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💞 Wh£n Love Happens💞
Chapter 24
By Authoress promise
I already got a visa prepared for Jay’s wife. $h£ will be tak!ng th£ flight tomorrow.
I don’t no how $h£ is gonna live th£ house secretly, $h£ as to.
Oth£rwise $h£ will lose h£r family.
My phone buzzed. I picked it up
” Ma, Jay as gonna ©vtta of th£ house. Is wife is alone at home am sure ” Simon !nform me and I smirked.
I hanged th£ call and wanted to give Jennie a call.
But an idea poked !nto my h£ad.
” I shouldn’t tell h£r straight. It might ru!ned everyth!ng, what of if someone is with h£r wh£n I give h£r a call. Ugh! I should give th£ phone to one of h£r family. h£r mum we do th£ trick” I was por!ng on th£ idea.
” John get that woman to come over h£re ” I ordered one of my thugs that was stand!ng beside me.
h£ was ab©vt to live wh£n I halt h¡m.
” Get h£r entire family h£re also and br!ng Neal and Rob!n along with you ” i said and h£ went !n to th£ oth£r room !n th£ warehouse.
h£ brought th£m after a while along with th£ three thugs I ask h¡m to br!ng. I signal three thugs with my eyes to rem©v£ th£ black bag th£y use !n cover!ng th£ir faces.
Th£y got my signal and rem©v£d it.
” Br!ng th£ woman forward” I ordered and th£y brought Jennie mum to me.
I smile at h£r $h£ was shak!ng.
” Wh… at do yo.. u wa.. nt fro.. m u.. s ” $h£ demanded with stuttered tone.
” What i want from you exactly is to take th¡s phone and give your daughter a call. Ask h£r to come to pitch park that all I want from you” I expla!ned.
” you also wanna hold my daughter hostage am not gonna give h£r any call ” $h£ rebuke, while $h£ quivered.
I p©vted my l¡ps and look at h£r coyly.
” if you don’t do want i say, your husband and your little son will be died” I made it clear, po!nted at h£r families.
Th£ son was already cry!ng and h£r husband had h¡s h£ad bow d©wΠ.
$h£ quivered aga!n.
Why do you need my daughter h£re also please expla!n. And why did you hold us as hostage” $h£ demanded.
I was loos!ng my patient already. But i ¢©Πtr0|led it.
“I will answer all your curious questions on after th£ order” I said.
I told h£r what my plan was and $h£ [email protected]
” You bitch you wanna ru!n my daughter ” $h£ yelled.
” Keep your voice d©wΠ okay, if you don’t do what i asked. You will loose your son and your drunken husband ” i rem!nded and $h£ stern. I order Neal and Rob!n to po!nt th£ gun at th£ir h£ad.
That seems to make h£r frighten!ng h£r.
” please don’t kill th£m ” $h£ went !n h£r knees begg!ng and i smirked.
I patted h£r shoulders and nudge h£r to stand up .$h£ stood up.
” Do want i ask you and you th£y will not have to die ” I said and $h£ bow and cried silently.
” h£y fool, do you want us all died call your fv¢k!ng daughter do what $h£ want, stop be!ng foolish. Why $h£dd!ng tears now” h£r husband voiced ©vt and i smile deviously.
” How can i call h£r. Wh£n $h£ wanna destroy my daughter’s life” $h£ said.
I sigh£d and raised my eyebrow !n irritation.
” can you both stop th¡s family drama, so melodramatic. Do what i say, am los!ng patient” I said.
$h£ took th£ phone from my [email protected] and called h£r daughter.

Jennie POV.
I sat at th£ parlour watch!ng TV. I receive a call from an unknown number.
Can th¡s be Nora call!ng. I search th£ number yesterday.
It not Nora’s th£ last digit of h£r number end with 5 and th¡s end with 9. Oh! my God, shit, I didn’t both£r giv!ng Jay h£r number.
Maybe th£y can track h£r d©wΠ with h£r number.
Who am kidd!ng, $h£ might have throw away th£ sim. $h£ is not so stupid to live h£r sim.
I picked th£ call.
It was mum. $h£ want me to meet h£r at pitch park.
I required to know while $h£ need me th£re.
But $h£ refuse to tell me th£ reason.
$h£ said I must come it urgent and after that $h£ ended th£ call.
That weird , while we $h£ want me to come over to a park. While not at home.
Anyway am curious to know th£ reason.
I made my way ©vtta of th£ house an broad my car.
I got th£ park and alighted. I went !nto th£ park.
Th£y was no sigh of humans !n th£ park.
Okay th¡s weird, what up with mum.
I gave mum a message mum from th£ same number, $h£ use !n call!ng me.

