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When Love Happens episode 28 – end

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💞Wh£n Love Happens💞

Chapter 28

By Authoress promise 💟💟💟

~ Semi_f!nal ~

Commissioner POV

Why is Mr Romeo nor answer!ng th£ call.
I’ve to !nform h¡m, h¡s life is !n danger.
I’m sure Nora might be h£ad!ng to Jay house, my men and i are all go!ng th£re.
On our way, we stumbled !nto traffic.
I wonder what cause th£ sudden traffic.
And th£re is no m©r£ time to waste, any time that goes by can be dangerous, why hav!ng Nora unleash.


Th£ atmosph£re !n th£ party was fell with th£ song breathless by Shayne ward.
Wow such romantic song mak!ng me th!nk ab©vt Allie.
How much i love h£r. I’m gonna make a love speech very soon.
Allie as gone shak!ng [email protected] with people $h£ knew.
Why i stood h£re with Allie little broth£r Alec pressuriz!ng me to h¡m a iPhone.
“What do you say” Allie voice could be h£ard, $h£ was referr!ng to Alec. Wh£re th£ $h£ come ©vt from. And h£r facial expression was register with a frown.
Th£ !nnocent boy was trembl!ng.
” Why on earth do you need an iPhone at th¡s age” $h£ implied hoarsely and th£ boy had is face on th£ floor.
” come on Allie, let th£ k!nd be…. I !ntervene and $h£ chipped !n.
” So you really wanna by h¡m an iPhone ” $h£ said frown!ng.
” Yeah, h£ asked for it” I defended.
” Don’t spoil h¡m, h£ is j√$t ten” $h£ !nsisted.

” Wh£n i was h¡s age, I don’t even have an iPhone. If you wanna buy h¡m an ord!nary phone. h£ shouldn’t be spoilt.
” But some of my cla$$mate have an iPhone ” Alec grumbled and Allie stern. h£ quickly look d©wΠ.

Allie wanted to speak but i halt h£r rem!nd!ng h£r that we’re among crowds.
$h£ kept quiet w!nked at before liv!ng us alone.

It was time for me to make a speech.
I went to th£ stage and took th£ mike.
I diverted th£ crowd attention to th£ stage.
All eyes was on me. How will i say th¡s, How will i start express!ng how much i love Allie.
” I wanna say someth!ng ab©vt my love life” I announce and look @r0vnd th£re was no sigh of Allie.
Wh£re could $h£ have gone I wonder.
As i was ab©vt utter!ng m©r£.
A gunsh°t could be h£ard. Th£ crowd [email protected] and started s¢r**m!ng th£re ran h£re and th£re.
One by one troop!ng ©vtta of th£ house.
” Who fired that trigger ” I yelled and my eyes wonder every well and came rest!ng on th£ person.
I couldn’t believe th£ sight !n front of me.
” Nora ” I muttered.
How did $h£ get ©vtta of jail.
$h£ is h£re with a gun. $h£ po!nted th£ gun at me.
” I know you’re surprise see!ng me h£re Jay. Jay am never gonna let you belong to any one else. If you can’t be m!ne. No one will. So my dear so called lover, am gonna end your life th¡s moment. Your wife will yawn for you everyday” $h£ struggled.
” Nora clam d©wΠ. You don’t have to th¡s” I pleased.
” Never, Jay I will not calm d©wΠ. You don’t th!nk twice before s£nd!ng me to jail. I will never allow ya fv¢k!ng damn wife to be happy” $h£ roared.

Jennie POV

I forgot that i left my phone upstairs. So I went to get it.
I h£ard a gunsh°t and people s¢r**med after that, and th£ phone fell from. I hurried ©vtta of th£ room.
Right from th£ stairs, I aw Nora aim!ng a gun at Jay.
I [email protected] and i was froze to a spot.
$h£ was ab©vt fir!ng th£ trigger, wh£n I ran d©wΠ stairs as f*st as my leg could carry me.

Jay POV.

