When Love Happens

When Love Happens episode 26 – 27

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💞Wh£n Love Happens💞

Chapter 26.
By Authoress promise 💝💝💝

Jay POV.

I watch h£r as $h£ left th£ room. I love Allie.
I wanna be with h£r. But my m!nd says i will be hurt.
My h£art s!ngs !n different rhymes,which is ‘ Love h£r and never let h£r go ‘.

No what am i do!ng, I can’t live with©vt h£r.
I’ve to stop h£r. What th¡s stubbornness all ab©vt Allie is different.
I sprung up immediately and ran ©vtta of th£ room.
I ran ©vtside j√$t !n time to see Allie ab©vt to get !n h£r car.
$h£ halt wh£n $h£ saw me. I smiled at h£r and walk close to h£r.
” Why’ve you come huh! ” $h£ required and i a smile curve th£ edge of my l¡ps.
” I want you to stay. Please never go away from me ” I replied.
” Why should i stay, tell me why ” $h£ fired.
I cupped h£r [email protected] on my palm.
” Allie am sorry for my behavior. Th£ reason am like th¡s is because i’ve be!ng h£art broken twice. And ever s!nce th£n, i’ve vowed never to love until my last breath. But after th£ very day, that moment i set my eyes on you i fell !n love aga!n. I lost my way of th!nk after that moment. Allie you ru!ned all that I’ve plan. My h£art b**ts for you. Wh£n you go away from me, my h£art might stop. You gave me th¡s love please don’t live me. I know i might be arrogant teach me to suit Preferences” I [email protected] and $h£ stare at me with tears slid!ng d©wΠ h£r ch£ek.
I took those l¡ps !n m!ne and klzzed th£m pa$$ionately and $h£ klzzed me [email protected]¢k !n th£ same rhyme.

” I love you”I [email protected] !n b£tweeΠ h£r l¡ps.
After we came ©vt of breath. $h£ look d©wΠ shyly.
I raised h£r h£ad up to face me.
” I wanna look !nto those green eyes of yours ” I said lowly.
$h£ gr!n shyly.
” You know Jay, i also never wanna [email protected]|| !n love because i thought all men are th£ same. My dad made me th!nk men are despicable and irresponsible. Jay my dad was a drunkard and h£ always b**t up my moth£r always wh£n ever h£ can and sometimes h£ b**t me up and my little broth£r ” $h£ said and i was stunned.
Because i was wonder!ng what sort of a man who b**t up h¡s wife and kids, sounds despicable to me.
One th!ng is clear am never gonna let Allie go.

Jennie POV.

h£ called for a servant to take my luggage’s !n.
h£ carried me !n a bridal style and took me to th£ house.
Wow am gonna def!nitely enjoy my marriage no m©r£ obstacle.

h£ took me to our room after th£ servant put my luggage !n.
What th!ng lead to th£ oth£r we got !ntimate.



I woke up and Allie slept beside. So !nnocent !n all h£r glory.
I pecked h£r foreh£ad and sprung up.
I went !nto th£ washroom and fre$h£n up.
I came ©vt and saw Allie still sleep!ng. What sup with Allie today it 8’ am why hasn’t $h£ woken up yet.
And h£ got dawn on me that $h£ slept a little bit late.
Already dress and set for work. I pecked h£r h£ad and went ©vtta of th£ room.

I drove to th£ commissioner office and alighted.
Th£ commissioner welcome me warmly.
I took a seat !n an available chair. Nora as be caught I know, but i need to f!nd ©vt ab©vt that boy who first gave me !nformation ab©vt Nora vicious plan.
I wanna know if h£ is !n any sort of danger.
I don’t know, my m!nd tells me that boy is !n danger.
I wanna be sure if h£ is save or not.

Th£ commissioner a$$ured me th£y are gonna f!nd h¡m.

I drove to Wilson group of !ndustries.
Am hav!ng a meet!ng with th£m am gonna struck a deal with th£m.
I got !nto th£ meet!ng room and after shak!ng [email protected] with everyone,
I took my seat.

Th£ meet!ng commence and my eyes rested on a woman.
h£r face looks familiar. Can’t tell, but i must have see!ng h£r !n an event.

Th£ meet!ng ended and who is gonna get th£ deal will be declared by Wilson.

I got ©vt of th£ meet!ng room, j√$t !n time to see th£ lady who looks familiar was ab©vt to exist th£ company.
I approach£d h£r.
” Excuse me miss” I called and $h£ turn and h£r face was all register with some k!nd of shock and fear.

Vivian POV.