After a while i got a call from mum, i picked it up.
” Hi ” th£ voice said I recognize h£r accent it was Nora’s.
I made a wry face. And ask h£r why $h£ called me.
$h£ laugh and told me, $h£ got my family captive.
I [email protected]
“What do you mean” I required feel!ng tense.
$h£ said $h£ is gonna s£nd me a video of my family.
$h£ end th£ call and s£nd and few m!nute, $h£ my phone beeped and and saw th£ video.
I c|¡¢k on it.
And watch th£ video, my face went white, $h£ really as my family captive.
$h£ texted me th£ exactly location, $h£ kept th£m. And warn me not to !nvolved th£ cobs and Jay.
Pls don’t harm th£m i texted [email protected]¢k.
My family is my biggest weakness. I will not let th£ ‘ $h£ devil ‘ hurt th£m.
I hopped !n to my car. And I start th£ car. Th£ tyres screech£d and I made for a U turn and went to th£ exactly place.
I gat th£re and alighted. I went !nto th£ warehouse.
I spot a thugs, h£ also spot me and po!nted a gun at me.
h£ order me to follow h¡m. I Did and h£ lead me !n.
I went !n and saw th£ bitch Nora.
” Let my family go psycho” I roared and $h£ smirked.
“I we let th£m go, if you do my barga!n” $h£ !ndicated and I make a wry face.
” No matter are you try Jay is nor gonna be yours because you s√¢ks” I said and $h£ only smile deviously.


I went to meet th£ commissioner am gonna go th£re before i go to th£ office. we discuss ab©vt Nora.
” sir, we are do!ng our best to f!nd h£r” h£ said. “We’re th!nk of hav!ng pictures ₱vbli$h£d !n th£ news. ” h£ suggest.
I nodded !n affirmatively.
My m!nd and h£art is troubled, am
not gonna be at ease until I f!nd th£ bitch.
I was th!nk!ng of a$$ign!ng some security !n my home. Nora might try anoth£r dangerous tactics and harm Allie. I can’t risk anyth!ng happen!ng to h£r.
Wait a m!nute, it j√$t got dawn on me that boy who came to give me tell me ab©vt Nora plans.
What th£ h£ say is name is. I crack my bra!n try!ng to remember is name. ‘ Roy’ th£ name poked !nto my h£ad.
I told th£ commissioner ab©vt th£ boy.
Th£y ask for details of th£ boy. I told th£m I only knew is name not!ng else.
But someth!ng is strange why do I’ve th£ feel!ng that i’ve seen h¡m somewh£re before.
I can’t tell.
h£ told me to describe th£ boy face. h£ ask one of h¡s men to s£nd for a sketch artist.
Some few m!nute later, th£ cob came with th£ artist.
I describe all I can, h¡s eyes, h¡s nose, m©vth and so on.
I was marveled wh£n i saw that artist work.
h£ did th£ job well. h£ got h¡s face correctly.
How i was able to describe h¡m wh0l£ly was a mystery. Maybe because i’ve see!ng h¡m somewh£re before.

I left th£ commissioner office, board my car and left for work. I arrived at th£ office.
I was go!ng through a file. I’m hav!ng a meet!ng at 1 ‘pm with th£ entire some of my staff !n th£ office.
I was go!ng through th£ files wh£n last night !ncident re₱|@y on my m!nd.
I smiled at th£ thought, even if I don’t want to.
‘ why do i’ve to do that. I would’ve j√$t ¢©Πtr0| m emotions’ I cussed.

I woke up and saw h£r ly!ng on th£ b£d peaceful and look so !nnocent.
What man wouldn’t be tempted to do that.
I gat a call from Susan that Allie as left th£ house some few hours ago.
Oh! My God, I hope Allie doesn’t work !nto danger.
I decided to give h£r a call. But th£ damnable woman phone is switch off.
Why on earth will $h£ switch h£r phone off, !n th¡s danger time.
Who can track h£r if h£r phone is off.
Anyway thanks goodness I put a track!ng device on h£r car.
I connect my phone to th£ track!ng device.
$h£ was !n a certa!n place call. I know that place.
what is Allie do th£re and th£re are some warehouse th£re.As !n th£ place is fvll of warehouse
Why is Allie, or did Nora call h£r aga!n.
I’ve to go to that place. Th¡s is my best chance to catch that once and for all.
I stood up and h£aded to my car.

TBC. ….

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