
” Cut it ©vt bitch. You don’t wanna be !n my moody list ” I stern.
” why are you get so angry huh! j√$t teas!ng you okay. But am at th£ same time marveled that my bossy friend have f!nally [email protected]||!ng love ” $h£ implied and I p©vted my l¡ps.
” Jeez!! girl are you my friend of my foe. h£lp me ©vt will, enough of th¡s teas!ng th!ng ” I cussed.
” Okay so, what you are gonna do first. Is to let Jay Romeo be aware of ya feel!ngs ” $h£ said.
” Jeez!!! girl, I haven’t done th¡s before. So stop mock!ng me ” I cussed and $h£ chuckled.
” Okay first you gonna let h¡m know ab©vt ya feel!ngs ” $h£ expla!ned
” How ” I queried and $h£ roll h£r eyes away.
” Girl you’re on believable, You aren’t a kid. Go and confess your feel!ngs for h¡m for a start ” $h£ said.
” What of if, h£ doesn’t feel th£ same. It will look so embarra$$!ng you know ” I po!nted ©vt and $h£ chuckled.
” my !nst!nct tells me Jay Romeo feels th£ same. You’ve to make h¡m realize it. Try f!nd ©vt what h£ feels for you ” $h£ struggled.
” Gosh!!! girl am gonna be like those teen girls !n high school. Th£y’re always try!ng to f!nd ©vt if th£ir secret admirer are also crush on th£m. Am also !n that situation” i said reluctantly.
” forget those teens and focus !n w!nn!ng your husband love am sure h£ does feel th£ same, it up to you to f!nd ©vt ” $h£ stated.
I gave a smile for and answer.
” Go for it, my bossy friend as f!nal start lov!ng aga!n ” $h£ yelled.
” Am we be !n California !n a month time ” $h£ announced.
” why is that ” I queried.
” you see th£ company I work for is as a contract deal with a company over th£re !n California, so th£ good news is that I was selected for th¡s contract ” $h£ stated and I smiled.
” okay, i love to have you @r0vnd see you very soon ” I said.
I hang th£ video call and h£avy a sigh.
How will i say it now. ‘ Jay am !n love with you and………… gosh th¡s gonna be a bit difficult have not done it before. I’ve to give it a try any way. ‘ Calm d©wΠ Jennie,’ i cussed.
I made my way to th£ door and went to Jay study room.
That wh£re I a$$ume h¡m to be and h£ was ab©vt mak!ng a phone call.
I stand at th£ doorway, stare at h¡m and smile.
It seems h£ was dial!ng some number on th£ phone.
Th£ phone rang ©vt and h£ place it on h¡s ears.
” As Nora Watson be found yet” h£ !nquired “.
And suddenly is and next h£ gave a wry face.
” What do you mean by that. Nora is a menace to my wife. Why you guys so !ncompetent can’t found one crim!nal ” h£ grunt sarcastically.
h£ listen to th£ person on th£ oth£r l!ne before speak!ng.
” You guys better do catch th£ bitch, do ya fv¢k!ng Job well ” h£ yelled and flew th£ phone away it landed on h¡s b£d.
h£ pace [email protected]¢k and forth, ruffl!ng h¡s hair.
Wow h£ is so conscience ab©vt me, h£ treat me !n cosseted manner.
Does th¡s mean h£ loves me.
h£ gaze @r0vnd and h¡s gaze darted to me.
h£ ru$h£d to me.
” Why on earth are you ©vtta b£d already go [email protected]¢k an have some rest” h£ struggled.
” why th£ so much conscience Jay th¡s marriage is j√$t a deal anyway ” I asked, hop!ng h£ will say someth!ng th!ng ab©vt love for me, so that hope will blossom !n my h£art.
“Is not!ng am j√$t……… I chipped !n
” Always say!ng not!ng Jay. You’re so fvll of conscience for me. Can you expla!n why” I struggled.
” I don’t owe you any explanation as far as car!ng for you is conscience, am j√$t do!ng what all human with humanity have. Your life is !n danger so am gonna try protect you from Nora Watson” h£ made it clear to me.
I’ve to tell h¡m how I feel. I p©vted my l¡ps and sigh£d.
” Jay i need to tell you someth!ng ” I announced .
Look!ng straight to those charm!ng eyes of h¡s.
How will I do th¡s. Have not done th¡s before.
Jay POV.
$h£ ask me why am i so conscience ab©vt h£r.
I made it clear to h£r that i’m only do th¡s because of humanity.
But th£re is m©r£ to that. Not j√$t humanity. ‘I love h£r’.
I don’t wanna that h£art break any m©r£.
Th¡s marriage is j√$t a deal. I’ve no plans on mak!ng it a real one.
Am I do!ng th£ right th!ng h£re. I don’t know.
My h£art desire h£r. But my m!nd say a different th!ng.
‘ Jay your h£art will be broken thrice and you will be shattered ‘ that what my m!nd tells me.

Allie wanna say someth!ng. I wonder what it is.
$h£ bow h£r h£ad d©wΠ and raised up h£r h£ad with h£r eyes close.
$h£ breath£d !n and ©vt, before open!ng up h£r eyes.
“. Jay ” $h£ called ©vt.
” Jay we got married for a deal. Will decided that it will rema!n a deal not to turn it !nto real marry.
But Jay th£re is m©r£ to marry!ng you for a deal” $h£ struggled, while look!ng at my curious eyes.
” What that Allie ” I asked with eagerness.
$h£ swallowed [email protected] and obviously both shy and anxious.
” Jay i’m !n………lo…. love with you ” $h£ stuttered nervously.

Did $h£ j√$t said $h£ loves me. I wish to klzz those l¡ps and [email protected] th£ three word ‘i love you’ !n b£tweeΠ th£m.
But my so call ecstasy will turn !nto grief wh£n $h£ breaks my h£art. Am not gonna risky that.
” Jay please say someth!ng ” $h£ said jerk!ng me to face reality.
I roll my eyes away and roll it [email protected]¢k to h£r.
To tell h£r that th¡s marriage is j√$t a deal not!ng else.
Only to meet those cute eyes tear!ng up.
My h£art sank at h£ sight of see!ng h£r tear!ng up.
I got close to h£r and cupped h£r face !n my Palm.
” Jay th¡s is my first time why mak!ng it look embarra$$!ng for me” $h£ Cried ©vt.
” Allie, I don’t mean to hurt you. But I don’t feel th£ same ” I said with lies etch!ng my last s£ntence.
$h£ yanked h£rself away from me and ran ©vtta of th£ room.
Sorry Allie i can’t risk be!ng !n love.
Nora POV.
“I found !nformation ab©vt Jennie Allie family.$h£ as a moth£r, a little broth£r and a drunken fath£r ” I expla!ned to curious Vivian.
” so ” $h£ queried.
“My !ntention is to hold th£m as hostage and give Allie a call. Tell!ng h£r that i ‘ve kidnap h£r entire family. Am sure that h£r biggest weakness” I expla!ned furth£r.

$h£ is gonna go bunker.
” And wh£n $h£ comes over you gonna kill h£r like yo plan on do!ng before my jerk broth£r mess th!ngs up” $h£ said.
” No th¡s time is someth!ng else” I mentioned.
” What th£ new plan ” $h£ !nquired and I smirked.


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