Jay Romeo arrived at th£ meet!ng room.
I almost fell at of my chair at th£ sight of h¡m.
h¡s eyes darted to me. h£ was look at me awkwardly.
Does h£ recognize me, I wonder i hope h£ doesn’t.
Th£ meet!ng ended and i was ab©vt go!ng away wh£n someone called me from beh!nd.
I h£sitated before turn!ng @r0vnd, because it might be Jay Romeo call!ng me. And i was right it was h¡m.
I turn and fear gripped me. I hope h£ doesn’t recognize me as Nora friend we meant two years ago.
Wh£n i 0rg*nized party at my home.
That was wh£n Nora !ntroduce h¡m as h£r boyfriend.

h£ came closer and my h£art b**t f*ster.
And h£ stared at me as if try!ng to recap someth!ng.
Oh! shit that will be a mess. h£ might s£nd th£ cobs to !nterrogate me.
” wh… what do you want from me ” I stuttered perplexedly
” Now i remember, you’re Vivian Roderigo ” h£ mentioned my name and i swallowed [email protected]
‘Holy moly’ I rumbled !nwardly. Kill me h£ recognized me.
” or should i say Nora friend ” h£ said and my h£art fl!nch£d.

💞Wh£n Love Happens💞

Chapter 27.

By Authoress promise 💗💗💗


” Am I correct ” h£ added.
I was nervous and was sweat!ng now.
” Ya, i’m Nora’s friend” I said with©vt deny!ng anyth!ng, but at th£ same regretted if i should’ve rath£r deny be!ng Nora’s friend. But if I deny it th£ dude as recognize me and might become suspicious that might be a terrible mess.
” But not any longer we cease be!ng friend a year ago due to some issue ” I lied hop!ng h£ might believe, but th£ dude is !nquisitive.
” How am i sure you’re not fv¢k!ng !nvolve with Nora ” h£ said with a gr!n.
I don’t know what th£ gr!n is all ab©vt, but am sure th£ fv¢k!ng guy is grow!ng suspicious.
I kept quiet for some time and h£ cough a little.
” Cat cut ya t0Πge ” h£ mocked and i !nfuriated.
” Mr Romeo, j√$t because my ex friend try harm!ng ya wife doesn’t make me h£r accomplice and for th£ fact we’re no longer friends. Stay with!n your limits. I wouldn’t stand h£re listen to your baseless accusation. Don’t get fussed okay. ” I said hoarsely po!nt!ng my f!ng£rs at h¡m.

h£ gaze at my f!ng£r and return th£ gaze still hav!ng th£ suspicious look.
” okay let me pa$$ a$$ume you’re no longer h£r friend how do you come to know $h£ is tried to harm my wife huh! ” h£ question with sarcasm visible !n h¡s tone.
” Jeez, what are you talk!ng ab©vt th£ news is all over th£ media ” I snapped pretentiously.
” I don’t owe you any fv¢k!ng explanation. You ‘re accus!ng me of what i didn’t do. Like i said earlier, stay with!n ya limits” I added hoarsely.
” Anyways i gotta to get go!ng” i announce and made for a turn, wh£n I h£ard h¡m say.
” if you are one way !nvolve with Nora, sure am gonna get you arrested like you deserve ” h£ implied and i roll my eyes away and wh£n i [email protected]¢ked h¡m, I became nervous. I’ve to be alert am sure h£ is gonna come after me.

Jay POV.

Am sure $h£ is !nvolve !n Nora my !nst!nct says so. And my !nst!nct are never wrong.
I gat !nto my car and brought dug my [email protected] !nto my pocket br!ng ©vt my phone.
I brought it ©vt and decided to ch£ck th£ !nternet for Vivian Roderigo.
I need !nformation ab©vt h£r. $h£ clams not be !nvolve with Nora and denied th£ir friendship, h£r facial expression tells a different story.

I search for h£r and stumbled on a picture $h£ took, an i was totally shocked wh£n I saw th£ boy named Roy, who’ve i ‘m try!ng to f!nd stood beside h£r.
And h£ happens to be h£r sister. S!nce th£ boy knew ab©vt Nora plans am sure Vivian is somehow !nvolved with Nora.
I search for m©r£ and saw a picture $h£ took with Nora a month ago !n a press conference.
Wow, Vivian Roderigo you said you ended ya friendship a year ago and you took pics with h£r a month ago.
Bitch th!nks $h£ is smart, i’ve ©vtsmart h£r am gonna s£nd cobs to !nterrogate h£r and f!nd ©vt if Roy is somehow !n danger.


I was !n th£ office wh£n i receive a call from th£ commissioner that th£y have arrested Vivian Roderigo and also th£y f!nd ©vt that $h£ made Roy loose is memory.
How were th£y able to !nvestigation !n j√$t three days was surpris!ng.
h£ said Roy as be!ng tak!ng to th£ hospital for treatment.
And th£y’re on th£ir way to th£ polices station.
Am gonna go th£ cobs for furth£r confirmation and visit th£ kid at th£ hospital.

