When Love Is Not Enough


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Katie ran upto Michelle, p-nting heavily as she stood.
“Michelle ….Michelle…where are you rushing to, I have being scre-ming your name none stop and you did not hear, where are you rushing to this hot afternoon…lecture just ended…you are the only one missing from the group…aren’t you joining us today..?
“I’m rushing to church…we have fellowsh¡p this evening and I will be officiating…you know that I’m part of the choir…I need to be there on time to be able to reherse with others before the service starts…I never knew that the lecturer taking us on edu 101 will take this long…I have being checking the time…the lecture was suppose to last for just one hour thirty minutes…I’m already running late…
“haa…every time you and church…do you ever rest at all…you spend so much time in church than with your friends…so the plans for the party you are excluding yourself again…Michelle…you need a break from all this church…don’t your boyfriend complain…what time do James get to see you when you spend it all in church…the way you carry church on your head now I’m sure James your boyfriend will be suffering in silent… do you allow him to touch you at all…I mean make love to you…with all this your mother Jesus attitude…
“James and I agreed to wait until we are married before we will make love…he has never seen the color of my p-nts, we are secareding ourselves for God until we are married, if we do anything intimate now we will be committing a sin..premarital s€× is a sin against our own body…every other sin is outside the body but s€×ual sin is against your own body and that will be defying God’s temple…and do you know that your body is a temple of God, 1 Corinthians 6 vs 15 said that we…
“is okay Michelle I’m not here to be preached to…I just wanted to remind you about the party plan…but since you said you are already running late for church…no problem. But let me tell you something…stop acting holier than though to me..i know you before and I know the kind of life you use to live…is it not you again…why are you talking and behaving as if you are a V-rgin when I know you are not…
“I never said I was a V-rgin but I regret losing my V-rginity to a man who is not my husband, I know I use to be in world but I have found Christ… I found Christ in my second year in this university and I will never let go because in him I live, in him I move and him I have my being…nothing is sweeter than the name of Jesus…taste and see that he is sweeter than honey…you will never go back to how you use to be and as for the group party I will be there…but I will just show my face and leave because James will be taking me to see his uncle…this is my final year here…once I’m done with school we are getting married right away, we are putting things in place little by little…no wasting of time.
“okay ooo…bye bye…the more you stand here and talk the more you are wasting the precious time that you don’t have…just be going…and pray for us sinners…madam saint Mary…
Katie sigh and walked away and Michelle left to where she was going.
James came out of the shower and his phone was ringing, he quickly rushed to it, he saw the caller and smile, it was Michelle.
“Hello my love…I was even saying to myself that once I’m out the bathroom I will call you but you beat me to it…are you already on your way…
“No, I won’t be able to make it down today,…I am fasting and I will be ending my fast around 6pm, I want to pray, study my bible and meditate on the word of God after the fast…since we are planning for our wedding we need to pray against every devices of the enemy…we need to commit our coming wedding to God’s care…
“my love we have already prayed enough, we did fasting last week and have being praying…we know already that God is in control…when we retuned back yesterday from my uncle’s place you promised to come around today…we need to sit and plan…not just over the phone Michelle …I need you close to me my love..
“James…I will be yours in four months from now…calm down, I will be around tomorrow…we will sit and plan well darling but we have to keep some distance between ourselves in order not to fall into temptation…I love you James and I look forward to becoming your wife and the mother of your children…
“I love you more Michelle…so very much and I will continue to thank God for bringing you to me…you are my greatest blessing and I promise to love you until my last breath…forever with you my love…
The following day Michelle was over at James place. They talked and planned over their coming wedding, Michelle stood up to leave, James tries to k-ss her but she turned her face.
“My love…is just a k-ss, there is no sin in k-ssing my wife to be…why are you being so stiff…I am almost your husband Michelle…
“but you are not yet my husband for now…every sin is a sin…let’s not paint sin and make it look so simple…James , I’m sorry but you really have to be strong we are almost there so be patient…let’s not be unequally yoke to the devil and make sin look as if is normal…resist the devil and he shall flee from you…
“Michelle…we are not unequally yoke and I am not the devil . I’m a man who loves his woman so much and will want to hold her, hug her, k-ss and cuddle up once in a while , is never easy and yet I agreed to do it since you said you can’t do anything until we are married…I agreed…I totally agreed with you but sometimes I just want a k-ss…I just want a hug and maybe a cuddle…that is all…you are becoming too hærden on me…please loosen up…k-ssing your husband to be is never a sin but I don’t want to push because you will quote scriptures and give me one thousand and one reason why we can’t even hold hands…is fine…I will not push…I won’t…I love you so much and I’m ready to exercise patient a little longer until we are equally yoked….

