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When Love Happens episode 25

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💞Wh£n Love Happens💞

Chapter 25

By Authoress promise


I th!nk i should !nform th£ cobs. I called th£ commissioner. And told th£m th£ location.
h£ a$$ured me that th£y we be th£re soon.
I dunno if Allie as gone to meet Nora or not.
But it seems weird for h£r go that place. I wonder what $h£ wanna do over a place fvll of warehouses.
I don’t risky anyth!ng. I can th£ cobs for [email protected]¢k up.

I got to th£ place and alighted. I look @r0vnd th£y’re so many warehouses.
But thank God th£ track!ng device, will h£lp me locate th£ certa!n warehouse.
I follow th£ direction th£ place my phone directed me to.
I got to a spot and saw Allie car at a corner.
I sighted th£ warehouse. I was ab©vt go!ng !n wh£n i receive a call from mum.
I decided to if i could pick it or not. Because my m!nd was on Allie now.
‘ it m!nd be someth!ng important ‘ I said and pick it up.
‘ h£llo mum’
‘ Jay your wife left th£ house some hours ago am……… ‘ mum spoke and i chipped !n.
‘ Don’t worry mum, have track Allie. I know wh£re $h£ is. But i’ve to end th¡s call, am gonna give you th£ details later ‘ I po!nted ©vt because any moment that goes by Nora can do hurt Allie.
‘ But at least tell me and… I chipped aga!n.
‘ mum please i can’t ‘ I struggled and hang up th£ call.

I place th£ phone on my pocket and went !n.
I meant someone at th£ doorway, obviously a thug, h£ got a gun.
I stood hidden at a corner. Wait!ng for th£ right time to ©vtsmart th£ thug.
Can’t afford for h¡m to spot me. h£ look to anoth£r direction.
And that is th£ best time to ©vtsmart th£ thug.
I tip toe to h¡m and wh£n i came close to h¡m. h£ turn and notice my pres£nce.
‘ h£y, who’re you ‘ h£ required wryly and i smirked. h£ po!nted th£ gun at me.
I glance at th£ gun and th£n to h¡m.
‘ if you don’t tell me who you fv¢k!ng are, am gonna b!0w up ya bra!n ‘ h£ demanded with a threat
I gave h¡m a kick on h¡s stomach and took th£ gun from h¡m.
h£ level to th£ floor and w!nced. I po!nted th£ gun to h¡s h£ad.
h£ raised h¡s h£ad and fear grip h¡m.
” if you don’t let me !n am gonna b!0w off your bra!n !nstead ” i wh¡spered because if i yelled Nora might h£ard me from th£ |ns!de and that might become a mess.
h£ nodded for a reply and took me !n. I keep po!nt!ng th£ gun at h¡m, while h£ raised h¡s [email protected]
h£ got to a room. I made h¡m go !n first.
” Why are you h£re. You’re suppose to be guard!ng th£ ©vtside ” I h£ard Nora say.
” Game over Nora, you aren’t escape th¡s time @r0vnd” I said and got |ns!de.
I caught h£r startled looks. $h£ [email protected]
I sight Allie at a corner still alive. Thank goodness, $h£ didn’t kill h£r before i could arrive.
I also spot Allie mum and broth£r with a man.

Th£y had th£ir [email protected] tied to th£ir [email protected]¢k and some thugs beh!nd th£m.
Nora was froze to a spot and couldn’t speak.
” Nora how long will you stoop so low. Can’t do not!ng apart from plott!ng devious tactics. Anyway ya games are up. You aren’t escap!ng th¡s time” I said wryly, walk!ng to close h£r.
$h£ ru$h£d to Allie, clutch£d Allie by h£r neck and po!nted a gun at h£r h£ad.
I [email protected]
” Don’t dare harm my wife or you will pay” I warned sternly and $h£ raised a brow. $h£ gave a wicked laughter.
” let go of me possessive bitch” Allie struggled try!ng to yank h£rself from Nora.

” you better try to not be smart hum! or am gonna b!0w off your bra!n” Nora said to Allie and i glared.
” if you hurt h£r am gonna make you rot !n prison” i yelled a$$ur!ng h£r and $h£ chuckled. ” [email protected] !n th£ air ” some group of persons chorus.
I turn and spot th£ cobs.

Nora POV.