I put aside th£ files !n my [email protected] and was ab©vt go!ng, wh£n I receive a call from Allie.
I answered th£ call.
” Jay please someth!ng as come up please come home. I need you” $h£ sound terrified.
” What wrong, Allie tell me” I panic hop!ng Allie is not hurt any way.
I can’t bear to see h£r !n any m©r£ pa!n.
$h£ ended th£ call, putt!ng me on dangerous suspense.
I hurried ©vt of my office, made my way to my car and order my driver to start th£ car.
h£ start th£ car and drove straight to home.
We got home and i alighted. I hurried !n. My h£art was !n some k!nd of fear. j√$t hope Allie isn’t hurt or someth!ng.
$h£ was !n th£ parlour as soon as $h£ sight me.
$h£ wr*₱ped [email protected] my neck and pecked my l¡ps.
I would return h£r klzz, but my m!nd wasn’t at ease am anxious to know what is wrong and Allie is h£re peck!ng my l¡ps, wh£n $h£ said someth!ng is wrong.
I ₱v|| h£r away gentle.
” what th£ matter. You said someth!ng came up what could that be ” I asked with a confuse expression $h£ is smil!ng.

” Jay have be!ng th!nk ab©vt hav!ng children. I want kids. How do you like th£ idea of been call a fath£r ” $h£ stated.
I wr*₱ped my [email protected] on h£r [email protected]¡$t and smiled.
” I we love that. I like th£ idea of hav!ng my kids. But am confuse what as that got do with call!ng me h£re. !n th£ phone you sounded like
you’re !n some k!nd of danger ” I queried confusedly.
$h£ chuckled and I was confuse th£ m©r£.
” darl!ng, let start shopp!ng for baby th!ngs ” $h£ said and i was still confuse.
” don’t you still get it ” $h£ ask frown!ng a bit.
” wait is it what am th!nk!ng are you pregnant ” I required already feel!ng a little excitement.
” yes ” $h£ hit th£ bomb$h£ll and i was damn excited.
I pick h£r from th£ floor and !nto a warm hug.
$h£ chuckled. I put h£r d©wΠ and klzzed h£r foreh£ad.
Rubb£d my [email protected] on h£r flat tvmmy which is gonna be big as a pumpk!n very soon.
” Allie i can’t wait to have my daughter ” I said and $h£ frowned a bit.
” Why do you say daughter. What happened to son ” $h£ said and I smiled.
” I want a daughter, we can have male later and if is tw!ns, I pray it should be a boy or a girl” I struggled.
” Th£n I pray it should be tw!ns a boy and a girl. How lovely can’t wait to be call a moth£r ” $h£ said smil!ng.
” can’t wait to be call a fath£r ” I added.
” That calls for a celebration. Am gonna 0rg*nize a party for th¡s ” I suggested and ₱v|| h£r to anoth£r warm hug.

Jennie POV.

Some strange th!ngs were happen!ng to me.
Like for three days now, I always woke up late which is unusual.
I’m always hungry and have th£ urge to eat much than th£ portion i normally eat.
And feel weak to stand up from b£d. Don’t wanna both£r Jay ab©vt th¡s that why i never told me my ordeals.
I call mum and told h£r ab©vt what was go!ng on with me.
$h£ told it th£ symptoms of pregnancy.
$h£ said i should visit th£ doctor for furth£r confirmation.
I did today and have undergo!ng a pregnancy test and wh£n th£ test result came ©vt.
It shows positive. I wanted to !nform Jay ab©vt th£ happy news on th£ phone.
But i don’t !nform h¡m !n th£ phone, so I decided to make h¡m come home by tell!ng h¡m that someth!ng went wrong and h£ will come rush!ng home.


Commissioner POV

A fire broke our !n th£ station we don’t know how.
And worse of all Nora Watson escaped.
$h£ is th£ only one that escaped, why am sure one of th£ cops plan h£r escape.
I need to f!nd Nora Watson, $h£ is gonna go after Jay, $h£ as be!ng blabb!ng !n th£ prison, that $h£ is gonna kill Jay.
$h£ is not after h¡s wife, but h¡m now.
I’ve to !nform Jay h¡s life h¡s !n danger.
My men and i, have to f!nd h£r before $h£ cause any harm.

Nora POV.

I escaped from jail alone. I brib£d a cobs with some money.
Well Vivian as be!ng brought to jail too. But I don’t ¢ar£, $h£ should plan on gett!ng h£rself ©vt of jail.
How i get th£ cash, sure people are visit!ng me.
I ask one I could trust to bribe a cop. Well money can make people do anyth!ng.
Th£ cop seems greedy. So h£ agreed on lett!ng me escaped.
Th£ plan is to set fire on th£ station.
And wh£n everyone !n th£ station is busy try!ng to put off th£ fire.
I would escape.
Th£ smoke was so !ntense so no one saw me.
Th£ greedy cop came an unlock th£ prison door an buh! I escaped trough th£ smoke with©vt anyone notic!ng me.

If Jay is not gonna be m!ne, I will not let any bitch have h¡m.
So my dear Jay you’ve to die. I will not let Jennie have you.
Am gonna kill you !n th£ open!ng and am on my way.
Th£ guy I ask to bribe th£ cob. I asked h¡m to always keep a eye on Jay and Jennie activities.
Th£y’re hav!ng a party on th£ir. I’m go!ng th£re am gonna kill Jay th¡s time @r0vnd.
Jennie should suffer from be!ng separated from th£ man you love.
I’m com!ng Jay and Jennie am gonna give you th£ best party surprise ever.

Holy shit!!!! th¡s is terrible


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