When Love Happens

When love happens episode 7 – 8

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💞When Love Happens💞
Chapter 7
Ya,and that exactly what i did. I open my briefcase that was with me dug my hand in it and brought out some money.

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” You can have this”i said extending my hand to give him the money.
He turn and saw the money in my hand and his eyes widen at sight of the h-uge some of money

” Throw her out” i ordered.
” excuses me” she growled and i grin.
” ma please get down. I have decided to go to his destination” he stated.

” Damn it,what the f-ck,what the heck. you disgust me. You corrupt civilian” she chide and i scoffed.
” ma,i can’t afford to loose this money. Will you give it to me and besides the cab belong to me. So get ya f-cking ass out of my cab” the fired back .
” You f-cking assh-le,you gonna for this. You think you will get way with anything. Some day i we teach you a lesson. You f-cking rich motherf-cker” she promise and insult etched over all her statement. I winked my eyebrow and avoid the inflame in her eyes. She got outta of the car and the driver gaze at the money smiling.
” We you get this f-cking taxi to start,rather than gazing at the money. I’m in a hurray to my meeting” i order with a yelling tone.
“sorry” he apologize and put the money down. He start the cab and zoomed.
” Greedy fool” i curse inwardly.

~Jennie pov~
” fool crazy,f-cking assh-le” i curse as i watch the car disappearing from my sight.
” how dare he” i yelled.
” corrupt civilians” i added.

The passerby were all just staring at me. I notice all eyes where on me.
” What the f-ck are you all staring at fools” i scorned at the passerby’s venting my anger on them.
They shook their heads. One among them whispered ‘ crazy lady’ it was middle age man.
” Hey you,tell ya wife or mother that she is also crazy” i sounded haughty and is facial expression change to that of a angry one.
He ignore and went out of sight.
I ruffed my hair feeling steamed and at the same time was overwhelm with hurt. My heart ached and all because he threw out of the cab.
Why was i hurt am suppose to only be angry not feeling woeful sad.
I felt hurt because he treated me in such manner for that i can’t really tell.
This is the first time someone march up with my pace. And why am i hurt,i just hope am not falling in love with that rich arrogant bastard. I don’t wanna be soft those emotions make people soft am not gonna fall prey of it.

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Jay pov
When the car took off. I turn to behind to have a glance of her and saw her yelling. I felt bad of what i just did to her. I wanted badly to see her and now and when she is in my front i behave heartless. But that is the way i wanna be the heartless guy,especially to women. I don’t wanna fall in love,if i get kind am definitely gonna fall in love.
Buh! who am i kidding am already damn attracted to her. After Olivia and Nora both came into my life and broke my heart. I became this heartless and that i how i wanna remain.

I gat to my destination and alighted. I paid the driver another money. And i could see the greedy smile etching over his face and don’t care the less am almost late or already late. I glance at my whist watch and it shows am 5mins later.
I just hope i get this deal. I made my way into, Hu han group of company,it belongs to a Korean guy. I hope this little unpunctuality will not prevent me from cracking the deal. If i don’t crack the deal,i will have that woman to blame. She is the course of my lateness. This deal is worth billions. Anyway if i loose it is not gonna ruining me. Life is a competition,you will or you loose.
I hurried to the meeting room. Luckily the meeting haven’t started yet. But everyone of the business men and women from other countries well pres£nt. I made my to a seat available.
” mister Jay Romeo,you’re a 5 minutes late” Hu han remained me.
” Am so sorry” i apologize.
” My car broke down in the middle of the road. I came here in a cab” i explained.
His countenance which shows he wasn’t please for my lateness lighten up a bit.
” This shouldn’t happen again” he warned.
” We were all waiting for you”he added. “And Check your car before putting it into the road” he suggested.
” My apology ,mister Hu han” i said.
” Gentle men,shall we began” he said to all seated.

Jennie pov
I hauled a another cab and got home. I opened up and everyone greeted me in surprise.