told James about registering for marriage counseling in her church and James agreed
They started the counseling section and was even asked to do medical report on their health and everything necessary, if they are really meant to be.
genotype, blood group and every other test was all done and there was no problem with the medical report.
And after four months they got married and it appears everything will be all rosy. James was very happy to have the woman he love as they say I do on the altar.
After the wedding they retire for the night and as they were alone in the room, Michelle suggest that they pray first and thank God for successful wedding and commit their forever to God care who made it all possible but James who was running out of patient argued a little but later agreed and as Michelle began to pray, she was praying for long and James was walking round the room, panicking and sluggishly saying Amen.
it look like Michelle was going to pray throughout the night and James was not finding it funny as Michelle continued to prays.
James kept on saying Amen as he went to her, he began to unzipped her cloth and rom-nce her neck while still shouting Amen.
Michelle slapped off his hand and stepped away as she continued to fire her prayer, James still went to her again and try to k-ss her, he was already tired of the serious prayer that Michelle was firing.
this was supposed to be their first night together and Michelle want to spend it all praying.
While still shouting Amen on top of his voice he started offing his cloths and was only in his p-nts and singlet, he went to Michelle again and try to hold her, Michelle pushed him away and started rebuking the devil using him to distract her prayers.
James tried again but when he got pushed away he became angry and started raging for Michelle.
“you wanted us to wait after marriage before we do anything…I agreed and even though you denied me as little as hug…I still agreed because I loved you so much and I was ready to wait…now our wedding is done and dusted …this was suppose to be our first lovely night but here you are again…spending it all in prayer…is almost an hour and you are still praying…it was as if all the prayers we prayed during courtsh¡p was not enough, I’m your husband now and you owe me an obligation…stop all this madness…you are turning out to be a fanatic, what is wrong with you…I don’t want to spend our first night arguing or quarreling yet you are not helping issue…do you want me to beg you….okay…please…please…I am begging you in the name of God…come to bed…we will continue praying tomorrow but let’s make this night beautiful my love…look at me…I’m all ready for you….stop punishing me like this …God has heard your prayers and even God will want us to spend this night in love and the arms of each bother…
As James was still talking Michelle started praying in tongues.
She kept rebuking the devil using James to distract her prayers.
She later pause to say
“ why are you allowing the devil to use you to distract my prayers James…am I running away…just this one night that I want to use and thank God who made everything possible and you are panicking…that means you don’t even have self control…you don’t have self control at all…see the way you are panicking just because of few minute of fun… I can’t trade God or my strong belief for worldly thing…I am going to fulfill my obligation as a wife to you but that will be when God approves of it…and right now I can see the devil is manipulating you to distract me…and I rebuke you and the devil…get behind me Satan…nothing will distract me from giving my God glory tonight…
Michelle went on praying and rebuking her husband whom she thought the devil was using to distract her prayers.
James was fed up with Michelle attitude, he was angry with her even with God and everything around him.
He left the room for her and went to sleep in a different room.
He thought within him “forever is too long to be sad, if Michelle continues this way then there will be a problem, our first night together and we are already quarreling. Since I’m now the devil let me leave the room for her…
Michelle was irritated with James attitude, she wondered why James was acting like an unbeliever, she went back praying until she was tired and slept off.

The story continues…

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