I wonder are Jay got to know. Anyway i will kill h¡s darl!ng wife !n front of h¡m.
Curses th£ cobs are h£re.
” if you m©v£, am gonna s£nd h£r to h£ll ” I warned th£ cobs with a yell!ng tone.
” Drop th£ gun and surrender yourself ” th£y replied and i smirked.

Jennie POV.

I’ve to do someth!ng or else th¡s bitch might have h£r way.
$h£ had h£r eyes glue to th£ direction of th£ cobs.
h£r grip was way too t!ght and am struggl!ng to free myself.
‘Th¡s is th£ right time to ©vtsmart h£r ‘ I suggested to myself.
I glance at h£r one of h£r foot and match£d it so [email protected]
$h£ free me and w!nce. I took th£ gun from h£r and po!nted it to h£r.

Th£ polices came rush!ng to h£r. ” h£y don’t dare come close to me my thugs…… ” $h£ halt wh£n $h£ saw Jay smash!ng h£r hoodlums that were po!nt!ng gun at my family.
Th£y police came and h£ld h£r. Th£y [email protected] h£r from beh!nd.
Th£ thugs were roll!ng !n th£ floor w!nc!ng.
Th£ police got to th£m and [email protected] th£m.

Th£ $h£ devil and h£r accomplice were tak!ng away to th£ police van.

Thank goodness th£y came. How th£ Jay f!nd me h£re, i marveled.
Nora want me to go ©vt of Jay’s life. $h£ prepared a visa for me to go to Scotland.
Jay and i got home.


Jay POV.

F!nally Nora as be!ng arrested. Now my m!nd is at ease.
Nora will be tak!ng to court today.
Allie and i got ready.
I board th£ car and i drove to th£ court.
We alighted and went to th£ court and th£ case commence wh£n th£ judge arrived.

Nora s£ntence to 10 years !n jail. $h£ was charge for both attempted murder and kidnapp!ng. That suit h£r right, $h£ got what $h£ deserve from be!ng a wicked plotter.
Hope $h£ repent !n jail. But what of $h£ doesn’t and comes ©vt after 10 years to keep hurt!ng Allie. That i can’t tell.


Jennie POV

Jay as be!ng avoid!ng me. But why i can’t tell.
Th£ damnable man wakes up very early and goes to h¡s work, before i awake.
And comes home late. Wh£n i try to talk ab©vt love.
h£ tells me that h£ is tried. And can’t th!nk right that moment.
h£ doesn’t wanna talk ab©vt what happened to us that night.
I love Jay and have accept my feel!ngs and told h¡m ab©vt it.
How can i tell if h£ loves me or not wh£n h£ is avoid!ng me like am a disease or someth!ng.

h¡s behaviour hurts. Doesn’t h£ feel someth!ng for me.
What ab©vt that night, doesn’t that mean anyth!ng to h¡m.
What ab©vt solac!ng me. h£ save me from Nora plots.
Wh£n ever h£ sees me cry h£ always sooth!ng me. What do all th¡s means.
Is it th¡s love. Does it mean h£ loves me and h£ is keep!ng it as a secret.
I dunno .


Jay came [email protected]¢k from h¡s work early !n th£ day and meant me pack!ng my bags.
” what all th¡s.Wh£re are you go!ng ” h£ required with a startled glance.
” Am go!ng away from your life Jay s!nce th£ marriage is j√$t a deal to you. And by th£ way your mum as already gone [email protected]¢k to New York, th£ deal is off” I rem!nded with tears slid!ng d©wΠ my ch£ek.
h£ glance at me with pitiful looks and i know is ab©vt to cup my face on h¡s palm and tells me, that h£ sorry for hurt!ng me like always.
But th¡s time, i hope h£ confesses h¡s love from me. If th£re are any feel!ngs !n that h£art of h¡s.

h£ came closer. But sat at th£ b£d and look away.
My h£art sank doesn’t th¡s stubborn husband of m!ne as any feels or not.
And for th£ fact that h£ took my v!rg!nity.
Tears stream d©wΠ th£ m©r£.
” Th£re is know need for you to cont!nue with my restaurant plans. I will manage on my own. Anyways thanks for everyth!ng ” I said sobb!ngly.
And made my ©vtta of th£ room with my arrange luggage.

Unum Jay, Allie is liv!ng.


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