When Love Is Not EnoughWhen Love Is Not Enough 2

When Love Is Not Enough 2 – Episode 1


Episode 1.
“…Pascal Lawrence…
“yes, that’s my name…
“Sir Congratulations once again, here is the cheque…
He happily stood, gave a handshake to three of the board members who congratulated him and just when he was about to collect the cheque that will change his life forever he woke up from his deep sleep.
He looked around the room angrily, threw several punch to the air, he scratched his hair roughly and buried his face into his palm.
He spoke to the quiet room
“Why must it be a dream, why can’t I win even once, i spent all my money in this games and none of it click…I kept wining the jackpot in my dreams but nothing in reality… what is my offence, I know i have wronged many people in this life, could that be the reasons for all this bad lucks, aahhh… how do I start making amend, if not for anything to gain forgiveness so that things will be well with me. I know one person that will keep praying for my downfall until she hears that I’m destroyed….i need to put my pride aside and ask for her forgiveness if not I may end up as an unforunate man, frustrated and bitter. But Where do I even start from… I have to start from anywhere so that my conscience will find peace and I may even play another game and win in reality not in the dream…
Timothy was in his office when his secretary tapped on the door and walked in with a file in hand.
“Sir, here is the full report of NSC groups and company. They want to cancel the contract but did not state their full reasons. I try calling the company’s BDM manager but he said he was in a meeting and promise to get back to me yesterday but up till now he has not…
Timothy gasped out for breath, he collected the file, flip through it and shakes his head pathetically.
“This is not looking good at all. NSC awarded us the largest contract that shot our company to the top of the busy market, if they withdraw the contract from us our company will be greatly affected. it could be because of the late delivery we suffered last month or what exactly is really the problem… please Glo, keep trying to reach the BDM manager. If after two weeks no positive response you let me know so that I can drive down there myself…
A week later, Timothy was home working on his laptop in the night, his wife was in bed waiting for him to join her but when it appears she was going to wait for a long time, she went to Timothy who was concentrating so much in his laptop.
She m-ssage his shoulder, rom-nce his back down to his chest
She whispered to Timothy’s ear while k-ssing his neck.
“Honey come to bed… close the laptop and come to bed…
Timothy spoke without looking at her, he was focusing on what he was doing.
“Kat… I’m really not in the mood for this, I need to finish this work tonight please… is very important…
Katie got angry and said.
“Your laptop is more important than me… I’m your wife and i should come first before every other thing. Shut down the laptop and come bed Tim…i need you…I can’t sleep without your touch… so come and do the needful..
“Not tonight Kat… I’m not in the mood don’t you get it, I have some issues at work which I’m trying to sort out. my mind is not at peace until this issue I’m facing at work is sorted out. this love making thing shouldn’t be everyday… some days I just need a quiet rest and concentration. don’t make me loose focus please, what I’m doing is for our own good.
“Tim that was what you said yesterday and today again… I’m tired of hearing all this stupid excuses. chosing your work over me. satisfying your wife’s need should be more important than any other thing… Some days now you have being cold towards me, even to attend to me becomes a problem… you will carry office work back home and will totally shut me off… I’m tired of all this. close the laptop Tim, attend to me this night then go back to your work when you are done…
Timothy did not say anything, he went on working.
He did not pay attention to what Katie was saying.
Katie angrily kicked off the laptop to the floor.
Timothy scre-med in shock. he rushed to the laptop before it will get to the ground.
He sparked up at his wife who looks unconcerned as she sat folded her hands in akimbo style.
“Are you crazy… is something wrong with you Katie. Did you know that the information in this laptop is far more important than anything. This laptop is practically my office and you boldly want to destroy it, what is wrong with you…
“Tim come to bed attend to me because I will not let you toast me aside and make laptop a priority…instead of that I will smash it into pieces so that you will have my time…
“You are seriously posses, do you think I’m in for this everyday love making, no…I don’t have such energy. there is time for everything Katie. Don’t ever repeat this thing you did this night or…
Katie suddenly face him, she clapped her hand to his face angrily.