Melanie my best friend was pres£nt. When the she came back from New York,i amused
The wh0le house what decorated with party stuff.
I spot a cake that as my name on it. It was written; Happy birthday Jennie Allie.
Only mum,Alec, Melanie and two other girls,which i assume to be Melanie other friend.
But my facial expression dropped at the sight of everything. I hate celebrating my birthday. It bring back the bad memory i had when i was twelve and since then i don’t celebrate my birthday.
Mum and Alec will never have done this. This is the work of Melanie and now the bad memory that transpired started replaying in my head again.

Let the suspense began fans.

💞When Love Happens💞
Chapter 8
By Authoress promise.
I lost my twin sister Jaen on this very day. The incident was a very tragic one.
It all happened thirteen years ago.

On this very day,Jaen and i were having our birthday. Jaen woke up with a fever. Jaen and i was suppose to be in school. Jaen sudden fever gat mum and i worried. Mum,me as for dad he don’t care. He didn’t even come home the day before that day. Only God knew where he was then.

I wanted to ditch school for the day. But mum insisted i should go to school. She assured me that she is gonna take absolutely care for Jaen.
After much persuade from mum. I decided to go to school. I got ready for school. The school bus was already waiting at the park. So i gat there on time and hopped in,off the bus zoomed.

It was closing time,i alighted from the school bus and went to my home. The door was just wide open. That was weird,who will live the door wide open like this , i wonder.

I got in and saw the most tragic thing ever. There lay my sister Jaen on the floor totally nude and she was all covered with bruises and was also unconscious.

I gasped at the sight. What suppose to be a scre-m gat stuck on my throat. I stare at her trying to catch up the air that was knock at.

I was glued to a spot unable to move. Mum scre-med from the door entrance. She threw the shopping bag which contain some few birthday items.

Neighbour must have heard my mum scre-m and came rushing in.They also gasped.

We took Jaen to the hospital. But it was too late,she as already died at that spot.

No need from a medical report to prove what might have occurred. She was bleeding from her private part that means she was brutally raped by hoodlums

The incident made me have sleepless night and i spent each night mourning from my sister. Mum in the other hand did the same. We both where baleful. As for dad when he heard the news,he came home at first he was woeful sad. But after that day is went back into drinking is normal irresponsible life. Well you can say my hatred for him grew more. How could he not have emotions. Such ordeal happened and all this man care is to drink to stupor. People who heart was heavy with pain result to drinking as for my dad i don’t think so. It as always been his habit. Did he have a heart, i wonder.

The police investigate the case and after much investigation for a month. Those cooperates were found.They were five street teenage buys. They all brutally raped my sick twin sister and lead he to her death. Those street teenage boys always tease my sister and i when ever we go out.

And finally they took advantage of her. The Heartless monsters broke into the house when mum as gone to buy some stuff for the birthday party and the door wasn’t lock so they got in and found my sister on the b£d. Due to their confession Jaen as struggled with them but she was no march for the five of them.

However they didn’t go on punish those f-cking hoodlums were s£nd to jail were they’re gonna spend the rest of their life rotting and repenting in jail.

Since then i never celebrate my birthday. Because it reminded me of this baleful incident. Mum had Alec two years later after the tragic incident.
Happy birthday Jennie Allie they all echoed.

I don’t wanna create a scene with front of the two girls Melanie came with.

I went close to mum and hugged her whisper to her left ear to come with me.

We went to my room. I felling a bit annoyed now.

” mum what is this all about” i required she was about to reply but i didn’t let her.
” mum you know i don’t celebrate my birthday” i said.

Mum was about to speak when Melanie interpreted.

” bae, no need to attack her,it all my doing” Melanie intervene from the entrance. She walked in and my attention was already diverted to her.

” Melanie why all this,you know i don’t celebrate my birthday” i reminded her and she only chuckled.

” Why are you still hook to the past,forget all that as happened and i know you don’t like celebrating birthday because of the past,but why can’t you just let go of the past and moved on” in suggested and i was about replying her when she took my hand and said let go and have some fun.
And she dragged me along to the party.


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