Oh! my God, $h£ sh°t my Allie.
Allie came rush!ng to me. Before i could do anyth!ng, $h£ sh°t my Allie right !n front of me.
I h£ld Allie wh£n was ab©vt level!ng to th£ floor. I level h£r d©wΠ gentle and me as well.
I place h£r on my lap.
A drop of h°t fluid came rush!ng d©wΠ my ch£ek.
Th£ bitch f!nally as sh°t my wife.
Allie [email protected] !n pa!n. $h£ sh°t on th£ ch£st.
” Th£ bitch as sh°t my daughter ” Allie moth£r s¢r**med, while rush!ng to us.
” Wow, is good $h£ got !nto th£ bullet. S!nce I always wanted to kill h£r. Well I j√$t have a change of plan. I will s£nd you to h£ll Jay along with ya wife. ” $h£ said and i arch£d a brow and I was enrage.
I stood up and $h£ was ab©vt fir!ng anoth£r trigger,
Someone fired a trigger, $h£ fl!nch£d th£ gun fell from h£r [email protected] $h£ plumb£d d©wΠ on th£ floor. I arch£d a brow and saw th£ cop. h£ as sh°t h£r.
I gaze at Allie horrify!ng as $h£ was already !n th£ pool of h£r own blood.
I pick h£r !nto my arms and hurried ©vtta of th£ house.
I place h£r on th£ [email protected]¢k seat with h£r mum and little broth£r follow!ng beh!nd.
I drove to th£ hospital.


Th£ doctor came at of th£ ICU.
I ru$h£d to h¡m feel!ng anxious.
” Mr Romeo, your wife as drifted !nto a semi coma” th£ doctor announced.
” Com” I yelled not believ!ng my ears.
I anyth!ng happens to Allie and my child. I will not be able to live with©vt th£m as !n i will die.

💞Wh£n Love Happens💞

Chapter 29

By Authoress promise
Comment th¡s is f!nal.

👈 F!nal 👉

Th£ doctor a$$ured me that th£ baby was f!ne and what might happens next h£ can’t tell.
However h£ allowed me to meet Allie. I rush !n and sat beside h£r
I cried like a baby see!ng my love !n such state.
Somehow i blame myself for h£r condition as !n i wasn’t able to protect my love.
Allie mum came !n, followed by Alec th£y all were cry!ng too.
” Allie please wake up. I can’t live with©vt you. Please come ©vt from th¡s state. I can’t bear to see you !n such a state. Allie love, if you live me am not gonna survive. And that will be bad, very bad of you” I said sobb!ngly.
j√$t th£n i saw h£r rais!ng one of h£r f!ng£r up.
My eyes widen !n astonishment as I glance at th£ f!ng£r.
” Allie ” I called ©vt, shak!ng h£r gentle for h£r to open up h£r eyes.
$h£ didn’t open up.
I cried bow!ng my h£ad d©wΠward.
After a while, I h£ard Allie moth£r say!ng.

” Allie as woken up” $h£ said and i raised my h£ad to see Allie.
$h£ as open up h£r eyes. Tears of joy stream d©wΠ my ch£ek.
” Jay” $h£ called ©vt h£r voice was like a wh¡sper.
I could understand because $h£ was weak.
” yes sweeth£art, am h£re, always beside you love” I replied !n b£tweeΠ excitement. but that excitement quickly fade away as i sight Allie ch£st go!ng up and d©wΠ. I [email protected]
” Allie, what happen. Please don’t”I said with fear, but h£r h£art cont!nue go!ng up and d©wΠ.
” Doctor” I yelled.

” Jaen wh£re are you, baby am not good at ₱|@y!ng hide and seek” I called from my daughter.
I h£ard giggl!ng sound com!ng from th£ [email protected]¢k of one th£ couch.
$h£ must be th£re. I tip toes quietly to couch and spy over th£ couch. $h£ didn’t see me.
$h£ sat d©wΠ [email protected]¢k of th£ couch still giggl!ng.
I smiled and $h£ look up and cover h£r t!ny m©vth.
” caught ya ” I said.
” Hippie” $h£ said excitedly and giggled.
I took h£r !nto my arms.
” Daddy buy me an chocolate ” $h£ requested with those t!ny sweet voice $h£ gat.
” Anyth!ng for my darl!ng ” I said.
” yippie ” $h£ said !n excitement and pecked my ch£ek.
I requested for anoth£r pecked and $h£ pecked me.
$h£ so sweet. $h£ is lovely and jovial, always happy.
$h£ has th£ color of my eyes and looks like h£r mum.
Allie had !nsisted !n call!ng h£r Jaen, $h£ lost h£r tw!n sister and $h£ said h£r tw!n sister came [email protected]¢k !n form of h£r child.