“Or what Timothy… what will you do. We have being married for a while now and I’m mostly the one initiating the intimacy, you only come to me once or twice in a week the rest of the time is me… recently you are not even trying at all always with that stupid laptop of yours. If you don’t have the energy you better start taking energy boast because I’m not going to take “I’m busy or “I’m tired as an answer when I need you.
“I don’t have your time this night, I’m sleeping in the other room. You can have this wh0le room for yourself…
As Timothy made attempt to leave, Katie rushed to the door and locked it up, she walked back to bed with the key.
Timothy sat hærd on their big bed not knowing what to do.
He stood up and went to the reading table, opened his laptop and began to work again.
Katie kept talking none stop.
Timothy ignored her and continued with his work.
When he couldn’t concentrate any more he closed his laptop and turned to his wife
“I hate women that nag unnecessary… talking rubbish, ranting none stop. I need my peace of mind not a wife with high s€×ual needs. I can’t satisfy you all the time… you have to understand that fact.
“Tim, you know that I’m s€×ually active when you married me, I also can’t have a husband who is dedicated to his work than to his wife.
“I see why you travel the long distance back then to visit your ex. Risking your life and traveling all the time Just to meet a man who can not kill a mosquito for you. he couldn’t even travel down even once to see you… yet you go their continueosly all because you can’t stay without a man… you have to learn to control yourself. There is more to life than getting intimate…
Katie was quiet and didn’t say anything immediately until Timothy came to bed to lay down.
“Tim do you know you don’t have sense, yes I said it. why do you even get married in the first place and why do you have to bring my ex into this, since you decided to talk about my ex let me talk about yours too. Your ex Mira and every woman who left you must have thought that you are impotent, they probably left you because you are not man enough… and I’m stuck with you but I will never let you put a time table on our intimacy. At least my ex satisfies me so well which makes me travel all the way for more…if you were my ex I will never waste my transport fare to see you. all the feeling has even disappeared, you can return to your laptop since is far more important than me
Timothy was pained with Katie’s word but decided not to show it.
“I’m going to work tomorrow, I can’t spend half of the night quarreling with you, I’m sorry for mentioning your ex but what if I travel or out of the country for a business trip which may take months… what will you do
“Tim, if you are out of the country or out of town I will understand. I will have no choice than to wait for you to return but since you are not out of town and presently here with me what exactly is your excuse of not meeting my needs.
Timothy ignored her, he faced the wall.
Katie slept off on her own side, feeling satisfied that she got him angry.
Timothy was in the office when his secretary came to him
“Sir, I spoke with the BDM manager for NSC. He told me that they got a better offer and decided to award the contract to another standard company who are ready to produce far better than us.
Timothy hit his first on the table angrily, startling his secretary Glo.
“They don’t have a valid point, we have always giving them our best why now… all of a sudden, after all this years of trusting us which we try not to disappoint… why now.
“Sir, please calm down. I’m sure we will get another better contract, far more than what we lost.
Timothy sat down, he breathed deeply and ask the secretary to leave.
She left.
Timothy tries to hold on to what Glo his secretary said.
He didn’t feel like going home on time because of his wife.
She may start one of those her nagging and he was not in the mood.
The secretary came in again informing him that there is young lady at the reception who wants to see him.
Timothy told Glo that he was not in the mood to see anyone.
The person should come back tomorrow.
Glo left and walked up to the visitor, she told the lady that her boss can’t see anybody today until tomorrow.
“Okay, I will come back tomorrow, please tell him that my name is Mira. Once you mention Mira he will understand…
Glo nodded and the lady walked out.
Katie received a call from an unknown number while at work.
“Hello, please who’s this?
“Katie, please don’t end the call or block me again like you did with my other number… I’m not calling to fight with you I just want to simply talk to you, please hear me out first…
Katie was getting irritated with the caller, she already knew who the person was through his voice but pretend not to.
“I said who is this before I end this call.
“Katie, please is me… Pascal.
Katie sighed deeply before ending the call.
To be continued..
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