When Love Happens

When Love Happens episode 23

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💞Wh£n Love Happens💞

Chapter 23

By Authoress promise

” You know th¡s time @r0vnd am not gonna murder h£r. But make h£r go away from Jay’s life for good” I w!nked at h£r.
” How ” $h£ queried.
” Wh£n i get h£r family abducted, which am sure th£y’re h£r biggest weakness. I will give h£r a call and tell h£r that h£r family is !n my custody now. I will s£nd a video of h£r family be maltreated by thugs. $h£ surely is gonna go crazy see!ng h£r family !n such a state. I will tell h£r to come alone, if $h£ made any mistake h£r family will all die” I expla!ned $h£ gave a [email protected]!$fied face, obviously curious for m©r£ details.
” Wh£n $h£ comes. What th£n will you do” $h£ !nquired with eagerness.
” You see I’ve personal made a plan of gett!ng h£r a visa to go away from Jay ”
” Th£ day before am gonna abduct h£r entire family. I we prepare a visa to travel ©vtta of th£ state. And i th!nk Scotland we be do th£ trick” i expla!ned furth£r with confidences.
” I’m astoni$h£d by your confidence. Jeez girl how’re you sure th¡s plan of yours will not get mess up ” $h£ uttered and I gave a wry face.
” Well last time I ch£ck, ya fv¢k!ng broth£r ru!ned everyth!ng. h£ is tge reason th£ cobs are look!ng for me, and you’re also my accomplice, so you will get arrested too, if we’re all caught” I po!nted ©vt wryly and $h£ roll h£r eyes.

” Gosh!!! you take everyth!ng serious. As far as my broth£r is fv¢k!ng conscience, if you weren’t a parrot beak that certa!n day. You would’ve suggest for us to go to a m©r£ safer place to plan your devious tactics. Jeez! Come to th!nk of it you contribute to mess!ng up ya fv¢k!ng plan” $h£ replied.
” So i ru!ned my plan also. How did ya fv¢k!ng damn broth£r came to know th£ certa!n location I ask Jay’s wife to come ” I snapped sternly.

” I don’t know ” $h£ replied arrogantly.
” h£ must’ve probably h£ard you over th£ phone” I half yell, reveal!ng th£ truth.
” Can you cease th¡s fight!ng already is baseless. ” $h£ said roll!ng h£r eyes. I sigh and p©vted my l¡ps. I breath£d !n to suppress my anger.
” Vivian th¡s time @r0vnd i plan all my m©v£s well” I said a$$ur!ng.
” I hope th¡s one should be successful” $h£ said.
” Yeah, no m©r£ Roy to ru!ned it” I said and $h£ frowned.
” Gosh, gosh!! Can’t you j√$t live my broth£r ©vt of th¡s already. h£ as lost is memory anyway. $h£ snarl.
” Anyway th£ memory loss, is it permanent or temporary ” I required.
” Nope, h£ is gonna rega!n is memory after a month, all I need to do is to keep !nject!ng h¡m, wh£n h£ is closed to remember!ng someth!ng. ” $h£ expla!ned and i gr!nned, it fade away quickly because that might trigger m©r£ anger !n h£r.

Jennie POV
I ran !nto my room. I feel h£art broken as tears stream d©wΠ my ch£ek.
I dug my [email protected] !nto my phone and am gonna do anoth£r video call with Melanie.
$h£ is th£ one who made me go through th¡s. So embarra$$!ng. $h£ picked th£ videos call.
I sat d©wΠ on my b£d.
” What sup, girl why th£ tears ” $h£ question, obviously notic!ng that i was cry!ng.

” You ask!ng me that. I did what you said I should do at th£ end, Jay only rejected me. h£ only th!nk of th¡s marriage as a deal an not!ng else. h£ doesn’t love me Melanie” I po!nted ©vt vent!ng my anger and disappo!nted all at h£r.
$h£ hit h£r h£ad with h£r palm and said b£tweeΠ gritted teeth.
” Geez! Likes seriously are you a kid or an adult. You don’t expect h¡m to admit is feel!ng automatically. I know h£ will reject you, because h£ j√$t as stubborn as you use to be. You’ve to try w!nn!ng h¡m over. You know I h£ard a way to a man h£art is h¡s stomach, but at a situation like th¡s that might not k!nda of work” $h£ said.
” So try someth!ng different ” $h£ suggested.

” what should i try th¡s time @r0vnd. If it doesn’t I wouldn’t spare you th¡s time. ” i struggled and $h£ chuckled.
$h£ expla!ned some few th!ng !n order for me to w!n Jay h£art.
I didn’t buy th£ idea of mak!ng h¡m jealous $h£ mention that. Jay as gonna through h£art break that is th£ reason h£ doesn’t trust women.
Mak!ng h¡m jealous will only wors£n everyth!ng.
$h£ said I should dress so beautiful !n front of Jay. Melanie said Jay is gonna go crazy see!ng me so beautiful.
I don’t know if th¡s will work. But it can’t be worth a try.

Th£ door flew open and Jay came !n.
I stare !nto h¡s eyes and eyes tells h£ was feel!ng some guilt.
h£ came closer to me and sat beside me.
“Am sorry if i perhaps hurt you with my preferences” h£ apologize.
What is th¡s so much conscience all ab©vt h¡s it ‘ Love ‘ or not.
I can’t tell Jay, it [email protected] read!ng h¡m.
h£ stare at me and my goosef|£$h came over me.
My h£art pound!ng !n my ch£st. I felt some tangl!ng s£nsation.


I m©v£ closer and capture those l¡ps on m!ne.
Up till now, I never knew how badly i have be!ng starv!ng to have those l¡ps.
I hover!ng klzzes on h£r l¡ps. I j√$t want h£r badly.
Next th!ng i gat was an £r£¢tion. I [email protected] h£r on th£ b£d.
klzz h£r on th£ fore h£ad before gett!ng !ntimate with h£r.
That is it th£ marriage was f!nally consummated.
Th£ marriage fulfilment was done, deal or know deal it was done.
I slept off, while $h£ had h£r h£ad on my ch£st.


Jennie POV

I woke up and th£ not f!nd Jay on th£ b£d.
What happens last night re₱|@y on my m!nd.
Th£ experience was both pa!n and ₱1ea$vre.
Does that mean h£ loves me or that a sigh of feral lvst.
I look at th£ b£d. Th£ evidence of th£ fulfil marriage was on th£ b£d.
I also felt sore.
I sprung unable to walk properly. I h£aded to th£ washroom.
I knock on th£ door, maybe Jay was !n.
But silence only gave me a reply. I flew th£ door open and th£ bathroom appear to be empty.

I fre$h£n up and gat d©wΠstairs to breakf*st and also changed th£ b£d $h£et.I watch it myself, I don’t servant to do it. Th£y might gossip ab©vt it, how embarra$$!ng.
On my way to th£ stairs,I meant one of th£ servant.
I ask if h£ saw Jay th¡s morn!ng and h£ told me Jay as already left for work.
I smiled at th£ servant and went d©wΠ stairs.
Why on earth th£ h£ go so early am sure it because of what happened b£tweeΠ us.
h£ doesn’t wanna ask my questions am gonna ask h¡m that why h£ went early
But Jay Romeo you got to answer all my question, coz am not gonna keep quiet.
I gat d©wΠ stairs and Jay mum was already prepar!ng breakf*st.
I start d©wΠ to eat sandwich and with some h°t chocolate.


Nora POV

I f!nally as abducted h£r family. Th£y’re !n my custody now.
h£r mum, dad and h£r little broth£r.
j√$t wait and watch Jennie am gonna get you ©vtta of Jay life.


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