Two years [email protected]¢k i thought I almost lost Allie, but not awful happened to Allie.
$h£ rega!n consciousness for th£ second time and both child and moth£r was !n a good shape.
” Are you two done with ya hide and seek, let have breakf*st can’t believe you guys are ₱|@y!ng hide and seek, so early !n th£ morn!ng” Allie voice could be h£ard.
” And as for that chocolate 🍫 you’re not hav!ng any. You ate th£ wh0l£ chocolate aunty Melanie gave you yesterday ” $h£ scold h£r and Jaen make a frown!ng face.
” Baby if you keep hav!ng chocolate you’re gonna get a toothach£ followed by a stomachach£” I expla!ned
” But you promise to buy me one ” $h£ grumbled and Allie frowned.
” I didn’t know you had any yesterday.Am gonna buy you a toy. What ab©vt what you call it aga!n…”
I said try!ng to remember one of h£r toy name
” Barbie ” $h£ said, I gaze at h£r facial expression and th£y light!ng a bit
” so, shall we go and have breakf*st dad is so fami$h£d ” I said and $h£ nodded.
I smiled at h£r, Jean and i h£aded to th£ d!nn!ng table.
Allie went !n to br!ng th£ kitch£n to br!ng th£ breakf*st.
” Jaen sit quietly okay am gonna h£lp your moth£r ©vt ” I said and Jaen nodded.

I got !nto th£ kitch£n and meant Allie dish!ng th£ food.
I got close to h£r and wr*₱ped my [email protected] @r0vnd h£r [email protected]¡$t.
” You should be do!ng that ” Allie warned.
” I love you ” I wh¡sper !nto h£r ears and $h£ try yank!ng h£rself from my grip.
But I h£ld h£r t!ght. $h£ sigh£d.
” Our daughter might walk !n and see us ” $h£ said.
” Let $h£ come. $h£ already knows i love h£r mum. Am okay with it ” I replied stubbornly, still hav!ng my [email protected] wr*₱ped on h£r [email protected]¡$t.
” Jay Romeo, you’re on believable ” $h£ struggled and i chuckled.
” Mrs Jennie Allie, I love you so much” I said.
” And i love you too. So get your [email protected] @r0vnd ©vt of my [email protected]¡$t. Let me consecrate !n dish!ng th£ breakf*st ” $h£ !nsist.
” Am not gonna let go. So give up” I replied stubbornly.
” You we def!nitely get a spank from me. If you don’t” $h£ warned and I chuckled.
” iron lady not s¢ar£d of you” I said.
” Jay our daughter might be hungry now ” $h£ rem!nded and i let go.
$h£ gr!n at me and took th£ breakf*st to th£ d!nn!ng.
I followed.

Jennie POV

I got a nice family. A lovely husband who treats me like a queen no not queen, like and egg. h£ loves me so much and i love h¡m too.
And a sweet naive daughter. I decided to name h£r Jaen, years [email protected]¢k.
My tw!n sister as [email protected]¢k to me as my child.
My dad Mr George came apologiz!ng to me a year [email protected]¢k
h£ begged for forgiveness and also begged forgiveness from my mum.
Mum forgive h¡m easily. I h£sitated for some weeks before forgiv!ng h¡m.
Melanie was dat!ng h£r boss a year and $h£ is gonna marry h¡m th¡s week.
Look!ng forward for h£r wedd!ng.

Who am i kidd!ng to say am never gonna get married or [email protected]|| !n love.
!ndeed, Wh£N LOVE HAPPENS it changes your way of th!nk!ng and it !ndeed changes my m!nd set.
Jay isn’t like oth£r men. h£ is different.
I remember those times we meant and start fight!ng with each oth£r.
Who knows am gonna [email protected]|| !n love.
We face many obstacle and conquer th£m.
Am happy with my marriage.
Nora died. $h£ didn’t die after $h£ was sh°t.
$h£ was treated and after wak!ng up, $h£ took a poison and died
No one knows how $h£ got poison !n th£ hospital.
Well, no m©r£ Nora.

Jay POV.

I love Allie and my daughter, am always gonna keep th£m happy.
I told mum ab©vt th£ marriage deal story.
Mum was happy that th£ marriage turn !nto a real one.
$h£ wasn’t upset that i lied to h£r.

Am always gonna keep my home Accurate.


How was it. Say someth!ng.

By Authoress promise.
Thanks guys for read!ng to th£ end. Please h£lp me comment below.

✏ All right reserved ✏

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