When Love Is Not Enough

When Love Is Not Enough – Episode 10


Michelle prepared for work the following morning.
James who was ready for work waited for her so that he can drop her off.

“As much as I do not buy this idea of you working because my pay is enough for both of us and even if God bless us with kids there will still be enough for everyone…I really do not want to expose my wife to stress or any form of hazard…but if working will make you happy then is fine by me… whatever will make you happy is my top priority…I know is not really about the money but you want to have a sense of belonging… you want to mingle and feel useful… staying at home makes you bored…I totally understand… and is fine my love… anything you desire I will support you in achieving it…

“Indeed is not really about the money although I do want to make my own money and take pride in it… is more because I’m tired of staying home, we have being married for a while now and within this period of being just a house wife i feel I’m becoming more lazy…I really do want kids and since we don’t have any yet let me get busy…

“I also want kids Michelle, maybe two or three depending on how God decided to bless us and you do not need to panic over that because we are both alright medically and at the right time we will become parents…

Michelle move closer to where James was standing and pecked him on his cheek as she tries to walk pass, James grabbed her

“James stop… stop it..you are going to ruin my hair…I just took my time to set this hair… you will spoil it… please stop.

James laughed as he held onto her k-ssing her
He gently pushed her to the bed

“You looked for trouble by coming to peck me and I will not let you leave the house like this, you are looking so beautiful my love..I was wondering how to eat you up until you presented yourself in a platter of gold…

Michelle struggled and relaxed back

“James you are already dressed up for work and I’m almost ready, we will be late for work… stop please, when we return in the evening we can do this… not now…I don’t want to go to work late…

“And I do not also want to go to work with the feeling you stired up in,side of me, it will not go until it has it’s way..

Michelle pushed James away and stood up, she went back to her dresser and put her hair in order, she straightened the cloth she was putting on before picking up her hand bag.
James spoke as he followed her out.

“So my madam what can your boy help you with, Just want to be at your service… and another thing what do I do with this feeling you stired up… I’m serious

“Command the feeling to let go of you, whatever you bind now will be forever bind…

James boast out laughing

“My love did you say forever bind… God forbids it o…I want this beautiful feeling to stay with me forever… maybe I will show it all out tonight…by then you will be relaxed… do you agree…pleasssss… just say yes…

Michelle laughed out and nooded in agreement and James threw his hand up in victory as they both laugh.

After dropping Michelle at work he drove the distance back to his office.

He switched on his phone and several of Mirabel’s messages came in.
He read them before deleting them

He called Michelle within the day and ask her how the office was going
They talked about other things even what they both had for lunch.

James closed from the office on time and went home after speaking with Michelle, asking her if he can come and wait for her to close, so that they can both go home together
Michelle asked him not to worry she will find her way home.
When James got home he began to cook one of Michelle favorites as he expect her return.
He was searching for something in the bedroom and stumbled on Michelle’s journal.
He began to read through.
He paused after reading and pulled at his bears.
He knows he has really hurt Michelle and planned to make it up to her.
As Michelle got back that evening the table was set as James welcomed her.
Michelle was laughing on seeing that her husband made her favourite
She later sat to eat.
James sat and watch her eat silently, Michelle asked her why he wasn’t eating and he said he has already eaten and the wh0le food was all for her

“I’m sorry my Love… I’m deeply sorry for hurting you, I wish we can continue to live like this…as best friends, as if we don’t have worries…I love you Michelle. So where you able to visit the hospital… you told your journal that you have not being feeling too well…

Michelle stared at him with her eyes widely open.

“James you read my journal…it was supposed to be my private property…

“I’m sorry I did, but you can always tell me your worries, you do not need to start writing in a journal, I’m here darling…I will always listen and we will get through every trouble… tear off the part you have written on and turn the journal into joter… where you get to jot down Bible verses, God promises, dreams and aspirations…and if you didn’t go to the hospital as planned I can drive you down tomorrow for a proper check up.. what kinds of symptoms are you having…

James and Michelle talked about different things that night and the following morning James drove her to the hospital and the doctor run several test on her.
And when the result was out Michelle was pregnant

James was so happy and also Michelle as they went back home
Michelle couldn’t hide her joy as she and her husband searched for beautiful baby names in the bible and Google.

That week was a great week for both of them, there was something to laugh about.
James asked her to stopped work so that she doesn’t over stres herself.
But Michelle said the pregnancy was Just 7weeeks, and it wasn’t obvious yet. She will keep working until 6th or 7th months.
James agreed as he was ready to please her with everything she wants. Anything that will make her happy.

One day while still in the office Mirabel came visiting unexpectedly.
James was not happy to see Mirabel uninvited.
After his secretary informed him of her presence. James did not hide his anger as he met her at the reception

“Mirabel, what are you doing here.. this is my work place and you can’t just come here uninvited…

“I could have informed you if only you will pick my calls or return my messages, I tried severally but you refused to take my calls…

 James asked her to come into his office because his secretary was there watching them
When they were in,side the office, Mirabel went to James who was still talking and began to k-ss him.
James pushed her away.

“Mirabel, get hold of yourself, stop this madness… I’m a married man for crying out loud and i love my wife.

“Really, James like seriously you love your wife now and when something goes wrong you will start looking for somebody to help you carry your burden…I was there for you when that spirit possessed wife of yours was suffocating you with preachings and prayer… I was the one you came to and I didn’t turn you away as I try to feed you with enough rom-nce…and everything that will make you forget your saddened wife, I offered my body to you but you said you weren’t ready for that then but you will… we did everything as I looked forward to warming you up… James I cared and fell for your lies when you said you won’t ever hurt me. Why are men filled with lies…

“Mirabel we had fun… alright? We both had fun but I’m back to my wife now and all intimacy with you ended.. I’m sorry if you felt hurt but during those timed with you I made sure that I remind you about my wife everytime we are together… because she will always be number one…I feel so bad that I got entangled with you, you suppose to get the message when I wasn’t picking your calls or texting you back… you are smart enough to know when a man is not interested in you…

“Oh James you are giving me attitude, you claim to love your wife yet you cheated on her… hold on a sec… does your wife knows that you were having affair, does your loving wife knows that her husband was in my arms most evening, k-ssing me all over and rom-ncing me without remorse… did she knows…oh she doesn’t know because you are scared to loose her…

“She knows, she is aware of my affairs, she even found out even before I said anything to her… well, I apologized and she forgave me…yes, Michelle can not keep things that hurt her to heart, is either she say it out and off it goes or she writes it down…but she will find away to let it off her chest… that’s the kind of woman I fell for and I can’t seem to get enough of her… move on Mirabel…

“I can’t…I just don’t know how because you are already into me…I miss you…I miss your touch and your warm cuddles…I need you James… please don’t do this to me…

“I’m sorry, my wife needs me and the good thing is that we are expecting… very soon we will be parents so my darling wife owns my time and everything in me… I’m sorry try and move on… because I can never be yours… I’m sorry Mimi… really…I am.

Mirabel asked James to drop her off at her bustop and he agreed to that.

To be continued…

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